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andrewgurylev Avatar

My old thread got pruned.
Galette des Rois is a recipe traditionally made around Epiphany, I don't know if it's popular elsewhere.

· Puff pastry
· 125g sugar
· 60g butter
· 3 eggs
· 150g almond powder
· 1 vanilla pod
· Rhum

seanwashington Avatar

Whoops, should have posted the resized one.

The almonds, sugar and (not cold) butter are hand mixed.

jamesmbickerton Avatar

Add 2 spoonfuls of rhum, mix.
Then 2 whole eggs and stir until it's homogeneous.

emileboudeling Avatar

The dough is to be rolled out until we can make two circular parts of it.

wiljanslofstra Avatar

I used the paper embedded in the dough packaging.
Put the preparation on the first puff pastry part.

adewaleolaore Avatar

The yolk of the third egg is used on the outer edge.
This need a food grade brush but I don't have any, so I had to improvise.
We then put the upper dough and glue to to lower one.
It's nice to have a geometrical pattern on the top, before using the rest of the yolk with a bit of water to cover the top.

cheezonbread Avatar

Well this was a complete failure.

1. The puff pastry layers didn't inflate. Maybe the dough didn't like to be extra rolled out, maybe I should have let it in the fridge until the last minute (it was laying on the work surface for some time). I'll make it myself next time.

2. The joint wasn't strong enough, I should have used a brush and made the broader.

3. Drawings on top are not noticeable.

umurgdk Avatar

I had no idea making a puff pastry was this long.
I watched a film doing it, it needs to col down for 30 minutes at each step.

herrhaase Avatar

Anyway it was quite fun to fold over and over.

murrayswift Avatar

Total success.

breehype Avatar


That looks bloody awesome.

christauziet Avatar

Very well done, looks delicious!

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