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That feel when seeing normies with high-paying jobs and realizing that they aren't even that good at their jobs but they still get hired simply due to the fact that the market usually only offers neurotypicals that have underwent educational programs that in theory would indeed make them qualified for their jobs, but they still don't really take it that seriously since they are normies that at the end of the day just want to make their paychecks so that they can go out and party & be normies freely without having to worry about money.

They are incapable of sacrificing their social lives for their work, and yet they still seem to be capable of acquiring well-paying jobs and such.

I thank the lord for neurotypicals since they set the bar low, and due to that, my performance overall just shines in comparison to theirs, which makes it easy getting promoted.

I've been NEET for a long time and I'm just now getting into society again, and I used to think that people with high-paying jobs and good careers are usually smart people, but ever since I started talking with people that have underwent the entire educational process, including university and all that, while I have jack shit, most of them still seem dumber than me.

It seems like education is a massive meme that implies it can make literally anybody into a smart person, which from what I've observed thus far, isn't true what so ever.

Universities are so filled with mediocre people that my preconception of unis being prestigious and with people who graduated are indeed at the very least somewhat intelligent, is being completely shattered day by day.

I'm obviously not saying that every single uni student is a retard, but I'm saying that on average, the average uni-goer is just a regular person. There's nothing amazing about getting an uni degree, it doesn't make you better than anyone else, uni-goers are regular people just like the rest of us who haven't graduated, and it shouldn't be so. But it is.

I've met so many pompous fags who felt so eager to show off their degree and such, while implying that they have done something with their lives because they managed to get a piece of paper where it says so, while it really does not mean nearly as much as they think. And it is also sad because they pretend to be anything but mediocre people, but they are still are. It is the never-ending quest for uniqueness and to be special, and almost everyone who decide to get into universities see it as some sort of magical place that will elevate them from the rest of society automatically. Except it isn't quite so, and they do realize this with age, but they spend most of their lives under the delusion that uni degrees define their lives and justify their presence among others who haven't got such a degree.

The elitism among such people is disgusting, and they are not even rightfully elitist either, most of said people are fucking retards who think much too highly of themselves. The saddest part is that they don't even realize it either, just further proving that they are indeed naive morons despite their education.

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