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/int/ 39421189: Do you think his western upbringing is what made him so...

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Do you think his western upbringing is what made him so insane? Unlike his other relatives he was exposed to it as a kid and grew up in Switzerland but he's even more nuts than his dad.

necodymiconer Avatar

Also he's known to be obsessed with basketball

katiemdaly Avatar

he's a member of the dictator family of north korea

I'm pretty sure THAT is a larger factor OP

keyuri85 Avatar

What's amazing is how seamless the transition from his father to him was. He does the exact same things and has the exact same public opinion. But somehow people think he's to blame for NK. He's nothing

terpimost Avatar


of course it was smooth, the ruling class of the country are the military, the power they enjoy relies on a stable face for their literal 1984 zombies to adore

jimmywebdev Avatar

>this dude could have been one of my classmates

syntetyc Avatar


one of my classmates could have been one of your classmates, he was the son of a diplomat over there

leelkennedy Avatar

Imagine having been friends with him and later on he wants you to join his government. What an opportunity.

sava2500 Avatar

It wasn't smooth, he undertook a massive purge that killed hundreds of top government officials, including his own uncle. That's why even China is pissed off at him because he killed many pro-chinese officials.

davidsasda Avatar


Probably is a stressfull job and he felt that there could be a coup if he didnt terrorized the peasants.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

>you will never inherit an ENTIRE COUNTRY for your enjoyment and world conquest ambitions.

stayuber Avatar

Are you honestly eating the "North Korea is crazy don't mess with us propaganda"? It's all a fucking act to keep their own population under control and grift development cash far disproportionate to their population size.

crhysdave Avatar

They're even nuttier than usual because China is having enough of their shit. Trump is trying to get China to finally give up supporting them, there's a good chance this will become Trump's defining war.

jffgrdnr Avatar

What's so hard about building a nuke anyways. They have enough centrifuges and uranium to build the most crude nukes. I would probably aim for higher and perfect a nano-bioweapon to wipe out every single country other than Best Korea.

georgedyjr Avatar

It's not just nukes, it's their ballistic missiles. Even if they had nukes they had no real way of hurting the US before, but now they're building one that can hit the west coast. Kim's policy is to use this as leverage to threaten the west to leave him alone, but this is intolerable for the US government.

creartinc Avatar

>old classmate reunion
>accidentally some random countries when drunk

tmstrada Avatar

ay lmao.
He better complete it before Chinks get tired of his shit.
Best case scenario the U.S. doesn't even get involved and Best Korea does its best to fuck China up for not being loyal. Win-win for everybody.

guischmitt Avatar

how did he become average to FAT tier?

karlkanall Avatar

> Unlike his other relatives
That is wrong a lot from his family live in the west.
> he's even more nuts than his dad.
He isn't. He's making reforms unlike him.

commoncentssss Avatar

> 1984 zombies
Doubt it. Nobody took commies seriously in USSR and other commie countries. And there too you can't be just vocal about it. They don't give a fuck about ideology only about something to eat.
And they are exposed to the west they all watch south korean soap operas and many work in China.
Anything serious is sold for Chinese currency.

falvarad Avatar


pro tip: he isnt.

agromov Avatar

Totalitarian communism is already western though. If anything the only part that makes North Korea so insane to us is that they adopted the imperial Japanese religious reverence for their emperor.

leelkennedy Avatar

He's trying to emulate his father and grandfather. Asians still see being fat as a sign of wealth and prestige.

marrimo Avatar

Did he learn any german in Switzerland?

Shriiiiimp Avatar

So he lived on the West and saw everything with his own eyes, but he still torture his people with gommunism?
He must be evil as fuck. He has no excuse.

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too many swiss candies

alta1r Avatar

That's your fault because you're bulling everyone - he got butthurt and got mad.

anjhero Avatar

Assad is also Western-educated, but speaks lucidly when interviewed.

They're just a family of crazy-ass motherfuckers.

jonkspr Avatar

How could he be evil without any knowledge of German?

anhskohbo Avatar

hm I've seen interviews with Assad and didn't hear anything wrong.

malgordon Avatar

Yes, I meant Assad is not like the Kims.
I could have worded it better.

aiiaiiaii Avatar

I liked that video.

davidsasda Avatar

You can't change NK in a day. It would be total chaos and disaster. At least he tries to make some reforms like allowed private farming so they don't starve anymore and have good harvests. And close eyes on existence of private business. Basically things China was coming through decades ago. So eventially it would be reformed China-way(with NK specifics). But they won't get rid of ideology it's dangerous for ruling class.

n_tassone Avatar

And his father postponed any reforms. He wanted just to die in the country he used to.
But young Kim is young he just has to do something.

grafxiq Avatar

If he wanted reforms, why is he pissing off China? His uncle that he executed was considered a reformist as well who wanted to emulate China's model.

mauriolg Avatar

You believe that's his end goal?
I will grant you that the fate of Qaddafi means no dictator is going to make overtures of detente anytime soon.

intertarik Avatar

They always had weird relationships with China and tried to minimize their influence(while still getting aid and trading).
In the past China had much more influence basically all their generals and elite were ethnic Koreans from China(previously serving in Chinese army or party). And Kims cleansed them over time.
Same with soviet agents or just soviet sympatizers after Stalin's death.

lanceguyatt Avatar

you know nothing about him tbh. no one does really.

krdesigndotit Avatar

He wants to have a deal with US of A.

sementiy Avatar

He's literally a sockpuppet for the generals.
He has no actual power.

stayuber Avatar

China is NOT a friend of NK.

turkutuuli Avatar

Don't ever trust gooks

oaktreemedia Avatar

He seems like he could be a bernd.

RussellBishop Avatar

He literally is a loser tier Bernd who magically receives infinite power to rule a country.

exevil Avatar

Some things I know for sure from lectures of an ebin Russian man who knows a lot about Gorea.
1) Un has been actively severing ties with China. Goreans actively push Russia and Vietnam as their greatest allies. In reality goreans just trying to be independent.
2) They're gradually allowing micro and small business to exist.
3) Their economy grows 12% per annum on average.
4) Goreans produce a lot of drugs for Asian markets and do not hesitate to use profits in state budget.
5) They're rapidly expanding the practice of renting vast numbers of their workers for jobs in developing countries. Income goes into budget.
6) Gorean gubmint knows that it will inevitably accept capitalism, but it also knows that the transition must be gradual.
7) Worst Goreans DO NOT WANT Goreas to be united again.

thehacker Avatar

>Their economy grows 12% per annum on average
Looks like I know where to invest now.
t. polish businessman

1markiz Avatar

Imagine him suddenly giving a speech in Schwiizerdütsch.

stushona Avatar

>but this is intolerable for the US government.
They will swallow and move along. Attack on north korea would be a bloodbath. Entire country is a mountaneous fortified bunker filled with fanatically loyal tough soldiers.

woodydotmx Avatar

> 4) Goreans produce a lot of drugs for Asian markets and do not hesitate to use profits in state budget.

And fake dollars. They're the largest world producer of almost-legit fake dollars.

NK's Bureau 21 is one of the largest cybercrime and cyberfraud agencies in the world. They scam and rob billions of dollar each year.

polarity Avatar

He has lectures in English too.

lisakey1986 Avatar

so many active shill in this thread

mrxloka Avatar

I don't think he's insane at all. What other options does he have? He was born into this and he knows he is sitting on a ticking time bomb and everybody is out to get him. I wouldn't really want to be in his position tbh.

carloscrvntsg Avatar

Where I can find the lectures?
t. interested

malgordon Avatar

Yes, this.
If he actually was insane he had already been removed.

bluesix Avatar

>Kim Jong-Un
Fuck the propaganda, he is doing a great work ruling North Korea. None of the buildings in pics related were even there one year ago

armcivor Avatar

I guess the starving N Korean peasants are glad to see new fancy buildings being built in Pyongyang.

jodytaggart Avatar

>>39424395 his blog there are links to lectures.
For example just search by his name

smaczny Avatar

Wow, they even turned on electricity for a couple of minutes to make those photos.

shesgared Avatar

Here is his article about NK economics

silv3rgvn Avatar

They even have burgers and pizzerias XDD

iamglimy Avatar

so cute

sgaurav_baghel Avatar


joe_black Avatar

In what way exactly is he more "insane" than his father?

aaronstump Avatar

The poet will tell you absolute power corrupts.

baluli Avatar

> In what
In SK and western media(which repeats every rumor from SK propaganda).

tomgreever Avatar

Don't laugh at them, you know how it is to have tough neighbor so you have to look tough.

sindresorhus Avatar

Are we the good guys or the bad guys

michaelkoper Avatar

Reminds me of the news that he had fed his uncle to 120 starved dogs.
Which in fact was just made up stuff from a chinese satire blog.

mwarkentin Avatar

the antiaircraft gun executions are real, though

nateschulte Avatar

There are a lot of such news. Like according_to_rumors he executed person_name in some horrible_way. Then that person appears in NK news on some event.
But everyone only remembers that. And nobody even reports it was fake.

arashmanteghi Avatar

Pretty sure I read that it was just a high caliber standard infantry machine-gun, not some Flak-88 tier thing the media tries to sell it as. You know, the type of gun you would shoot at a transport helicopter.

ritapetrilli87 Avatar

No it wasn't. He was executed but not that way.

BrianPurkiss Avatar

I doubt it.

ntfblog Avatar

How does he even matter lol? He's not even a major factor in best Korea politics and development. He's buffered out of the real world by the military and kgb who """protect""" him. It's Lois xiii tier

guischmitt Avatar

Take any, what, 18 year old was he when he took the crown and give him unlimited power and you'll see a tyrant.
He's acting how kings always used to act, and is a good reminder of why we don't want kings with real power back.

Also, NK has a deliberate strategy of trying to appear insane so as to prevent people fucking with them. It's a kind of jailhouse mad guy strategy. So far it seems to be working, at least so far as ground invasions go.

thinkleft Avatar

More interesting is why countries Saudi Arabia is seen somewhat different from NK.
- medieval executions
- below poor 90%
- mad people in government

commoncentssss Avatar

Do you really believe your royal family has no real power?

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m_kalibry Avatar

> NK has a deliberate strategy of trying to appear insane so as to prevent people fucking with them. It's a kind of jailhouse mad guy strategy.
This is true btw.

thinkleft Avatar

Well, he did have his girlfriend executed because he suspected her of disloyalty. That's not exactly sane. It's not like completely insanse, but it's not really sane either.

As I said, he's behaving like Kings always used to act.

liang Avatar


Singer was reported to have been killed by firing squad last year for making a sex tape but has turned up on state TV alive and well

If someone is really executed he would never appear in the their media again. He would be removed from photos and books too in a good old Stalinist manner.

cat_audi Avatar

Well behaving like a king in a medieval tier country is sanest thing ever

chatyrko Avatar

I had the same thoughts. It can be truth.

mefahad Avatar

No real power, but lots of influence. It's said a whisper from the queen is worth a shout from anyone else, but it's probably much more than that.
Also, it depends on the royal. The Queen has lots of influence, but Charles does not. Charles was recently humiliated when it was revealed he used to be in the habit of writing advice filled letters to various government ministers, and those ministers were in the habit of tossing them in le trash without even reading them.

adhiardana Avatar

Nah dude, you see. He is sane and great and shit and our western world is shit and degenerate.
If glorious Kim was reigning Bernd would surely have a gf.

But for real, look at /pol/, there are a lot of people who would go full retard mode if they could.

nasirwd Avatar

It's a shithole but not as bad as often shown. But they really had hard times in 90's a lot of people starved. Then again not so much as were reported.

samscouto Avatar

>Kill your singer GF for bizarre reason
>Find a close relative of hers or someone who looks like her (not hard in a country of ARR ROOK SAME)
>Surgery to make them look like her
>Family in gulag if she fails to play her role
>Troll the West by putting your fake on TV

bighanddesign Avatar


herrhaase Avatar

>Do you think his western upbringing is what made him so insane
Duh. Of course. It's common knowledge that western upbringing results in people this insane. After all, all the westerners are communist rulers.

iamsteffen Avatar

The street layout is interesting. It reminds me of a four lane highway I saw in Burma. That only had about three cars on it. The rationale was that they were building for the future, in the assumption that more cars would come.

What's gonna be interesting is if people start using quad drones to get about, will all those big old roads become rednundant relics?

justinrhee Avatar

Why are you always passive-agressive?

iamkarna Avatar

>Hire Russians to shitpost on small imageboards
>Use them to accuse anyone who's on to your scheme of being a tinfoil conspiracy theorist

jjshaw14 Avatar

We had very wide streets in USSR too with relatively little cars on it. Now it's useful.

_zm Avatar

p.s. now it looks like that

ma_tiax Avatar

I didn't say it was a bad idea. But I think we're coming towards the end of the car era, in the West at least. It won't be long before there are drones powerful and sophisticated enough that you just input on google maps where you want to go, and they fly you to that exact spot.

scottgallant Avatar

And what would power source of such flying car? I see opposite tendency to use smaller engines like 1.0L in Europe instead of 7.0L like in good old times. And electric batteries are still heavy as fuck.

jqueryalmeida Avatar

I don't think that would ever happen due to safety reasons bombings etc

erikdkennedy Avatar

Do you think he had gf in the west? Or the girls laughed at his tiny dick and made him mad?

karsh Avatar

btw they already have much more cars in the capital.

markmushiva Avatar

Not sure if they are really improving or just their pr department started to working

souperphly Avatar

There is huge difference between capital and rest of the country. And huge inequality. They have plenty of businessmen(or corrupt officials) who can spend yearly wage of some worker in a restaurant in a day.
And in provinces close to Chine people work in China seasonally for hard currency. Some factories working for export pay their workers good wages.
It's all complicated.

mbilalsiddique1 Avatar

What kind of seasonal work do Russians do in China? Isn't chinese labour cheaper. I heard lots of Chinese migrants are flooding into Russia for work?

slaterjohn Avatar

That third building looks trippy

davidsasda Avatar

Nice Potemkin urban developments.

alessandroribe Avatar

I'm talking about north koreans.
Russians do work in China too. I know my cousine works as engineer there but I don't talk to him. Some are translators and teacher of the language.

bagawarman Avatar

When you walk in Moscow on shrooms all those buildings dance to you.
When I've seen picrel on shrooms at night I thought it's a castle of some magician.

javorszky Avatar

Wow, he used to look pretty human

ah_lice Avatar

I read somewhere that his father did not want him to stay in the West for too long (Like his now dead big brother) because the big brother had become too westernized.

motionthinks Avatar


joshuapekera Avatar

Well, if you wanna leave the country, in Saudi I figure you can.

marcusgorillius Avatar

I think his two realistic options were:

1. Shortly after presidency be a... not sure what to call it when you betray a ruthless military police state when you betray it. Your existence is already a kcmoddery, so it's not quite that. Anyway, either arrange a PR stunt at a IWO and use it as an excuse to claim asylum, or do something similar in China.

2. Take up the reins of his father.

tweet_john Avatar

In NK too. In 90's only several tens of people leaved it in a year. Now thousands do each year. There is no practically guarded border with China.

yassiryahya Avatar

I noticed the other day that Russia too shares a small border with North Korea. Can you actually go from Russia to North Korea?

Also I remember there was some Vice documentary about North Korean workers working somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Russia, cutting trees for Ikea or something. But I don't know if it's fake news, I don't trust Vice very much.

iamkarna Avatar

> Can you actually go from Russia to North Korea
That's how most of tourist to North Korea get there.

ryhanhassan Avatar

It's not fake news there are North Koran workers cutting trees(AFAIK since commie times so for decades) but they dramatized it a lot and annoyed them as usual. Because of those vice guys those workers could get into trouble and they don't care.

xravil Avatar

I've read series of blog posts on some forum by some bydlo guy who visited NK as tourist to drink their cheap vodka etc. And fell in love to their guide. He tried to rapedate her but she refused but he kept coming there several times to her and party allowed them to marry. Happy end.

langate Avatar


shalt0ni Avatar

The idea is to leave legally, you know

joki4 Avatar

He was bullied for being small benis asian

posterjob Avatar

In starving korea,
being FAT = being STRONK

iamglimy Avatar

even now they can raze seoul in minutes and the cost of that to western economies would far surpass anything NK can produce in a 100 years

wtrsld Avatar

Conscious effort. They're trying to make him look like his grandfather. See also his haircut.

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