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/int/ 39421275: 21 year old NEET here. I'm such a fucking failure....

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21 year old NEET here.
I'm such a fucking failure.
I still haven't gotten a single skill or achievement to show for after I graduated highschool.
I haven't finished my university degree and haven't had a single worthy job that pays me a respectable wage.
I just wanna die.

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At least uni is cheap in Canada, stop whining

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pshhh you're still young

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How long have you actually been a NEET for?

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Big deal. You have plenty of time. Get your shit together so you don't become me.

t. lvl 24

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27 here

:) you'll be like me

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Come back in 10 years, then you have actually failed.

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t. 29

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How do I turn my life around? I'm fucked have no future.

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>graduated high school

fuck off kein

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>i suffer in the first world
Go kys faggot

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Join military.

Problem's weren't.

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join the military, should be easy in Canada

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Same settis, but with three failed studies already and 24 years old.

Bernd, I've wasted my youth entertaining people on Krautchan for free haven't I?

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canada has a military?

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And then you'll find a job and be a wageslave for life, spending all his time on that job and on chores, perhaps going for a 1/2-weeks vacation once a year. What a joy.

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I wanna do it but im not /fit/ at all and people told me they aren't hiring plebs like me.

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Wtf isn't school education compulsory in Murica?

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Is it any different in Russia?

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I'm 27 years old.
Never had a real job.
I live with my mother who together with her boyfriend try to expel me from the house everyday; I have to make the least amount of noise possible, eat when there is no one at the kitchen and hide myself, so as not to call people attention to me, ie. pretend I don't exist for them.
I study in the same university for 7 years. I had 4 years of a useless graduation, I did an internal transfer and I changed to an even more useless graduation.
Everyday I print several CVs and I go in the street, asking shops, book stores, lanhouses and bars if they are looking into hiring someone. 60% of time I'm humiliated and being joked at by people.
Last year I went to an interview, together with other 40 people, many of them black and brown, to be an icecream shop cashier and cleaner. Obviously they didn't want me, but at least I was interviewed.
I was also stabbed in the face by thieves last year.

So... Your suffering is baby tier.

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You can still go to school or learn a trade or something. Try to get a job. See if your parents know anyone or just apply for anything that doesn't require experience.
You could also do what I did and fake some shit. I claimed I worked for a (now defuct) landscaping company and gave a relative a script and instructions to pretend that they had been my boss.

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You can drop out once you're 15 or something.

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Yes. Divide your salary by 7 or 8. Congrats, you're in Russia. Also shitty life conditions because of comprehensive poverty

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>I'm not fit
They will make you fit. Boot camp changes a person
>they aren't hiring plebs like me
Bullshit. Infantry is in demand, and so are other combat/pog positions. The military was looking to expand last year, I can't see that changing so much as of late.

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jeez man, if I were you I'd just tell my mom to fuck off and never come back. Have some dignity and don't put up with living like that.

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It's far harder in countries with small militaries than in the US.

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Literally how? I want to go to trade school but they told me I needed an apprenticeship which I didn't managed to get cuz I was in uni. I tried to find one but noone wants plebs they want people who are already in an apprenticeship.
I also live in Alberta for reference.

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> 21 year old NEET here.
> I still haven't gotten a single skill or achievement to show for after I graduated highschool.
> I haven't finished my university degree and haven't had a single worthy job that pays me a respectable wage.

So you're basically the same as half the kids in your generation. Relax. Some of my college classes have people in their 40's. There's a blue collar guy from Alabama who's 45 and retraining to be a nurse. It's certainly not 'too late' when you're 21.

You should start now trying to change your life if you want to, though. There's no reason to wait.

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Are trade schools for free in the US?
Here you have to invest something like 2k USDs in order to study a bullshit technical degree in printing, automation, radio communication, job safety.
Very hard to imagine how people without money to being with can pay to study something like that.

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>Is X for free in the US


though OP is canadian

>Here you have to invest something like 2k USDs in order to study a bullshit technical degree in printing, automation, radio communication, job safety.

it's the same here but $2000 here is not what it is in brazil

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No, we have student loans. You borrow money to pay for education and pay it back later on when you have a job.

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plus. I'm not a military type. I'm a skinny ass 178cm manlet who speaks no french :/

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>Are trade schools for free in the US?
What a ridiculous question. Taxpayer funded education is communism. We'd never allow that nonsense.

dhooyenga Avatar

Trade schools are heavily subsidized by the province, but still have steep tuition fees.

nateschulte Avatar

>I'm a skinny ass 178cm manlet

are you retarded? who do you think is in the military, all gymrats?

not saying you should join the military but i'm 176cm 59kg and in the chair force

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>We'd never allow that nonsense.

so you paid for high-school did you?

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You don't have to be Chad Thundercock to join the forces. Srsly, most guys I know in the artillery are weeaboo faggots who compare dicks in the field.

>don't speak French
You're just making excuses now; you don't need French unless you want to be an officer. Go to your recruitment office tomorrow and sign some shit.

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Idk man. CF soliders scare me. They are all alpha male 190cm big guys who would probably kill a guy like me by just walking into me.

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as an AFfag OP really shouldn't do it unless it's his only option, in canada he likely has other ones such as college unless his family is literally dirt poor

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Go to university.

areus Avatar

just wait till you're 22 like me

just wait till you start balding

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How steep? I think it's $6k/year in Ontario which isn't too bad when you compare it to university but in Quebec and many countries in Europe the equivalent is totally free so idk

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Its okey.

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I have stopped being neet when i was 30. Went to a school, got a 2 year diploma and a tech job.
I wish I had done it sooner, but better late than never.

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25 here, noone wants to hire me even to carry things for 300 dolars per month, yet I know english, a bit japanese, bydlocoding in java and shit. The just see I haven't worked a single day and reject my applications. Also, I avoided being conscripted in the army due to mental issues, this is equates to the mark of the damned on Russian Federation. This is what I call the life of a complete failure.

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I have a four year degree in something useless and you're better off than me so don't feel too bad

though I did manage to graduate when I was 20

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Just lie and have a cousin or something as a reference for [bullshit business you made up]

t. lies to HR all the time

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I really need a break from college tbh.
Plus i was borderline on academic probation by the uni jews who forced me to take break. So only the military or trades are my current options on the table.

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Military occupations in Canada are extremely different than U.S. ones. Most newbies clear +$50k a year + benefits after two or three years, and the military gives incentives for housing, or education programs.

I'm not knocking university; I'm just saying that the military is a top-tier direct entry job.

tereshenkov Avatar

> Most newbies clear +$50k a year

Not according to the pay grades I just looked up. For officers maybe. And 50k CAD =/= 50k USD

Canadians do make more but it's not like being on a whole different level from American soldiers

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Kill urself

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Taxpayer funded higher* education.

jonkspr Avatar

What if im a minority?

iamglimy Avatar

what does that have to do with it?

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>get fit
>go to army
>become a defender of canada

No kidding, Canada might be the safest place in the world, but when everything else falls, would you like to be one of those that could defend your kind?

dhooyenga Avatar

Canada has one of the toughest armies in the world to become a part of. It isn't some easy process, we're extremely picky.

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You're a white man in Vancouver?

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>21 year old

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