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/int/ 39421379: Meat scandal - Brazil are monkeys

t1mmen Avatar

Remember years ago when europeans ate delicious horse burgers? well this is worse and will cause major problems here

Brazil is the biggest exporter of cow meat in southamerica. Last week it was found that many companies used bribes on meat inspectors so they could export unedible meat that was given chemicals so people wont notice they were rotten. Now all the countries in the region are blocking brazilian meat exports. Chile blocked all brazilian meat companies and they said they will gib sanctions if we dont lift them because "their meat is good and the problem was already solved"

no shit you fuckers, thank dog i havent eaten br meat in years

georgedyjr Avatar

Well if no one died eating the meat then I don't see the problem.

ultragex Avatar


actually... you are right. Still, is disgusting. Evil BR strikes again

vicivadeline Avatar

89iq tier
>I don't see the problem officer. My drunk driving didn't kill anyone, so why are you arresting me?

marciotoledo Avatar

Something I don't understand is...
People eat this rotten meat and have no problem.

This chemical makes rotten food edible. Isn't this amazing?

Why are we not researching more about this chemical? It may be the key to immortality.

jffgrdnr Avatar

Many sorry for this, im ashamade of this shit and i would do the same if i could.

ankitind Avatar

Its causes cancer.

aadesh Avatar


>This chemical makes rotten food edible

no it doesnt. It just disguises the odor and the aspect of rotten meat from it. In the inside the meat is still rotten, and once the chemical effect is gone, the meat goes bad much faster.

gretacastellana Avatar

Trade wars, nothing else.

lisovsky Avatar


i will never have Pizza do Lombo ever again. How could you do this to me ;_;

BrianPurkiss Avatar

So there is no issue in eating rotten meat?

millinet Avatar

Ascorbic acid is just vitamin C.
And it is used as food preservative in the entire world.

hampusmalmberg Avatar

What was that country that signed deal to import loadsa brazilian meat to get around their self imposed sanctions on the EU?

>Remember years ago when europeans ate delicious horse burgers?

The problem was eurofags exporting it here. Eurofags themselves don't care what animal they are eating be it cow, horse, pig, rat, whatever.

linux29 Avatar

At least some companies used chemicals that were carcinogenic to suppress the smell. Maybe haut goût meat wouldn't be so bad but they shouldn't have added the chemicals.

Chakintosh Avatar

Tbh, im not surprised. Even milk is tempered. If there is a small chance of someone profiting over the peoples health, it will happen. And sadly, its not a br thing. Op said about the horse meat case, and in places like china even eggs are fake. I wish there was a way out, but the only thing i can imagine is moving to the countryside and slaughring my food by myself.

im_jsmith Avatar

there was a lot of brazilian meat that reached Italy and was found to be contaminated by salmonella - it went back to Brazil, was reprocessed and sold to locals there.

cmzhang Avatar

You can always raise your poultry at home.

csswizardry Avatar

Horse meat was just regular horse meat in beef lasagne for instance if I remember correctly. What was really bad was feeding cows cows that had mad cow disease, got sick and were turned into food for cows so that there was a circle. This was a huge scandal in the 90ies in Switzerland and the UK and other countries.

markgamzy Avatar


nothing wronп with horse meat, in fact it even more tasty than beef.

garethbjenkins Avatar

>feeding cows to cows


tereshenkov Avatar

Is it true that you have so much grass that you don't need additional food for cows?

intertarik Avatar

Its bullshit. We feed cattle with soy or corn.

areus Avatar

I have a rotten meat in my stomach right now :D
Burping a lot, that necrotic smell.


sgaurav_baghel Avatar

This is why you should buy USA beef. Don't settle for less.

cyril_gaillard Avatar

Stop. Insulting. Brazil.

jodytaggart Avatar

The Wright Brothers invented the airplane.

fluidbrush Avatar

A German guy invented.

adhiardana Avatar

It hilarious that BRs think their "plane" tied to a blimp actually qualifies.

soyeljuaco Avatar

I think this scandal is manufactured. Has there been any cases of people dying from Brazilian meat? Doesn't seem like it. It only became a scandal when some businessmen were arrested.

abotap Avatar

Santos Dummont. It was confirmed by France.

vladyn Avatar

>it was confirmed by France
He won an airship medal you silly chimp.

otozk Avatar

Is our meat so expensive that you have to buy beef from Brazil?
Don't be such a cheapstake, Chile.

adriancogliano Avatar

Thank God I don't eat meat when I'm in the big city.

I eat McDonald's occasionally, though. I don't know where they get their meat from.

I only eat beef when I'm at my parents' home, which is in a very small city. The meat there is locally produced and the cattle run free in the Amazonian nature. It's a lot more human and more tasty.

Once I bought pic related, which has little pieces of meat in it, and found it to be impossible to eat. The company that produces it is involved in the scandal. No wonder!

bluesix Avatar

What about long term effects?

Also, I don't know if the police knows when it started. If this problem begun in the last few years, it make take a while until we see the rise in deaths by this or that related disease.

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