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xspirits Avatar

Is there people from Nevada? I wanna visit it next year. It shid or not? What I may visit exept Hoover Dam and New Venturas Las Vegas and Rino casinos? I love nature, small villages and interesting Musems.

rangafangs Avatar

It's kinda boring outside of Las Vegas unless you like the desert. Las Vegas is interesting with many things to see but you have to be careful because people lose money in gambling there. Don't bother with Reno, it's a small city people only go to for gambling.

ah_lice Avatar

I never do gambling and most probably never will.

Is Neveda has no interesting national parks? Also, I think Area 51 and all that things restricted areas...

keyuri85 Avatar

>I love nature, small villages and interesting Musems.
lol don't go to vegas then

mizhgan Avatar

But I think there some cities and stuff across state. Casinos and emptines can't be only places in whole state

I hear there noice moutians with noice forests and stuff

nehemiasec Avatar

You would have to go to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, many people go from Las Vegas to there in tours

aleclarsoniv Avatar

go to colorado instead, vanya

marciotoledo Avatar

USA has so many ebin places and all russian bydlos want see is Vegas.

I really can not understand this.

andrewofficer Avatar

people love gambling. When I was there I saw a tourist waste $10,000 playing a slot machine where each pull was $100.

nelshd Avatar

I like this place in vidya genes also I seen whole CSI Las Vegas tv series

Yeah, probably I need to correct ny route to places with more nature objects

I like Colorado, there not hot and all looks noice, but I fear that there be not many places to visit. This moutian army base from Stargate not allowed to tourists?

kimcool Avatar


There's only like five cities:

- Las Vegas metro area, the entertainment capital of America. To the south of it is the sleepy suburb of Henderson, to the north Nellis AFB and the Dept of Energy's National Security Site, to the east Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon
- Reno, which is like Vegas but shittier. It's cheaper though, and there is rail service to Oakland and Chicago.
- Carson, the sleepy state capital. It has a park, that's about it.
- Sparks, where all the timeshares and silly cone valley expatriates are located.
- Elko, which is /pol/ville and not much else.

All of which are surrounded by miles of desert, with the occasional trailer farmstead or injun reservation.

>I love nature, small villages and interesting Musems.

Go to Yosemite National Park in California or Zion National Park in Utah. Nevada doesn't have much nature.

mizhgan Avatar


It's the only state in America where both gambling and prostitution are legal. Las Vegas also has machinegun rentals.

woodydotmx Avatar

Okay, big thanks. But what about Boulder city?

>and prostitution are legal
Really? Don't know that

cboller1 Avatar

It's not worth it, whores charge $200-$1000 an hour for sex

woodydotmx Avatar

No, I will not try them, just interesting fact that I miss somehow. I think prostitution is illegal in all states and it legal only in germany.

tereshenkov Avatar

Nevada and Arizona is probably worst places in to visit. Just go to Washington/Idaho/Oregon if you want to see a real USA.

coreyhaggard Avatar


>But what about Boulder city?

What about it? It's a tiny place that serves as an entrance to Hoover Dam.

orkuncaylar Avatar

In Fallout Van Buren there was giant science dome where was created virus of new plauge, I think something like this exist in real life and it epin

atariboy Avatar


The entire southwest in general sucks, it's always hot and there are mexicans everywhere. Utah is pretty nice though, but there's no alcohol and since their main export is religion everyone works sales on tourists.

puzik Avatar

Why do you have to go here to see nature when you already live in Russia? There are also many beautiful places there, especially in Siberia.

vladyn Avatar


All the science stuff was moved to Los Angeles when the Cold War ended. The .mil stuff here is a shadow of what it used to be in later twentieth century, everything moved to Lompoc (Vandenberg AFB) and Palmdale (Edwards AFB). Same goes for the Bay Area, which the military has almost totally abandoned save for Travis and Moffet AFBs.

tereshenkov Avatar

Prostitution is legal in a lot of european states

mylesb Avatar

I just wanna visit some places that whole life seen in movies but never was. Just wanna once time visit this.

I actually many times travell across north-west russia so I already seen pretty much and I actuaally live in place that visit a lot tourists. This year I planing big trip to Baikal and Moscow on car.

Okay, sad.

I not mean political prostitution

Yeah, it bad joge, sorry for that

cheezonbread Avatar

Why don't you visit the Siberia, John?

By the way gambling is legal in Belarus and in Minsk there are a lot of casinos. Also surprisingly in Belarus people can smoke in bars and no restrictions for selling alcohol at night hours. Belarus is a paradise which is just nearby.

alexcican Avatar

Visit the nuclear polygon.

bighanddesign Avatar


>Why don't you visit the Siberia, John?

I grew up in Green Bay.

remiallegre Avatar

>Belarus is a paradise which is just nearby.
Where you need pay if you not work, where exist KGB, soviet flag/hymn and capital punishment

I don't think it good for your health.

csswizardry Avatar

Is Wisconsin new siberia now? You had the GULag and le Yakuts?

doronmalki Avatar

Travelling in Russia is actually quite expensive due to little development of tourist infrastructure. You are going to pay significant money for sovok-tier service.

yesmeck Avatar

I want buryat gf

trueblood_33 Avatar

Normies like to go to Las Vegas. Who would want to go to an uninhabitable desert?

danro Avatar


The girl on your pic is tuvan, not buryat.

Shriiiiimp Avatar

Your pic is bretty ugly tho.

When I was in high scool, my doktor was SOO SEXY YOUNG siberian girl it was... she really was 10/10, I still remember her.

curiousonaut Avatar

I was in Kazahstan once.

syntetyc Avatar

>I don't think it good for your health
Is it guarded, by the way? How hard is it to get in?

starburst1977 Avatar

Mmmhm, buryatochki.

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