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safrankov Avatar

Why all this hate between religions? Why can't we just eradicate Judaism and Islam and live in peace together?

craighenneberry Avatar

imagine there was no religion

marciotoledo Avatar

Judaism is okay, Islam must be pacified. No more rapefugees to Europe. Also stop bombing Muslim countries. But only do that after ISIS. ISIS has to be blown the fuck out. No eradication, of course. Let a few ISIS live, hang them up in public etc.

tjisousa Avatar

>be protestant
>lighten up europe and kill half germany for the shittalk of some ass heretic monk
>cry about hate

makes sense.

karlkanall Avatar

>Islam must be pacified
Good luck.

sawalazar Avatar


it isn't hard to do

nicoleglynn Avatar

Luther was a closet Jew.

andyisonline Avatar

Yeah, impossible task. Imagine, we are allied to the biggest Salafi shithole! Donald "El Grand Cuckoldo" Trump is blowing Saudi dicks! Sad. Can't have them on our bad side. Sad, very sad. These rats spread their shit everywhere. Very sad. What can one do? Sad.

darcystonge Avatar

Silly question, OP.

Religions MUST fight, just like nations MUST fight, and gangs MUST fight.


Because they are the same kind of animal. Therefore they are competing for the same resources.

slaterjohn Avatar

You can't eliminated judaism because it is an ethno culture.
It won't disappear unless jews disappear.

BrianPurkiss Avatar

Christianity and Islam are Judaism's diarrhea, all of them must be eradicated.

t. unironic fedora

arashmanteghi Avatar

You forgot about Catholics m8

ma_tiax Avatar

What about asian religions?

Shriiiiimp Avatar

Because Christianity said you can't go around genociding people so despite not being Christian these days the morals stuck.

doronmalki Avatar


the catholic and orthodox church are the only reason why jesus christ didnt get completely kc modded by mohammed yet.

cyril_gaillard Avatar

We must bring early buddhist schools and sect back to life.
Pakistanese, nepalese, iranian and afghani buddhism.

We need to create a culture around being focused, non-anxious, silent.

jqueryalmeida Avatar


>Islam must be pacified

How, it's inherently destructive and the fact that every Muslim seems to follow the retarded hadiths makes it worse than following the Quran alone.


You might say I'm le dreamer


Well, you have the Catholic Church competing with itself to eradicate the corruption that dates back from centuries ago. About the Orthodox Church, I don't know.

And well, the Protestants are just constantly dividing and dividing between themselves because everyone preaches their own thing.

But me? I'm faithful only to this Holy Man.

mhwelander Avatar


Let's all get into Taoism then

seanwashington Avatar

cus other religions are totally peaceful.

stayuber Avatar

Not a real religion. And when it was it was just chinese folklore for bydlo (Way of the Celestial Master).

danro Avatar


doooon Avatar


Well, Islam is the most problematic and violent religion in modern times, at least the one that's relevant and widespread.

polarity Avatar

Pretty much, yeah.

buddhasource Avatar


Well then try properly practiced Zen Buddhism or Vedanta if you're into the deistic part of things.

_zm Avatar

Implying what? I don't get.

sketi_ndlela Avatar

The capacity for violence is a human one, religion can pacify us to a certain extent (and Buddhism, I'll admit, is very good at that), but it won't eliminate our drive toward aggression anymore than it will eliminate our drive toward love.

marciotoledo Avatar


As long as the religion isn't focused on fueling that capacity of violence, it's good in my book.

kamal_chaneman Avatar

Violence, warfare and aggression are good things if you are not the one suffering them. Strength is good. Power and will of living are good.
Why should we interpret religion through a western post modern post cold war harmony and peace holding hands lens?

jqueryalmeida Avatar

Swiss only know only one god and one language.

a_khadeko Avatar

I suppose peace is laying down your head and dying then.

matt3224 Avatar

It's only hate between religions that want to be global and convert everybody. I don't think Jews want it.

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