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In 1970 a naked female corpse was found in the wilderness of death valley, in ice valley, close to Bergen.

Now, 47 years later the analysis of her teeth suggests that she grew up in the Elsass-Lothringen-Baden area.

Autopsy of the corpse showed an injury to her neck and the digestion of several sleeping pills.

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Tfw you figured out what Isdalskvinnen means by yourself, I'm a good ol' boy.

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Was she qt?

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I read her story on NRK while I was in Bergen a while ago. Creepy story, but still kinda cozy. NRK did a shit ton of research. I am impressed. Glad so see it get resolved. My conclusion after the story was that she was either from northern middle east or maybe balkan. I was wrong!

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That feel when no Isdalskvinne

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>analysis of her teeth suggests that she grew up in the Elsass-Lothringen-Baden area
How does that even work?

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>death valley, in ice valley, close to Bergen.
I don't see any ice

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I am not sure if it's called death valley, I think OP just made it up, but I've been there. It's nice. It's scary with the dragons and 2 headed-snake, but it's ok.

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>Isotop-analysene ser på den kjemiske sammensetningen av helt bestemte grunnstoffer – strontium og oksygen. De to stoffene tas opp i emaljen på tennene fra det personen spiste og drakk i perioden da tennene ble dannet.

t. Science Tyron

Balkan is still possible.

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Probably isotope analysis.

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With ancient skellingtons they can do it by determining the diet of the person while they grew up, maybe it's the same with this one but i don't see how, when our food comes from all over the globe.

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blos eggsblain

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We have a dozen death valleys in Norway.

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Why is norway so spooky?

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>Isotop-anal looks at the chemical composition of specific elements (periodic elements you know), strontium and oxygen. These two get taken up in to the enamel of the teeth from what the person ate and drank in the period where the tooth were formed.

no proof reading did dfirect trnalsaitona

also map is obvious, red means bigger chance she was from there

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>strontium og oksygen
>emaljen på tennene
>personen spiste og drakk i perioden

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Was she a cold war spy?

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We have over 200 Hells.

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ok, its the same system
just checkings

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we have a lot of 'devils' 'hells' and 'gibbet' (hanging place) but i dunno if we've got 200 :<

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One of the most common farm names and surnames in Norway is Ødegård.

It means desolate farm. After the black death killed 2/3 of Norway's population, there were areas so desolate that there were not anyone left to remember the names of the farms. The people that arrived at these areas renamed the farms Ødegård.

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That's interesting and sad.

Good thread bump.

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