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rohan30993 Avatar

My dog pulled me over to another girl walking her border collie. First time I have spoken to a girl who isnt worker/neighbour/relative in years.

She was my age looking (23) with blonde hair and wearing some kind of sports wear with skin showing and black outlines on her curves. She was smiling and I had conversation telling her I got a puppy on the weekend.

Can I still come to KC? Fuck I want to make her my gf so badly. Her dog looked like pic 1, I was walking my Labrador and the puppy at home is pic 2 Australian Shepherd.

davidbaldie Avatar

Are you a dog breeder?

jitachi Avatar

you most definitely should try and gf her, why the fuck not?

Also it is completely fine to come to KC novadays while not being a kissless virgin. Those who don't like that should of make dealings

marcusgorillius Avatar

Cute and adorable

Also like 101 dalmatians plot:

yehudab Avatar

cute dogs

adewaleolaore Avatar

>it is completely fine to come to KC novadays while not being a kissless virgin
Interestingly enough in 2009 to abou 2013 it was fine as well, but I guess the influx of keinbernds had provoked a backlash.
t. oldbernd who had had a gf until 5 years ago

subburam Avatar

Also, those dogs are cute

starburst1977 Avatar


Women like the dog, not you. Also my labrador is a crazy cunt who wears a muzzle on walks or he'll bite other dogs.

guischmitt Avatar




I'm a loser and didnt ask her name, she also dressed up adult like and was either married or had a bf. If I can just get social proof i'm not a loser I could probably get a gf walking dogs.

kershmallow Avatar

Okay. I only asked because it seems like you're good with animals.

saulihirvi Avatar

I know that feel but its only smalltalk.

greenbes Avatar

I have a staghound x bull arab that's the same. It's like a drunk irishman crossed with a sexually frustrated brainwashed muzzie, the thing just ripped a pillow out of my hands before and shredded it so I had to kick it in the chops.

saarabpreet Avatar

>proof that i am not a loser

do you have any friends? They are proof that you are not a loser. Of course, if they are not neckbearded bernds themselves
Also, all those little things like small talks, smiles etc, will help you in a long run. Do not expect that she will jump on you the moment you've met. It is a long way. Typical model: you meet her while walking your dogs like 4-6 times more, talk about dogs, weather, her looks, whatever. Then when talking gets easier, you get your balls together and invite her for coffee. Then you repeat the cycle but invite her for a walk/film theatre.
I hope you got the idea
Also try not to pretend that you are alpha, because you will fail

cmzhang Avatar


I had a group of KC tier friends in year 11 and 12 but after I left school I lived in Norway with my grandma for a year and came back and they all kind of went on their own paths. Only saw them once in 2014 and I couldn't really connect to them anymore.

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