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/int/ 42487071: Terry A. Davis skipped his court date and was arrested

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Glow-in-the-darks have put out a warrant for his arrest because they're CIA niggers who don't even know what real mode is.

Terry A. Davis is currently incarcerated.

If you're unaware of who Terry A. Davis is, visit or visit his Wiki or YouTube channel.

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Terry is a fag name

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Is Temple os better than Linux?

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Donate please.

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Define better

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Did 4shit raid him until he snapped?

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This guy have an master degree in electrical engineering

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he snapped in the 80's

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he's gonna be accepted as the messiah in the clink

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What kind of punishment is he facing?

I'm glad he didn't get shot while being arrested tho.

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He started with normal streams explaining his OS and talking about programming. Then these imageboard dwellers started to come to his stream and provoked him into doing crazy stuff and not holding back anymore. He was also obsessed with this Dianna girl who has a channel about physics on YouTube. His streaming channel was already a mess, like even his moderators were trolls who banned people who tried to warn him. Then they started to convince him that Dianna is fucking niggers which made something snap in him. After that he behaved much worse. I just feel sorry for his parents. I don't think they could imagine that things could get so bad again with him and they are too old to deal with the situation.

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He has a video of himself skinnydipping on his youtube.

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she's not even that good looking

not surprised she's fucking niggers and bragging about big nigger dicks inside her. reminds me of coalburnadette.

davidsasda Avatar

Did she actually fuck them

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jesus, I hope this guy doesn't go to prison. he's truly whacked.

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>I'm a 47-year-old virgin
my hero

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crazy, disabled, whatever, when you mess with the jews in their country then you go to federal maximum security prison for 20 years.

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stop making up words

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How did he break his bone
did his dad beat him with a stick ?

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They caught him already

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I sometimes fear that I'll end up like this. Full of weird inferiority complexes from internet/imageboard consumption combined with mental illness and virginity forever until I snap.

tell me more of Terry so I can do the opposite of what he does

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where did it all go wrong

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he was already autistic before his 30 year long psychosis

so from birth

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Bernd can't survive in prison , RIPi Terry.

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I think he snapped into full on schizo only in early 2000's.

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> If you're unaware of who Terry A. Davis is, visit or visit his Wiki or YouTube channel.

How about I write ">literally who" and sage your thread instead?

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I wonder what really makes a Bernds. Those guys are so out of shape, he would have a fighting chance against them.

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fuck off

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Is this on Youtube somewhere?

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At least he wasn't shot by police. I was worried that when they would try to arrest him he would start screaming about CIA niggers and end up getting killed.

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Found it. The quality is still bad, though.

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>t. armchair inmate

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Oh jesus this is horrifying. What is it with gay male rape in prisons. It's like a horrible extra judicial punishment. 10 years in prison (and 10 years of rapings)

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Just lose your virginity and then at least you can be a non-virgin schizo

also embrace it

t. chainsmoking diagnosed schizophrenic (Never had psychosis though so I think it's bullshit, don't even take the meds I get fam)

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It's not as common as it's often portrayed, you also have to verbally say you don't want it when you're in prison and this happens (I mean when people hit on you obviously that won't work with direct actual rape), you see how the guy in the video is just sort of being awkward and not explicitly saying he doesn't want it?

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he said 'thank you' when the guy hit on him instead of telling him to fuck off, that is why it happened

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As long as he won't use the N-word. Maybe he can get into the aryan group? But I doubt it. Eventually we will call one of them a N-word.

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>Mark Mann
>I could've donated this money to starving children or got a Something Awful account like a real Matt Myers. however I'd rather donate to the extermination of CIANiggers and help Terry Davis guide us to heaven. Praise the lord and bless Terry Davis.

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I had one gf due to luck.
How is finding work?

t.diagnosed arsebureger

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I feel really bad for Terry. I was only in jail for a month yet it permanently affected me forever and can see how this will fuck over Terry bad. Terry's even more fucked because he'll probably be in jail for several months even before he can even get a court hearing. He is just utterly, utterly fucked. If they put him in general population he WILL get beaten up, other prisoners have absolutely no tolerance at all of weirdos who can't get along with others, I've seen it first hand and it still gives me nightmares.

If they put him in solitary he'll be safer physically but mentally he's just going to be utterly fucked from the total sensory deprivation and make his schizophrenia even worse. There's just no way to win for Terry anymore, especially in a society like ours which won't provide adequate psychiatric care for a homeless poor man who direly needs it.

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>he would have a fighting chance against them.
He's a suburbian soyboy who's probably mortified by the mere thought of hitting someone in the face and being hit back.

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Can you tell us a bit about your experience? Prison is one of my biggest fears, so I'm curious to hear how a bernd handled jail.

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Were you jailed because the prison is privatized and needed customers?

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Everything 4kanker touches turns to shit.

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It was pretty much like >>42487712 but I avoided being bullied by giving my food with the other guys, having enough social skills to not be completely isolated and wasn't at the bottom of the hierarchy because there were other even more isolated guys they turned on instead. It's a life changing experience, the one positive I could say about it is that it made sure I would never, ever fuck up again to get thrown into it again.

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>the absolute state of a GNU/Linux user.

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>I was only in jail for a month yet it permanently affected me forever

Tell the story.

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Why won't they put him in some sort of mental institution?

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Would be like free healthcare I guess.

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Because he's not sick. The society is sick.

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Terry was in prison before, he will handle it again.

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Terry was already previously imprisoned, he's not new to it.

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he's a genius and will escape.

last time he tried to hack the electronics on the door using the metal frame of his glasses, then electrocuted himself and got taken to hospital, where he just walked out and stole a car.

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Also another thing I want to ad - if bernd ever finds himself in jail/prison, BEG for solitary confinement. Do every single fucking thing you can to ensure you do NOT end up with the general population. Yes it will suck but as a bernd you should be able to handle being alone better than normal people can. I was able to deal with it by retreating into my mind and imagining that I was still browsing KC and spent many hours just trying to come up with new ideas for threads that I would post as soon as I got out to give me hope.

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What did you do?

jrxmember Avatar

KC tyre

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Wow, and after weeks of solitary still you have no new dankn menes. What a loser.

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Unfortunately I wasn't it solitary but I had the luck of getting the top bunk bed right by the window of the cell which also happened to be right in front of the guards room so they could see me 24/7. That did a lot to protect me and make sure the other guys didn't pick on me. I just stayed in bed most of the time.

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He's gonna piss off some black gang talking about CIA niggers and he's gonna get stabbdd

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somebody pls post the dont look back glasses webm

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Or... he will become their Negerkönig.

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does he get gibs from the government for being schizo?
if not how does he make money?

mugukamil Avatar

> I just stayed in bed most of the time.

that's a great way to make friends

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> that's a great way to make friends

You don't need friends who will anally gangrape you and leave you with a colostomy bag for the rest of your life. These people are not your friends.

joshuapekera Avatar

>how does he make money

davidtoltesy Avatar

his straight up schizo you 89iq

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Funny, I thought schizos couldn't into math and programming cause they are illogical and shit, but he seems to be a really genius programmer but otherwise completely nuts

hoangloi Avatar

Schizophrenics aren't generally stupid, they're just erratic. Look at Philip K Dick, he was as mad as a dozen eels in the anus of a Japanese teenager or was he? but a literary genius with it.

im_jsmith Avatar

Schizos actually score slightly higher on IQ tests IIRC.

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>Terry Davis, a schizophrenic programmer, has spent 10 years building an operating system to talk to God.


thehacker Avatar

Do you even know what a random number is, niggermonkey? This is like the state lottery. This is the NIST. They are the ones who made the platinum kilogram and shit. They are the WHITEST of white.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

*teleports behind you*

iamkeithmason Avatar

holy shit where did u get this
very rare terry

mactopus Avatar

He doesn't look very white in that picture. But I guess in America it counts as white.

robinlayfield Avatar

Where do hell did you get these young rare Terries from????

thehacker Avatar

highs and lows balance

oaktreemedia Avatar

Were he living with his parents this whole time? It seems to be the same room.

BrianPurkiss Avatar

never see those party rings anymore

sokaniwaal Avatar

Yeah it couldn't be any other room with white walls. It must be the same one.

jjshaw14 Avatar

Why can't he back to being cute like this, instead of going full /pol/ bullshit?

marshallchen_ Avatar

He was /pol/ even before /pol/ existed

tjisousa Avatar

I blame 4tards for manpipulating the poor lonely guy and making him unstable. Up until recently, he didn't seem to care about niggers or politics at all.

marcusgorillius Avatar

Someone emailed him pretending to be his waifu Dianna (physicsgirl) and that she was going to move in with him, but then sent another email saying that she changed her mind after fucking a nigger.

joshhemsley Avatar

I know. He shall burn in hell for doing this to an ill person. They all should burn. I've been watching Terry since 2013 and seeing what these people did to him disgusts me. :^(

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>Terry A. Davis skipped his court date

i skip it all the tiem and they simply soplve the case with out me

clementc Avatar

even in your example he made the elephant better by giving it blue eyes

snowshade Avatar

>Funny, I thought schizos couldn't into math and programming cause they are illogical and shit, but he seems to be a really genius programmer but otherwise completely nuts

schizos have distorted perception and racing thoughts
but if you're smart enough you can circumvent it

turkutuuli Avatar

But he at least drew the cute elephants.

kuldarkalvik Avatar

slava ukraini

sindresorhus Avatar

Latvias anthem is like having sex with a 12 year old.

shesgared Avatar

Amoral, unethical, illegal, and takes a complete degenerate to be interested in?

mfacchinello Avatar

God said he likes it simple and unsophisticated. God's favorite shows are soap operas.

pjnes Avatar

Shouldn't this man be in a mental institution instead of a prison?
He's clearly a schizo.

mrzero158 Avatar

He camped out by the damn highway and changed his clothes publicly with the rear door open.

subburam Avatar

you get prison for minor shit like that?

likewings Avatar


America doesn't have any institutions, Reagan closed them all in the 80s.

adammarsbar Avatar

The public mood was right. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was just a movie, but the widespread abuse of inmates was real. We had to choose between trusting the government to fix what it had failed to fix for the past century or just shutting everything down, and we made the right choice.

turkutuuli Avatar

Mental institutions had and still have a nasty reputation for being horrible abusive places. They still exist just not in the same capacity they used to.

melvindidit Avatar

Well that's debatable. We had to choose between stripping people of their rights or having an out of control homeless problem and higher crime. Neither are good outcomes.

Chakintosh Avatar

poor Terry ;_;

stushona Avatar

I hope they put him in a mental ward and not prison. I doubt he would survive prison with bubba and his friends.

mandalareopens Avatar


Why do you have to choose between two extremes? Psychiatry here is mostly like summer camp or vacation with group activities and therapists acting as you holiday rep, atleast the ones I have been. But I guess that would be communist or something.

cat_audi Avatar

that's nice hun, but who's gonna pay the bills?

souperphly Avatar

> that would be communist
> wtf is punitive psychiatry

keyuri85 Avatar


You have mandatory communal health care on the Austria that's how it is paid.

kazukichi_0914 Avatar

Yep, that's communism.

keyuri85 Avatar

You could just give him a Depotspritze once a month and he will be fine. Haldol could really help him.

keyuri85 Avatar


You don't think the alternative is a little worse?

suprb Avatar


he'll get free healthcare if he goes to jail. But most likely he'll be able to plead into a probation.

cat_audi Avatar


I have to say being in psychiatry was the best time of my life. Making kc tier friends while being on benzos and doing fun activities like making pottery out of clay. Sadly the only friend I kept in contact with afterwards killed himself during drug psychosis.

mj_berthelsen Avatar

What if you just start biting throats and poking eyes in return to the slightest provocation?
Merrican prison sounds like animal ward with all those niggers and spics. I bet it's socially acceptable among them to kill people for talking to you.

johnriordan Avatar

You might risk your eye gets poked too.
I mean if you get a reputation of doing dirty moves for the slightest provocation, they either decide to just leave you be, or they gang upon you and fuck you up really bad. This latter is even more likely of you pull your tricks with the wrong guy.

chaabane_wail Avatar

Terry would be safe in prison. He can see the other prisoners glow in the dark when they try to sneak up on him

christianoliff Avatar

They gang up on you. Jail/prison is a nightmare for bernds because of how extremely important being able to socialize is. Being socially isolated is the worst thing that can happen to you because they'll see you as an easy target.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

Imagine a Soviet prison without the hierarchical structure and a lot more racial tensions. That's US prison.

clementc Avatar

I thought you get to spend your sentence in solitary cells which is absolutely okay by me. Eastern European prisons you will be locked INSIDE with a three or four other inmates and that's where you really need to socialize in, because you basically live with them.

jqueryalmeida Avatar

you watch to much merican propaganda movies
some even live in tents outside

iamglimy Avatar

Nope, they're overcrowded.

lightory Avatar


did anyone try to pound your butthole?


the 'wife' at 1:30 is kinda cute tbh

oaktreemedia Avatar

Just build more.

Bernd Avatar

That's horrible. Being locked in a cell with 3-4, or even 10-15 inmates is much less bad than this huge crowd. This is where things can get real nasty.

n_tassone Avatar

All planned out so the prisoners pray on each other instead of the guards

nicoleglynn Avatar

American bernds have to get terry out. get some guns and assault the prison he is in

grafxiq Avatar

He can act quite normal and sociable. Except for that one instance where he called the black guy a nigger he has always been nice and sociable with strangers if you have watched him interact with other people, like in the store or greeting his neighbours. Many schizophrenics know when to keep their crazy thoughts to themselfs because they know it would sound crazy to others. They still believe what they think is true but know to not talk about it to other people who are not "enlightened" as them as it might seem wierd. Then there is some who have lost all inhibition.

ninjad3m0 Avatar


This. Videos/streams are an outlet for Terry, he doesn't act that way in public 90% of the time.

murrayswift Avatar

one of my friends met him a few weeks ago, gave him some money etc. said he was extremely nice, a little shy

dmackerman Avatar

Damn i want to help him so bad but the most i can do is sending him money, which is gonna keep him alive but will not make his live that much more pleasureable.

BrianPurkiss Avatar

Some of the things he said actually did make some logical sense in a crazy kind of way. He'd find random number generators that were based on truly random physical events and then paste them into his art analysis program to see which messages god was sending him, seeing as god was the only one who could produce those random events.

andrewofficer Avatar


>implying truely random numbers exist

tmstrada Avatar

They better talk to his parents to give him another chance. Take him back.

craighenneberry Avatar

I can't remember what the actual source was, but it was something like reading background radiation or some shit.

im_jsmith Avatar

Does anyone remember the Schizo american? Maybe that was terry? Terry even posted on 8chans /g/ and his "own" Board ( for some time. Some of his posts are very interesting and most of them are not even rambling "fucking cia niggers" or shit like that

lanceguyatt Avatar

yes real random numbers are generated from cosmic noise or radioactive decay

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

The Kansas guy? We had many Schizo Merikans.

andyisonline Avatar

Which schizo American?
The one that always comes to mind is that one that posts greek shit with screencaps of google image searches.

millinet Avatar

the annoying guy who kept making motivational threads

id835559 Avatar


Nah, the motivational schizo was too full of r9k tier teenage hangups to be Terry.

heikopaiko Avatar

Is there any news?

greenbes Avatar


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