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These days after years of it happening, I regret it, that is, not going to Iraq and fighting with YPG.
Sure I could've died, but I would've been doing something, and would've gotten fit, instead of this miserable pathetic NEET life, maybe even met a Kurd wife, maybe.
Clarissa went there, he has his own blog and pictures from there, I wish I had them to share but I'm sure you've seen them, I remember meeting him in Timmies and planning our trip on our private forum, discussing tactics, firearms, what to do when we're there etc.
I've been regretting it more these days, since life is so boring and degrading.
That's what NEET life is, degrading.
My dad would watch tv and CBC would say "Canadian volunteer recently died in fight with ISIS in Iraq" and he'd give me a stare, like he was ashamed for me even thinking of going there.
But what choice did I have? Do I have? To rot?
Life is sad and I feel like I missed out on an opportunity.
Btw Clarissa is that guy who is sitting with an AK with "remove Kebab" written on it in Cyrillic, maybe bernds won't believe me, but I don't care.

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Kurdistan state is in Iraq, thus YPG is in Iraq
YPG is active in Syria, but also Iraq
Are you retarded dude?

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Also main reason I didn't go is because YPG is mainly active in Syria and I didn't want to go to Syria.

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YPG is also in Iraq.

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>my little peshmerga

Canuck wants to be XARDKOPE but his mum won't let him

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I had the ticket bought, the plans to go, my mother had nothing to do with it shitposter.
You're probably a NEET piece of shit who's never worked in his life. I was working then... saving because I was tired of my job as a dishwasher piece of shit.
I wanted to leave, leave this all.
I didn't go because I was going to go for the wrong reasons, for selfish reasons.
Don't patronize me, you're the kid here, fuck face.

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kill him Bayazit he called me a fuckface!

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Bump for the evening then I'm going to bed

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Please don't bully the Canadian. He actually put effort into his post, which automatically makes it better than any sissy, trap, gay, or countryballing thread on KC.

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>kürt lover
fight for Assad

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