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michigangraham Avatar

Can you describe the last time you had sex, Bernd?

BillSKenney Avatar

Yeah sure:
[Blank space]

garand Avatar

>all those girls saying "I'm a virgin"

sure you are lol

jffgrdnr Avatar

I'd rather not think about it.

smaczny Avatar

a prostitute laughed at me and asked me to come back again after I finished within 30 seconds

this was about 6 months ago

thehacker Avatar

it was a 25€ whore
she was old and not very good looking

trueblood_33 Avatar

I didn't

degandhi024 Avatar

Two weeks ago, found a rentboy with a 23cm cock, we met and I asked him to mouth rape me, it's been my fetish, but somehow didn't go as good as I imagined it, instead of pounding my mouth he'd just shove his cock as deep as he could and hold it there and I couldn't breathe.

When he finished there was no cum, very disappointing.

I jerked off a little bit with his help and left.

it was meh.

javorszky Avatar

chinposting is still bannable fam

lisovsky Avatar

With my gf and i lost boner. Such cases

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