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jajodia_saket Avatar

I’m still waiting to get unloaded, I’ve spent nearly 24 hrs waiting to get unloaded and have basically been payed $21 an hr to stay in my bunk playing video games.

I suffer in New Mexico also known as the best Mexico

olgary Avatar

I already told you to make a vblog suck blyat!

thomweerd Avatar

How do you prevent hemorrhoids?

Shriiiiimp Avatar

Dear diary, I spent the whole day playing video games in my bunk and shitposting on int

Also after this load is done I think I’ll head over to the truck stop to look at the cute blond that works there and enjoy a free shower while I wank off.

antonkudin Avatar

I don’t really do much driving, maybe 2-3 hours a day

In my bunk I switch from being on my back to my tummy while I play video games.

joshclark17 Avatar

Why are texans so virile?

They are truckers, welders and homogay. Its like a living Tom of Finland illustration.

mat_walker Avatar

Where is the video?

adhiardana Avatar

wait are you homotex? A gay Truckdriver lol

jqueryalmeida Avatar

>2-3 hours of driving a day
>as a trucker
What the fuck?

eduardostuart Avatar

Kek, I’m in the oilfields.

I pull maybe 1 load a day and the usual distance from the sand place to the well is about 15 minutes.

axel_gillino Avatar

There is already a literal New Mexico, you can be New new Mexico though.

chrstnerode Avatar

Just watch a play through of Legacy of kain blood omen and you’ll have an idea of what my day has been loke

surajitkayal Avatar


do you own the truck?

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