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Does someone here have the picture of the IQ levels with the first level being "KC poster" and the 160IQ brain labeled "Me"?

If someone has it, I'd appreciate it a lot fam

t. just took the WAIS-IV and I'm getting results this Monday

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are they still mnaking these cigarette?

posterjob Avatar

Only with menthol

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With menthol it's gay, though

zackeeler Avatar

What you're saying Im gay?

superoutman Avatar


Yes, pretty much

hibrahimsafak Avatar

Nice, I took the WAIS III about two years ago and the results were pretty good (+3sd).

What are your opinions about it Bernd?

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It wasn't bad at all, I just got test anxiety during the last five minutes after the entire two and a half hours. My worst area will probably be some parts of perceptual reasoning and my highest will definitely be verbal comprehension (easiest one tbh).

Processing speed and working memory should be decent

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The good thing about it is exactly the fact that you get to see how you perform on the various subtypes of the test. My worst result was in verbal comprehension, which was still above average.

Are you aware, though, that unless you are under 20 years old or something, this is the best result you will ever get, since your performance deteriorates over time?

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i have this one but i have seen it modified
T. drew it

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