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It's interesting to learn how the Brits were largely sympathetic to the Confederate cause. They even called the CSA a belligerent. So a sovereign nation but not actually calling it a sovereign nation.

You can read stories about CSA agents within southern England importing cotton, shifting that into money, and then buying guns and ships. Going beyond that they turned a blind eye to what's essentially a CSA privateer. Crews made up of mostly Brits only commanded by southern officers who were then set to sail. Raided Union shipping.

Another fun fact is they sent some 10,000 troops to Canada over a diplomatic dispute early in the war. Lincoln responded by saying one war at at time and let them go.

What's the point of this thread? You can't trust Britons. That's the point.

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well yes and no.

The city of Liverpool for example supported the confederate cause because they relied on the cotton trade.

The city of Manchester supported the Union and there is a statue of Lincoln in the city to celebrate his victory.

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>battle of corinth
>in 1862
>wait wat?

Americans are such fucking uncultured copycats.

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It's the name of the town you enormous faggot. Yankees seem to love rivers and name their shit after bodies of water

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You now realise that the Enternal Anglo tried to pull off another divide and conquer tactic on you but couldnt spare to commit fully due to happenings in Europe and Asia.

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Corinth is the name of a former Polis in ancient Greece, you massive fatburger. You uncreative and uncultured kitsch-lords have simply stolen the name. Just like you have with all other city names really, don't wanna know how many Athenses, Memphises, Philadelphias, and Alexandrias there are in Burgerland, probably hundreds.

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We've taken the name, used it, and bleed over it. What have you done? Import more jamal?

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