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maiklam Avatar

Why cocaine is seen as a rich people's drug in Russia?

Imagine a bydlo-worker (like a manager or smth), he could easily earn $1000 a month in Moscow. Why not to spend $100 on cocaine the day he gets the paycheck?

And, surprisingly, many people do that.

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bagawarman Avatar

because only rich people can afford a coke addiction

coke is more expensive than gold

i3tef Avatar

Блядь, ну посмотри где Колумбия и где Россия, ретард-затупок.
И кокаин сильно переоценен и хайпнут.

jacobbennett Avatar

Sames here. 10% of income is a lot, heroin/krokodil is cheaper, and gets you higher.
It was still on first page, why you bump?

BrianPurkiss Avatar

I thought cocaine is seen as a rich peoples drug everywhere thats not south america

jitachi Avatar

You will quickly die if you really get hooked

chanpory Avatar

Да мне похуй. В торе ты всегда купишь охуенный кокс.

chris_frees Avatar

meanwhile in the first world

georgedyjr Avatar

Бодяженную залупу пополам с аспирином прямиком из жопы негра ты купишь.
И не найдешь.

chanpory Avatar

why is that?

people can consume all kind of drugs on a daily basis and not die even so doing it for 20 years

craighenneberry Avatar

Есть отзывы, есть нормальные магазины, да и качество сразу чувствуется.

sindresorhus Avatar

Because your health will be wasted.
No, they can't.
Even after 2 years you will feel the effect.

thomweerd Avatar

i bet that guy was beheaded immediately afterwards for some coke related conflict

roybarberuk Avatar

Я вижу что ты ньюфажик, нам не о чем говорить.

greenbes Avatar

I expected that he was forced to coke himself to death

davidsasda Avatar

Ебнутый, я сам сто раз в торе наркоту брал.
Часто попадалось говно, но и качественный кокс был.

Хотя я предпочитал MQ от cts за 6000.

antonkudin Avatar

yes they can, I have experienced people first hand who did it more or less daily, not coke but amphetamines, also H.

That why it is called an addiction and not all junkies die with 30 but 40 or 50 or maybe even 60

yehudab Avatar

Ok, your health and brain will be wasted even if your body will bealive

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