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/int/ 43466234: Why is Belarus so Soviet?

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Did you know what Belarus still has police being called militia, KGB being actually called KGB, mandatory pioneer organization for kids and holiday celebrating Octorber Revolution? Also they are the only ex-CCCP country where independence day is not tied to 1990-1991 happenings, but to WW 2 events

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That was probably a right choice if we'll compare to the Ukraine.

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They are pretty based.

I wish belarus invaded russia.

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Commie's running it

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That's because Belarusian nationalism and language are so weak that they won't be good to base country upon. The only choices are either to go full Russian, or to base identity on USSR.

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Their flag and coast of arms mostly soviet.
Their bresidente is kolhosnik who act like soviet Premier

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Haha, Belarus, you are so crazy

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They have Russia on their emblem, how cute

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They are socialist kcmods who like big statist cock being shoved down their throats and their history is also a cringeworty masturbation over short alliance with Lithuania.

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They have higher income inequality than Kazakhstan and Ukraine, so they are not as Soviet as you think

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>police being called militia
Did calling your militia "police" make them more humanlike in your shithole?
>KGB being actually called KGB
See above
>mandatory pioneer organization for kids
As mandatory as in russia
>holiday celebrating Octorber Revolution
It's just a day off for the most part.
Also you've clearly never been to belarus.

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t. sovok byelorussian.

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I've been in Dubai and there were Belarusians in my hotel who were literally oligarchs like me. They talked shit about bat'ka however.

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I still cant believe this country exists, i mean whats their differences from russians?

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Aren't all Belacruisians forced to become pioneers?

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They're pretty fucked now chained to the dying sinking corpse of Huilandia.

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should have reported them to the kgb. They conspired to commit treacherous actions against the state.

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Students are forced to harvest potato there. And work for some years after uni for shit wage in government factories.

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he's not a commie, he is a criminal, he has no any specified political views besides taking all power and stealing money

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Belarus is soviet because it refused to close "unprofitable" factories that turned out to be good for local economy ecosystem in general.

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not that different tbh, belarusians are more slaverish and calm

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It's not good. They produce a lot of shit which nobody wants to buy. So warehouses is full of shit they can't sell.
Except some state-owned Russian companies which are forced to buy their shit and cry about it. Because their tractors break 10 times a day and better buy some more expensive but reliable western tractor.

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They got literally kicked out of USSR by Russian and Ukrainian nationalists, almost nobody wanted independence there. In 1994 Lukashenko came to power, he wanted to unite his country with Russia and become it's president because he was more popular than Yeltsin at the time, after Putin seized power in 2000 that dream died so he is content with ruling only small Belarus now

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I want sovok officialy rebuilded at least in this small area

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1. Potato heda
2. Culture of collectivism.

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He is criminal who uses Soviet nostalgia to stay in power, kinda like Putin, only more peaceful and less KGB

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>Students are forced to harvest potato there
How are austrians different from germans?
How are scandinavians different from each other?
How are turks different from any other churkas?

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no one gives a fuck about soviet or any kind of nostalgia here. he is also KGB'ed as fuck.

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>mandatory pioneer organization
it's not.
>Students are forced to harvest potato there.
In agricultural institute.

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Poll held in 2016 showed that on average Russians are more likely to miss USSR than Belarussians (55 % vs. 49 %), though young Belarussians aged 18-24 are more likely to miss USSR than young Russians (35 % vs. 25 %)

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It is fun that Lukashenko stopped being the worst evil dictator in the Europe because of Crimea/Donbass, but actually did nothing.

Maybe Belarus can become western-tier democratic free county by just being passive, not because of reforms, but because West going into authoritorian way now.

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Belarussians are more calm, pragmatic and peaceful than Russians, they don't have strong national or religious identity and all speak Russian, but still different. I think people from unrecognized republics in Ukraine and Moldova are more like us than Belarussians

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They're as different from Russians as Ukrainians tbqh

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West overreacted about Lukashenko in 90s, he was never dangerous to anybody, but Belarus opposition, after his death Belarus will probably become normal Eastern European country

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>The president of Belarus has decided to bring back serfdom on farms in a bid to stop urban migration.

>Lukashenko has announced plans to introduce legislation prohibiting farm labourers from quitting their jobs and moving to the cities. “Yesterday, a decree was put on my table concerning – we are speaking bluntly – serfdom,” the Belarus leader told a meeting on Tuesday to discuss improvements to livestock farming, reported.

>The serfdom decree would beef up the power of regional governors and “teach the peasants to work more efficiently,” Lukashenko said. Governors who failed to ensure timely and efficient harvests in their regions would get the sack, he added.

Belarussians = Slaves of Lukashenko

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I want to live in small and not hated by anybody sleepy country, work on tractor all day to feed my village gf and 3 kids

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Finland = Mongoles

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No, mongols are cheerful and lazy southern people who chill in steppe all day and finns are depressed gloomy alcoholics who never saw sunlight

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Belarussians = Slaves of Lukashenko
the most accurate definition

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Belarus come back to Poland pls

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I wish we could. You know how to manage shit

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Is it true that most of Belarussians visited Poland or Litwa?

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Most of Kaliningradians did it too.

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>Mercedes Police der
Absolutely capitalist

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But we want only western, Catholic Belarus ok?

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Yeah, I know about that, I have relatives there

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Fuck yes they do.
It's about 200km from minsk to vilnius.

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What? Belarus is even poorer and more shitty place to live in.

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We have nothing in common with roosians
t. ukrainian

sketi_ndlela Avatar

how about that.

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My mom visits vilnius or belastok 1 time every 1-2 months for shopping purposes. I don't know if that's widely common or not though

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Lukashenko is 89 iq, Putin is 69 iq

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For what purpose?

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Income inequality is a very soviet thing. Intentions and results are two separate things that almost never align.

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>t. ukrainian

That`s perfectly explains your never-ending shit-posting here.

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All of this isn't obligatory. You can easily say no. You don't get this problem from the right sight

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> Income inequality is a very soviet thing

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that's an arguable question. i don't have a strict position on this issue, sorry

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Are you Catholic?

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The fact that their ideology wanted to end inequality does not mean that they succeeded with it at all.

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i live in so-called western belarus and was born here but i am not. there are 2 catholic churches in my city though.
I also despise christianity of almost any confession.

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and i am 100% bul'bash of course if you ask

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nomenklatura had PRIVELEGES. but it was not numerous and even they didn't own won wealth. like that car was state-owned.

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Don't worry. Just keep on your thing and in 5-10 years you will be exactly like us, stronk.

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t. catholic

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Belarus is less religious than Russia, stop bothering them

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>Why is Belarus so Soviet?

Because in the 90's, after the first free elections, Belarus was pretty fucked up. Country was in ruins, people were poor, salaries and pensions vanished. That triggered a huge nostalgia among the nation for the good old soviet times, where everything was stable and predictable (at least to some point). Łukaszenko noticed this trend and capitalised it during his first political campaign. It gave him absolute power, so he keeps this narrative to this day, because this is his political credo - to keep things as they were, to maintain stability which he believes is still preferred by the nation over other concepts, like progress or freedom. This actually might be the reason of his future downfall, I believe

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You are wrong, here is percent of people who think that religion is not important as of 2009:
>Russia - 66 %
>Belarus - 56 %
>Poland - 19 %
Also, don't forget that 20 % of Russia are muslims and buddhists who are more religious

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I have 3 "mulslims" at work. Dag, uzbek and azer. We drink vodka with bacon pizza every week.

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>also despise christianity of almost any confession.

Then we don't want you, sorry. We want only good catholics who respect Jan Paweł II.

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My parents lived in Central Asia during USSR times, they said that almost all muslims were openly religious, while slavs became soviet people

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i know a guy from belarus. he went to my uni.

nice kid but very beta.

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Was he a Belarus jew?

Bernd Avatar


no, he was full slav.

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I am devastated

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Stuff about "belarusians have no identity" is a garbage. Despite the fact that the government actively suppresses Belarusian language, for example by closing schools with Belarusian language, speaking in it is very trendy, especially among the young.

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What identity do you have? Being a poor communist shithole aligned with Russia and Venezuela?

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So pretty much all their identity is being Lithuanians.

liang Avatar

Litvins. Not retarded zmud'.

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> government actively suppresses
Nice meme.
Belarussian is a dead language and all kinds freaks try to raise it's corpse with sacrifices of random peoples.
As a matter of fact, you use Russian even more often than cockholes.

Bernd Avatar

Why belorussians are so polite? Literally every guy I know from Belarus was polite.

darcystonge Avatar

> dead language


anaami Avatar

Better question why Ukrainians are so emotional and often rude?

areus Avatar

Belorussian oblas't

polarity Avatar

Once Belarus insulted me, but it still sounded nice :3

oskamaya Avatar

this is how russians behave in belarus btw

bergmartin Avatar

Shest' gubernii

mikaeljorhult Avatar

>Ukrainian is responsible for his or her actions
>Russian always blames someone else


thinkleft Avatar

is that a fucking carpet on a boat?

rdbannon Avatar

Have you only seen carpets on the wall, comrade?

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Belarus is only ex-CCCP to create nation based on citizenship, ethnic Russians living there call themself Belarussians too, for example Russians in Latvia, Ukraine or Kazakhstan never do the same

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All adequate people in Ukraine identify themselves as Ukrainians, speak the language and hate r*ssians. Even if they had russian origin.
Freedom air does it to you.

ademilter Avatar

>adequate people on Ukraine
Why would Russians identify themselves as Ukrainians?

abdots Avatar

Because they see how russia is totalitarian shithole. And Ukrainian language and culture are beautiful. They don't want to associate themselves with r*ssia and bydlo anymore.
It was like that for centuries where serfs run away to free cossack lands.

uxdiogenes Avatar

> russia is totalitarian shithole
> implying that cockhlain isn't
How fun.
Especially about 404 culture. In fact, the cockholes themselves flee to Russia and call themselves Russians.
Especially porn whores. It's still trendy somewhat.

herrhaase Avatar

Who is against unification of russia and belarus ? Why not doing it ?

samscouto Avatar

I would never call myself r*ssian.
I also wear scarf with Ukrainian flag.

remiallegre Avatar

> I
Big surprise there!

craigelimeliah Avatar

We both equaly disgusting
Pootine shills who hate other west slavs
And total cringe self-haters

bagawarman Avatar

Lukashenko doesn't want to lose his power, young Belarussians would probably be against losing independence too

urbanjahvier Avatar

I don't really hate other slavs. I still wish they'd stop hating us.
Well, thanks mister Putinets.

kimcool Avatar


We would stop hating you if you stopped invading other countries.

sreejithexp Avatar

I still think it was kinda justified. But not what happened on donbabwe later.

BillSKenney Avatar

Bielorussians were smart enough to keep the positive aspects of communism.

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carloscrvntsg Avatar

>positive aspects of communism

Like what?

canapud Avatar

Planned economics

tjisousa Avatar


did that actually happen?
pls explain

sketi_ndlela Avatar

killing a lot of Russians

carlosgavina Avatar


He's just being French again.

stevenfabre Avatar

Why would a small European county willingly unite with a huge Eurasian empire that's been our enemy for centuries? Despite Russians (who don't even understand our language unlike some other Slavs) claiming we are the same culturally, we are not. No one I know can call Pushkin, for example, "our" poet. It's "their", we have our own.

katiemdaly Avatar

How are you more European than Rachka ? To us Europeans you are just Eastern Slavs like the Poles and Ukrainians.

ovall Avatar

>How are you more European than Rachka ?
Since we are situated in Europe and Russia is half Europe half Asia

>To us Europeans you are just Eastern Slavs like the Poles and Ukrainians.
Those are in Europe too you know. Also, to us, Eastern Europeans, you are just muslims at this point

tereshenkov Avatar

Paweł, your posts are so obvious.

madebyvadim Avatar

> No one I know can call Pushkin, for example, "our" poet. It's "their", we have our own.

What about Mickiewicz?

jpotts18 Avatar

>that butthurt kokokoko
so you are not different from russians

kiwiupover Avatar

You didn't even answer my questions.

zacsnider Avatar

>Since we are situated in Europe and Russia is half Europe half Asia
You're as Slav, as Orthodox and even more communist than the Russians. This points to your people being more Russian than European.

>Those are in Europe too you know.
But they're hardly European. We consider much more Russian.

>Also, to us, Eastern Europeans, you are just muslims at this point
There's about as many Muslims in Slavia than there are in Europe.

oaktreemedia Avatar

besides scandis all of their history is drastically different and exluding kafkaz creatures every churka state has more history and culture every slavland ever combined.

agromov Avatar

>With an estimated total of 7.5 percent of the national population, France has the largest number of Muslims in Western Europe.
>As of 2007, there are 45,000 Muslims in Belarus representing 0.5% of the total population
You don't say.
>We consider
Who's "we"?
Yeah, Mickiewicz for instance. One of the greatest belarusian poets.
Like rape culture n shiet?

ovall Avatar

As I said, European Muslims should be found in roughly the same numbers as in Slavia. Comparing France to Bielorussia doesn't cut it.

>Who's "we"?

chris_frees Avatar

Bela = beautiful in PT
Rus = short for Russia

Beautiful Russia in PT. Untainted by Western degeneracy.

creartinc Avatar

>Comparing France to Bielorussia doesn't cut it
I live in Belarus, you live in France,
so what's the problem?
We can go through rape statistics
if it will cut it for you.
You asked every "european" in your shitskin
infested country?

langate Avatar

>I live in Belarus, you live in France, so what's the problem?
The comparison was about two geo-cultural areas, not two countries.

>You asked every "european" in your shitskin infested country?
European is a mindset, not a skin colour. That's also why you aren't European btw.

nateschulte Avatar

>There's about as many Muslims in Slavia than there are in Europe.
Bullshit, apart from muslim south slavs like Bosnians or Albanians Russia is the only slavic country which has muslims, Ukraine used to have Crimean Tatars, but we took them too in 2014 :DDDD

franciscoamk Avatar

Bela is actually white

shalt0ni Avatar

Rachka alone has over six millions Muslims, that's a very sizeable chunk.

i3tef Avatar

Russian influence is poison

emmakardaras Avatar

That's what I said, apart from muslim slavs Rushka is the only country to have muslims in Eastern Europe, you fucking retard

chatyrko Avatar

Funny thing is Belarusian goods in Rushka are seen as natural and high quality.

tereshenkov Avatar

No, you débile. You even acknowledged that Balkanlar had Muslims too.

intertarik Avatar

>and Russia is half Europe half Asia
Denmark is 90% America then.

nateschulte Avatar

Maybe due to Soviet nostalgia? I often see food having Soviet looking packages

alexcican Avatar

Belarus is the successor state to the USSR

dwardt Avatar

No, that's Transnistria, only country in the world to use hammer and sickle in their flag

surajitkayal Avatar

Lies. They use just green stripe on red, without any sikahamas

kennyadr Avatar

Austria has hammer and sickle in their coat of arms.

csswizardry Avatar

Really I thought it was north korea

suprb Avatar

>Also they are the only ex-CCCP country where independence day is not tied to 1990-1991 happenings, but to WW 2 events

You wat nigger

nehemiasec Avatar

Ukrainian language isn't very popular compared to Russian, but at least it is widely spoken on west Ukraine and somewhat spoken on central/east. Belarusian language is spoken by less than percent of Belarusians. They just don't have anything to base national identity on. Meanwhile Soviet Belarus was a really existing Belarusian state, and while tied to Russia, it is not literally Russia. So unless Belarusians want to fully reintegrate in Russia, they have no choice but to be Soviet.

shesgared Avatar

Tranistria is not a country.

syswarren Avatar

Poor Belarus, their identity is strong enough to consider themself different nation from Russians, but not strong enough to want to live in truly independent country

jimmywebdev Avatar

Just like Anglonada.

yangpeiyuan Avatar

Belarus was wrecked numerous times through the WWI, Civil War and WW2. They've got no culture or identity besides Soviet post-war shit. Ukrainian culture was at lest forged through those wars, in Belarus absolutely nothing happened.

antonkudin Avatar

I don't think Belarus actually recognizes it's own independence. I think the situation was more like Russia not letting them be in Russia after they dissolved the USSR, but Byelorusia never wanted to leave the USSR. So they're stuck in this alternate reality where the USSR is still a thing, but the Cold War is over so they can be friendly with the West. And honestly I like them for this, every post-commie country's fondest memories of the socialist rule without the worst failures of it.

carlyson Avatar

North Korea belonged to the Maoist bloc, not the Soviet one, just like Pol Pot, Mugabe and Albania.

ah_lice Avatar

They have culture of potato, doesn't that count ?

adammarsbar Avatar

Nobody apart from Russians was into Cold War stuff anyway, if Byelorussians were 51 % of USSR it would have never happened

matt3224 Avatar

I'm pretty sure Putin proposed Belarus to join Russia as a bunch of oblasts back in the early 00s. Lukashenko's butt never really recovered after that incident.

The thing you're describing happened to Central Asian nations. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus basically desided to split up the Union behind their backs. It was literally "axaxaxa, bye, losers".

timgthomas Avatar

Very few people back then did give a fuck about either Cold War or Communism. Which is why most Russians literally just shrugged their shoulders in 1991 as if previous 70 years were wasted for nothng.

ntfblog Avatar

>President of Kazakhstan: 1991-now
>President of Uzbekistan: 1991-2016
>President of Tajikistan: 1997-now
>President of Turkmenia: 2006-now
Do you think any of them ever missed USSR?

_vojto Avatar

It's the only thing that counts.

murrayswift Avatar

All of them, besides Rahmon, were in charge even before that. Gorbachev's reforms of 1989-1990 made them supreme leaders in their little khanates.

emilioiantorno Avatar

You forgot Russia

remiallegre Avatar

> not 2000-now

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