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/int/ 43466413: Haw can people not wash them selfs? its been 3 days si...

iamglimy Avatar

Haw can people not wash them selfs?
its been 3 days since i washed my self and my hair is so oily i cant touch it

my whole body smells and iches not enjoying it at all

cat_audi Avatar

Most people wash themselves daily or every other day

itskawsar Avatar

so do i

question was directed on those who dont

jehnglynn Avatar

I didn’t wash for more than half a month now and only my armpits stink. My hair becomes absolute oily mess after 1 day without washing though.

mactopus Avatar

yes feeling dirty is awful but the smells are nice tbh

evandrix Avatar

foot smell may be but thats only for a moment balls sweat is curious for a moment but than get annoying

and smelly hair and arm pits are horrible from the start

abotap Avatar

I remember that thread, it was a fake story, right?

samihah Avatar

I’m interested to see Eastern Europeans have oily complexions. I never would have thought that.

My hair gets really oily after 1 day, but I thought that was from my hispanic side. My mom’s white and i don’t think she’s oily.

ayalacw Avatar

I don't think so, btw what happened to turbo-bernd?

a_harris88 Avatar

Any person from any race can be oily

orkuncaylar Avatar

it changes after some more days, your body will self-adapt to it
you are currently used to wash each day, that's why you feel the way you feel

orkuncaylar Avatar

Your body is just adjusting from years of washing abuse

washing every day is very unhealthy

ryanjohnson_me Avatar


kiwiupover Avatar

you might be a fag, just sayin'

joshkennedy Avatar

Don't think so. If you have problems with your skin, maybe drop the chemics and just wash yourself with pure water. Water can't be unhealthy.

ovall Avatar

its too funny to be fake

ankitind Avatar

Your hair gets dirtier if you wash it alot.

Not everyone is a sweaty ape.

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