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/int/ 43467011: Is it possible to kill or make unconscious someone of I...

garand Avatar

Is it possible to kill or make unconscious someone of I hit him with big piece of parmesagne? It is really solid and heavy

a_khadeko Avatar

Unlikely. It takes a lot of force to beat someone unconscious, and I think the parmesagne would cave in.
But if you hit the jaw with a lot of force, maybe it could work.

breehype Avatar

You can still get this western cheese with sanctions in place? Are you oligarch?

nehemiasec Avatar

<= me as you walk towards me with that permesan and an angry look on your face

orkuncaylar Avatar

I would hold you down and rape you before you even got close.

salleedesign Avatar

No. The cheese was my new year present from friend

mutlu82 Avatar

fake pic. there is no parmesane on russia.

haydn_woods Avatar

It makes no sense. The genuine parmesagne costs more than a life of average russian you might want to kill.

mhwelander Avatar

Fake post. I have it here. Maybe you don't have it in european Russia, but here you can buy cheese, gook food and gook drink

hampusmalmberg Avatar

with plastic bag

aadesh Avatar

Russian news:

>Man got hit with frozen parmesagne, died after an seconds
>Putin launches the biggest exercises on the Belarus, everyone laughs.

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