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/int/ 43467614: Why you erase thread? It's a good comic....

dpg Avatar

Why you erase thread?
It's a good comic.

suribbles Avatar

Give a short summary of it's contents

kosmar Avatar

Gayhomosexual content with plot holes.

teylorfeliz Avatar

Twink has a gay crush on a Chad. HE sneaks into Chad's house and finds a women tied up in the basement. Chad finds the twink and ties him up too, he then kills the woman or something infront of twink. Chad doesn't know what to do with the twink, and keeps him to torture. Twink becomes frighten and tries to escape and shit, most of the story takes place in the house with twink and chad having a complex relationship.

p_kosov Avatar

i want polt hole

adriancogliano Avatar

All stories have plotholes, just depends if the plotholes ruin the story or not, in this case they don't.

Also, Chad is a murderous psychopath that rapes and kills more women throughout the story.

emileboudeling Avatar

how does it end?

mandalareopens Avatar

Sounds very gay. I won't try reading this.

soyeljuaco Avatar

>all stories have plot holes
Maybe all jap shit does.

lanceguyatt Avatar

Whatchu sayin, nigga?

>in this case they don't

Das rite, not so much to ruin, tbqh onii-fam.

marshallchen_ Avatar

It's ongoing, no ending yet, but in the latest chapter Chad gets caught by a detective, they're both brought into the police station, but twink won't turn on Chad, I guess he developed Stockholm syndrome, seeing how they don't have evidence on chad they let them both go. When Chad and twink return to his house, Chad rewards him by fucking his little boipucci

katiemdaly Avatar

This stuff should be extremely popular with teen anime girls.

jamesmbickerton Avatar

It's not Japanese, Pablo de Vaca gorda.

Well, yeah, don't expect you to read it unless you're a bit bi at least. It's interesting imo.

ayalacw Avatar

Same shit.

It looks like a cartoon, it is a cartoon.

pehamondello Avatar

Your point? It's one comic out of thousands, read it or don't, no one will think the better of you.

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