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The father , who stabbed his 17 year old daugther in Laupheim, justified the act by referring to Sharia law. "If a married woman has a relationship and the Islamic judge sentences her to death, then I can not say no."

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Nice, let's import million more people from his region.

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is he etnical german?

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case closed.

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>Palestinian girl Alaa W. fled with her family to Germany. At the age of 15 she was married with a 30 year old Syrian. With 16 she had her first child, a few months later she was pregnant again. With 17 she wanted to divorce her husband, because she fell in love with another man. Her parents didn't like this decision of hers.

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So where's the problem? If one terrorist kill another - it's an good thing.

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So much Multikulti

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>. At the age of 15 she was married
Wait a second, that is literally illeg-
> with a 30 year old Syrian.
Nevermind, I forgot that we have two different sets of laws in this country and the standard one doesn't apply here

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Is their culture and must be respected.

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1. Pedophile still alive and proof of his misdeeds are exist (the child) but he never was persecuted.

2. Killer still alive and it's proved he killed but he was found with no guilt.

3. The only one girl who had been trying to live by Islamic rules was at first raped then killed but no one was payed for what was did to her.

And all of these while Germans imprison Germans for nothing, kissed Turk asses and are ruled by a housewife.
Guess what, German? Even I like you under Hitler more than what you are now.

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I see now problems.

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Religious marriage is legally binding in Germany?

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It can be if it is in another country and you move here after marriage I think.
If you marry in germany religious marriage is not legal marriage.

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I dunno but I have a plan: let's go to Germany, we will rape all lolis, and if there any objections would arise, we would say we are Muslim and they give us money for compensation for disturbance!

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