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How to become Pagan?

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1. reject your current god if a monotheistic cumslut
2. embrace the dim recollection of pretty much forgotten gods and worship them in a completely half-assed way, probably even in a heretical way according to those who worshiped them in a more appropriate era

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Are Shemales women?

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Real talk, isn't paganism a bunch of constructed religions with no direct continuous lineage to the old practises?

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Yes. But is is it different with Christianity?

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heil odin

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Drink animal semen like your """gods""" did

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wtf im christian now

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1 stop watching porn
2 be 89iq
3 live in village

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Christianity relies on priests tracing their ranks way back. Yeah there are a million different sects and churches but there is a clear path.

Don't most pagans have massive gaps?

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You forgot France welfare

You did good

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Jesus was shitskin not a white guy with six pack

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Be an eskimo or tribal nigger or something somewhere on an island. This is authentic paganism. Civilized kids who larp pagans are always cringey as fuck.

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Tell that to his face sinner and see what happens. He also had 8 pack

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You can't. Jews destroyed it all. There is no way to know how our ancestors worshiped before the arrival of the Hebrew cult. Trying to might actually lead to you doing something gravely wrong with the worship, which might cause pain and suffering to your ancestors.

The only thing you can do, even though you will never know the Gods and rituals, is to keep true faith in your heart by doing all actions and words to make your ancestors proud.

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Repeat after me:

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1. forget about Varg besides his nice banting and the good music.

2. Understand that human is subject to invincible forces like the sex drive, war-proneness, taste for peace and prosperity.

3. Understand these forces are excluding each other so they can't come from a single source (which would be a monotheist view) but from different sources.

4. Understand that human cultures tried to speak of these powers, understood them to have a "will" and therefor were cultivated as anthropomorphic deities.

5. Turn to the germanic tradition, in your case especially the south-germanic traditions and study them. Most were written down by christians so don't care about their mocking. They worship a levantine guru, so what?

6. Celebrate the festivals of the gods and try to emulate older customs. Give sacrifice to the gods. Give sacrifice to the spirits of the house, of your people, your clan, dead soldiers.

This is pretty much 90% of the way, given that you have a spirituality.

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>Turn to the germanic tradition, in your case especially the south-germanic traditions and study them.
Can you recommend some books, websites etc on the subject?

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>Can you recommend some books, websites etc on the subject?

I assume a germanic scope only.

Your typical sources:
-The Eddas (two different books by two authors)
-Gesta Danorum (by Saxo Grammaticus)

Problem: most "Pagan" literature is esoteric bullshit since most "pagans" interpreted their own sources in very modern (i.e. enlightened or crypto-christian) way. But there are no holy books, rather a lively culture around experienced forces.

Therefor add:
-your local and regional collection of myths and stories
-grimm's fairy tales (especially on Fr. Holle, whose name is equal to the Goddess Freya in the North)
-Ake Ström's "Germanische Religion" for some basic understanding
-research on the Wild Hunt and the Wild Hunter (i.e. Odin) -> Kris Kershaw's "The One-Eyed God" (indogermanic study, a good german translation is available) or Höfler's "Kultische Geheimbünde der Germanen" of 1934(hardly available though)

And for the general distinction of paganism and monotheism, a German classis is Jan Assmann's "Die mosaische Unterscheidung". Tl;dr it tells you that monotheism is some intellectualist usurpation of religion because it goes into wild speculations - just like your queer activists and sjw's would do today.

A general recommendation is the YT-channel "survive the jive".

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isn't Edda. tells you it's some reinterpretation of Edda-Stories.

Problem: Edda was written down by a christian after christianization and even before that they had longer process of religious degeneration in the north. so the already spoiled sources are turned into some more abstract stuff. SAD!

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Nice thanks, will check it out.

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gerne :3

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Bump for more Paganism. How to do a sacrifice?

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As in, German pagan?

Ok, here's the list:

Discard all the knowledge you acquired from Rome and whatever was developed on top of it (anything post 1AD)
Throw away all your clothes
Start worshipping giant totem dicks
Forget how to read and write
Go back to living in the Central Asian steppe

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