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/int/ 44266248: Why didn't they shoot him?...

cbracco Avatar

Why didn't they shoot him?

nehemiasec Avatar

That would be racist.

chrstnerode Avatar

He's a nigger. The last time the Police shot a nigger, it was used as an excuse by other niggers to loot stores for 3 days.
By the way, they're totally fine shooting and beating the shit out of white people though. They're fair game.

vigobronx Avatar

With what?

polarity Avatar


You need to have a gun to shoot someone.

sementiy Avatar

Using stick or what?

keremk Avatar

He isn't polish, only poles allowed to shoot in

mactopus Avatar

What's the end of the story?

georgedyjr Avatar

He is a nigger - supreme race in England.
All whities must obey their black masters.

Oh, Sweden force all whites to be raped and shut their mouths.
German allow Muslims do whatever they want and punish any who against it.
British are literally slaves for niggers.
American make from their police a caste and outside the police they kill all males and males are just slaves for feminist women.

Considering alt those and whatnot about other countries, the best countries in the world would be Japan and Somalia.

adammarsbar Avatar

Why not use this handy tool?

bagawarman Avatar

Our coat hangers are bolted to the wall.

joemdesign Avatar

Those are better.

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