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/int/ 44266392: seasonal dishes

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Here on the N*rth Germany we have (of course there are more but these have a culture/hype around them):

1) White Asparagus, popular in all over the country, it is harvested from mid April until the end of June. It's usually eaten with potatoes, ham and melted butter or sometimes a sauce hollandaise( Bernd doesn't like it too much). Nowadays they even sell asparagus imported from Greece or Peru, but true patriots buy the local one. Bernd can't await until it's asparagus time again this year, and will prepare it once per week then.

2) Kale, a winter vegetable, eaten from the first frost until it's getting warmer again. It is prepared with all types of meat and sausages, with potatoes and mustard. Very heavy but also gives a lot of energy for hard work in the cold times on the field. There even is some culture grown around that dish, where you go out with friends and family for a walk while drinking schnaps. Then you return to the home/restaurant and eat as much as you can.

Do you have any seasonal dishes you can only eat during a certain time of the year?

karsh Avatar

I eat asparagus all time of the year.

amboy00 Avatar

>or sometimes a sauce hollandaise( Bernd doesn't like it too much)
That sauce was the only thing to look forward to when mumsey decided to make spargel

markmushiva Avatar

we have exact sames

buddhasource Avatar

> Do you have any seasonal dishes you can only eat during a certain time of the year?
Sure. This delicious fish, for example.

haydn_woods Avatar

slav tyre

I always ripped off the heads and the tails on these

splashing75 Avatar

asparagus sucks

only good for soup

thomweerd Avatar

i take it you never had good juicy asparagus

millinet Avatar

nigger I live in asparagus central

vladyn Avatar

i'm not a nigger you filthy wallonian

saarabpreet Avatar

>I eat asparagus all time of the year.
Well I only eat asparagus that was grown within a 10 km radius.

vladyn Avatar

> or sometimes a sauce hollandaise( Bernd doesn't like it too much).

How dare you

snowshade Avatar

Asparagus makes my piss small horrible so i stay away from it as much as i can. No big loss because it's not that good anyways.

id835559 Avatar

The piss smell is an acquired taste.

ryandownie Avatar

I don't understand the german hype for asparagus. It tastes mostly like warm water. Also germs don't hype any other vegetable like that. Which makes sense because boiled vegetables never taste gr8.

seanwashington Avatar

This, what's best about the asparagus is the is the hollandaise sauce, the asperagus itself doesn't taste like much.

guischmitt Avatar

Wild Asparagus

kuldarkalvik Avatar

kill all vegetables

guischmitt Avatar

You have to go back

trickyolddog Avatar

In addition to OP there is also Pears, Beans and Bacon. A nice stew served with of course potatos.

alexradsby Avatar

It's not so common here. Actually I have never eaten it.
t. North Lower Saxony

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We have kale the entire year in Brazil.

It is very common food in brazilian cuisine, and traditionally served with Feijoada (a BRBR version of a Cassoulet, but made with pig cuts instead of duck meat and black beans instead of white beans) or in the Virado a Paulista (a brazilian plate composed of thin pork t-bones, fried banana schnitzels, white rice, "tutu" - which is a paste of manioc flour and paulista striped-brown beans - fried eggs, pork linguiça, farofa and kale).

It is also very common in portuguese cuisine. Caldo verde (one of the most famous portuguese soups) is made of kale.

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