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/int/ 44266788: Why are you all so fucking bydlo? Where can I find s...

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Why are you all so fucking bydlo?

Where can I find something like kc but with a better class of people?

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Reddit. I'm serious. They actually have mods there who ban retards and shitposters.

andrewgurylev Avatar

welcome the fuck out

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Mods who ban shitposters?! How absolutely prepotserous!

t. KC staff

leelkennedy Avatar

Reddit is even more bydlo due to being dominated by Americans. Also class and shitposting are two different things, even shitposting can be deep end meaningful, but here nobody would even recognise the difference.

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We will call you if you meet the requeriments. Don't look for us.

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Yeah sorry you already failed.

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I don't know, fb is way more bydlo.

I haven't found a classy place on the internets.

newbrushes Avatar

JM pls

yassiryahya Avatar

I tend to agree with them, banning shouldn't just happen because someone made you mad.

kazukichi_0914 Avatar

Fuck off.

carlosgavina Avatar

you coulda made a good thread

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I wish I knew such a place.

franciscoamk Avatar

What exactly makes you hate krautchan ?

motionthinks Avatar

Sosachers who echo internet comments from russian news websites for example

karsh Avatar

i wish people here would be more bydlo

rawdiggie Avatar

Read some smart books you retarded.
Thus you could start answering your own questions concerned your typical bydlo desires.

baluli Avatar

Why do you let yourself hate on them, instead of contributing to threads you actually like? You know, you are not obliged to answer to everybody

agromov Avatar

I think we talked before on why kc is shit.

Because they are everywhere. I won't isolate myself from all threads about russia

falvarad Avatar

I wouldn't recommend that place because you would carry your bydlo to that place too.

350d Avatar

I generally talk about being less of an elitist, and just focus on things you like. Maybe you need to distance yourself from all the banter, which is indeed somewhat hard. Sometimes i feel bad for fire Brazilian posters get. :(

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I wouldn't call sosach pigdogs shitposting "banter".

joshkennedy Avatar

Anyway, detach yourself from low level discussion, it will save your nerves. Even bad sosachers should grow bored of it some time, if they are met with indifference.

alessandroribe Avatar

Imageboards encourage stupid posters and shitposters but dont reward serioud discussion posters or sensible opinions.

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Low level discussion is most of this site anyway. Have you read "bronnen vs krautchan" pasta? It's ironic but has quite a few valid points

_vojto Avatar

They are funnier tho, and people are much more honest here.

sgaurav_baghel Avatar

I haven't read that, but i would like to if you're be kind to refer me to it, or post pasta itt.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

fuck off

vj_demien Avatar

Sure have it

>Bronnen: mature and refined community, less in numbers, better in quality

<Krautchan: anonymous, bitter and retarded mass of teens and people in 20s who don't know each other

>Bronnen: Politics not taken seriously as mature audience realizes they're in no position to change them, though mainly taking a firm stance against hatred, bigotry and racism

<Krautchan: Politics being the main theme of discussion for years, quality of discussions had not risen from level of youtube comments. Hateful, bigoted community of /pol/ racists and sosacher teenage russians.

>Bronnen: nonchalant and easy approach to women, laughing at vagina worship, but having a taste in both 2D and 3D beauty. Many have healthy relationships. No threads about women whatsoever

<Krautchan: extremely agitated and hateful about women, at the same looped in unending vagina worship and "no gf" stream for literally years

>Bronnen: Descendant of revolutionary ylilauta int and circleboard, birthplace of ironic humour and memes, at the same time not clinging to memes whatsoever, discarding them as soon as they become popular on the internet (gondola -> kc leg bear)

<Krautchan: The only contribution are countryspheres and wojak face, which in respect gave birth to cringiest 9gag-tier creations ever such as russian tiger balls, or subreddit r/countryspheres

>Bronnen: Laughing and not taking krautchan community seriously, though remaining welcoming to anyone having the wits to adapt to Bnet

<Krautchan: Bitter moderation team guarding their lair, fearful of any sign of competition, rangebanning any gasp of fresh air getting inside since 2011 to our times (Spurdo raids, thcm, bronnen memes today)

>Bronnen: Both hate and appreciation of posters is thoroughly ironic, though friendships both on chan and outside (telegram circlejerks, steam group) are real and strong

<Krautchan: Actual petty internet fights and bickering taken in full seriousness by pathetic neckbeards that wage them, ruins of mythological "pure love" being remembered by a dozen of 2009 Bernds

>Bronnen: Russians are few in number and well-integrated.

<Krautchan: Russians are all teenagers from sosach, hateful and cancerous, switching to cyrillic at any second.

>Bronnen: New, practical software, user-friendly and phone adapted, admin always online and posting. Many funny features such as upvotes and PM's.

<Krautchan: 2008 software on a crumbling server, admin nowhere to be found for weeks and secretive. Unusable without Dollchan. Only features are countryspheres being changed for few holidays

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>serious discussions
pleb shit

davidsasda Avatar

Grownup sosachers, lololo.
Name a board full of highly educates adults. No bydlostudents are allowed.

dhooyenga Avatar

fuck off ya nigga

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albertaugustin Avatar

Why is it that French people always feel superior to others yet never actually show their superiority in any way? You'd think they would make good threads to display how much better they are, yet all they do is complain about how everyone else is inferior. It's almost like.. they're not really better than any of us.

sementiy Avatar

Serious discussions mate but I am doubtful 189iq would like to talk about peeing anime girls.

orkuncaylar Avatar

That's because you're not iq189. You can't understand the appeal of smart people having fun. You are stuck in iq55 territory of serious discussions about your fat mom.

umurgdk Avatar

I feel like people here are still in power to make decent threads and generally be good people. It's all about focusing on things, and often distant place seems better, while it's just up to you how to perceive and act.
Not being able to deal with low level discussion is firstly a problem of person experiencing it, not mentioning whole thread dedicated to
>That's it guys, i'm leaving
There are surely will be some cases of extreme toxicity in discussion, but in my opinion it's not all lost.
What exactly will stop you from having same feelings towards certain people in new community?

guischmitt Avatar

ur mother suck his cock faggot.

oanacr Avatar

I've tried making good threads but there's no point, it's like casting pearls before swine.

oskamaya Avatar

kys nigga what u think

chris_frees Avatar

Could be.
I suppose a few of topics like that were brought up on the solvay conference.
If einstein lived longer he would discover ponies a hundred or more years eirlier.

fritzronel Avatar

Like what you gay or? nigga lps

_zm Avatar

> I feel like people here are still in power to make decent threads and generally be good people

Maybe. It's what is described as "remnants of pure love" in the pasta. It was written by a person well-acquainted with KC. But the farther we go in years the less percentage of good quality content there remains. What good can I recall now? Buddhist france, ukraine vet. They post once in a month or less. Can you name any Iranian-grade goodposter of now or even recent few years? I can't.

>Not being able to deal with low level discussion is firstly a problem of person experiencing it,

I just checked out the pages of KC. There's not a single thread which OP post length is longer than one or a few sentences. It's been like that for god knows how long. I have faint memories of things being different in 2011.

Another thing. When (and if) I work or study, KC becomes very boring/irrelevant for me. I get sucked back only when hikkying.

>but in my opinion it's not all lost.

Yeah, maybe, but KC definitely isn't the place you can live off on, substituting all social contacts with it, like it was before. Before I could do it and feel just fine, now it feels like shit - slinging shit with shitposters.

>What exactly will stop you from having same feelings towards certain people in new community?

Mainly because most of communities are guarded from low quality shitposting. Imageboards aren't

jonesdigidesign Avatar

Sorry, wrong thread. No, i'm more attracted to girls

ninjad3m0 Avatar

Maybe you've just grown out of it. I don't have too much ideas on my own for threads, so i usually stick to posting my opinion, and trying to develop conversation. I'm somewhat new here in terms of posting often, so i don't experience nostalgia, because i wasn't there.

husamyousf Avatar

If you're new here then your brains are still fresh and you have the effect of novelty. I was absolutely in love with this place when i was a teenager in 2011 and on. Couldn't imagine my life without it in fact. Now it's just like living with an old wife who turned worse and worse over years

hampusmalmberg Avatar

Congratulations on realising imageboards are entertainment of which you get bored later on.
You may take your zip over there.

Bernd Avatar

I realized that after spending 9 years of my life on them, more or less, 24/7. And I still come back.

God, what a retard. I don't even feel sorry for myself, i'm just dumb as fuck.

yigitpinarbasi Avatar

Same, been here since 2010 and tried to leave many times too.

KC isn't just entertainment, its a place to socialize. If you don't get enough of it IRL you'll keep coming back.

grantrobinson Avatar

There are people who discuss political news on social media or take a photo of their food so a bunch of their friends knew what they eat. I calm myself down with that fact. I am not compeletly a waste.

doronmalki Avatar

> There are people who discuss political news on social media

Literally krautchan

>take a photo of their food so a bunch of their friends knew what they eat

IWO's. Food threads.

jajodia_saket Avatar

That's what I like. It is reflected from the outer nets in a way.
KC at least being ironic in comparison with normal people.

artheft_ua Avatar

Not him but to be tbh I regularly see Bernds praising us for the intelligence of our posts, but I think that's pretty much entirely due to me.

woodydotmx Avatar

> KC at least being ironic in comparison with normal people.

In comparison with normal people maybe. But to compare KC and ylilauta (bronnen), they are far more ironic.

tusharvikky Avatar

KC is fine

if you don't like content on KC, post better content

don't just bitch about it

motionthinks Avatar

The problem isn't the bad content, but the complete lack of interest in or understanding of good content when it's posted.

abdots Avatar

Sometimes stuff fails, you can't help it

ryanjohnson_me Avatar

you didn't engage bernd enough
dumping a textwall is insufficient

eduardostuart Avatar

So, you're just butthurt that nobody thinks you're as great as you believe you are in your head? Maybe everybody else isn't wrong and maybe you aren't as amazing as you think you are.

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