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/int/ 44267003: Made an sammich. What did Bernd eat today?...

grafxiq Avatar

Made an sammich. What did Bernd eat today?

bobwassermann Avatar

Chiken and noodels soup with breadcrumbs and tea.

stevenfabre Avatar

I ate some chips in my bed while sleeping.


bighanddesign Avatar

Posting from bed btw.

buleswapnil Avatar

Buckwheat with mutton

sindresorhus Avatar

I ate pasta with fish cutlet for lunch and pasta with fish cutlet for supper. I don't remember what have I eaten at the morning. Now i am going to drink TEA with sweet food and go sleep.

vaughanmoffitt Avatar

did you eat without waking up?

liang Avatar

peanut butter breakfast bar

emileboudeling Avatar

I have zero peanut butter eating experience

thehacker Avatar

That feel when my mother bought 4 jars of quality peanut butter today

olgary Avatar

i ate pie with chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese
then i ate rice with carrot and chicken and curry

kuldarkalvik Avatar

I will go home for lunch soon, and there I will cook eggs, bacon and grits.

lisakey1986 Avatar

What kind of meat you used?
>What did Bernd eat today?
Nothing so far
My Gf tried to make a Rupfhaum, but the milk was apparently rancid and she didn't see it.
When i was coming in the kitchen, it smelled not really good and i asked her, if she is planning a butanoic acid attack and said, i won't eat it.
She then was getting mad at me but she also has thrown her portion away.
When she is coming back from work i said, that she should bring some grilled chicken home.
So now i am waiting, not knowing what she will do.

andychipster Avatar

your sandwich looks like shit and the middle piece of bread is completely unnecessary

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