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/int/ 44267024: Brazilian soap operas

csteib Avatar

List of Brazilian soap operas i've seen:
O Clone
Laços de Família
Escrava Isaura
Por Amor
Mulheres de Areia
Senhora do Destino
Andando Nas Nuvens
Terra Nostra
Torre de Babel
Suave Veneno
O Rei do Gado

ademilter Avatar

Who's your br waifu?

enjoythetau Avatar

What the hell

marciotoledo Avatar

Nigga those are a million chapters long

>not watching Caminho das Índias
scooby dooby doo

i_ganin Avatar

I've watched all millions chapters, very interesting. I don't like indian culture to watch about India

kreativosweb Avatar

That chair when was forced to grow up in fantasy Brazil

ayy limão

polarity Avatar


shoaib253 Avatar

>not watching Kubanacan, the only soap opera ever that wasn't trash

nerrsoft Avatar

Slawgli - the boy adopted by Babushkas.

rdbannon Avatar

The funniest thing is that all of those soap operas are seen as absolutely bydlo-tier in Brazil. It's usually the poor who watch them.

Anyway, I never saw one.

ajaxy_ru Avatar

She's screwed nowadays tho.

marciotoledo Avatar

>whereas in Russia they were watched by rich successful people with a life

syswarren Avatar

If you are to consider Russian "culture"...

sunshinedgirl Avatar

Very curious indeed. Russia is the last place I would expect such a thing to happen. Maybe Japan or Italy, but not Russia.

justinrhee Avatar

Are they subtitled or dubbed in Russia?

Very cute

pdugan19 Avatar

Rei do Gado >>>> terra mostra >>>>>>alle

cboller1 Avatar

Not true. Anyone can watch it. Its released on free TV station.

Most people like them because they are well made soap operas.

Also people pay to watch those around the world because the actors play the role very well. We have it for free.

umurgdk Avatar


this shit, telenovelas, were hugely popular in ex-USSR. The format was adopted by local filmmakers and they're producing similar shit now.

_vojto Avatar

>actors play the role very well

Are you kidding me? They are so bad at it, one of the worst acting I've ever seen, except for a very few ones. This plus the ridiculous 100920192 chapters, which is in general the same plot in every soap opera, is what makes it so bad in my opinion.

strikewan Avatar

it was our family tradition, every day to gather in front of the TV at 19:00 and watch a new episode

craighenneberry Avatar

OK. Not going to discuss such kind of topic either. Search on internet and you'll found out that people around the world say that such kind of soap operas are the best.
In the US it only lost its public to mexican kind of thing.

madhan4uu Avatar

Rei do gado is noice

madebyvadim Avatar

How did that shape your perception of Brazil?

I now suppose Russians probably have a better informed vision of Brazil than most other foreigners. Perhaps this is why we can usually understand each other so well on this board?

iamkarna Avatar

i thought Brazil was a heaven on Earth until i got my first fast internet connection

maiklam Avatar

Oh God, that is embarrassing...

rdbannon Avatar

what? why?

snowwrite Avatar

So I guess it misinformed you instead.

(I suppose Brazil can be a great place, but only for the very rich).

cheezonbread Avatar

yes, then i understood that rich can live great everywhere

rcass Avatar

I remember A proxima victima which was vengeance themed(iirc) and felt different from the rest

brazilian soap operas used to be pretty popular a few years ago but nowdays not so much since we started making our own.

vj_demien Avatar

You have good comedians. Gato Fedorento is very good, and Bruno Aleixo is tremendously interesting.

intertarik Avatar

I saw several brasileña soap operas and remember some awesome theme songs. One of them was with a guitar and had a very soft vocal that. I think it may have been one of the songs for The Clone, but I'm not sure because I've YouTubed all of the theme songs and I can't seem to find the right one.

Anyway,I watched the clone and chica da silva with my mom when I was a kid.
I recall her watching Torre de babel also but I didn't watch it with her.

woodydotmx Avatar

Why the fuck are they bydlo? The Clone was a really good soap opera.

eloisem Avatar

I am trying to find the full english version of Bellas y ambiciosas online.

teylorfeliz Avatar

How would I know? I never watched any novelas.

But here in Brazil if you say something like 'Sorry, I need to go and watch the novela' it's as if you were saying something on the lines of 'Sorry, I gotta watch Kim Kardashian's show'. Maybe it's just oligarchs acting with prejudice?

itsracine Avatar

Everything is dubbed in Russia, I've never seen anything subbed on TV or in movie theaters. But you can torrent a version with subs of course.

evandrix Avatar

>not watching Avenida Brasil at this right moment

There is only one 10/10 novela and it is AVENIDA BRASIL. I'm not a big fan of novelas, but I had to say to you that I was caught up with the hype. That shit is amazing, like really 10/10.

Also, Cravo e a Rosa. Goddammit! Like I was saying I pretty much hate novelas, but Cravo e a Rosa is really, really funny, and have your wifu >>44267132 at her peak. It's a Shakespeare adaptation or some shit.

If you like novelas, DO EET!

cat_audi Avatar

You're more than likely exaggerating. Women all over the world love soap operas,that includes normal, middle class women with professional white collar jobs.

Chakintosh Avatar

>watching brazilian soap operas

Oh G-d, why do you do this to yourself.

emilioiantorno Avatar

Is there anything better to do?

turkutuuli Avatar

quem /roque santeiro/ aqui?

cmzhang Avatar

Yes, watching BR porn

mylesb Avatar


That shit is old. I'm 32 years old, and it was old when I was a kid.

subtik Avatar

I don't like porn

herrhaase Avatar

What problem?

orkuncaylar Avatar

My mother watches Turkish soap operas. What a globalized world

splashing75 Avatar

Novelas? I liked Vamp, Poderosas Peruas, Próxima Vítima, o Clone, Rei do Gado, Éramos Seis, Rainha da Sucata, Salvador da Pátria...
They also exhibted those here. How was it called? Fat Magul or something.

sindresorhus Avatar


You must be fluent in Portuguese after all them. Or at least know a lot about BR geography, culture and economy.

xspirits Avatar

>in Russia

You hold Russian TV watchers to unrealistically high standard. Nothing is subtitled in Russia.

ajaxy_ru Avatar

>I now suppose Russians probably have a better informed vision of Brazil than most other foreigners.

Hardly so. From few telenovelas episodes I've seen when I was school age, they didn't show much cultural relevant details. Almost everything was happening inside rooms and they only focused on love and family matter, not society, history, politics, geography or culture. Escrava Isaura was HUGE in Russia when I was a kid.

xravil Avatar

Last winter I've seen a turkish telenovela in polish state TV, it was a pretty weird experience.
It was on the same channel where they talk about islamic rapefugees invading germany everyday in the news.

chaabane_wail Avatar

List of Brazilian soap operas i've seen:

0, as I am not a woman who watches soap operas to feel alive.

cbracco Avatar

you think this post will convince anyone that you're an alpha male?

doooon Avatar

Soup operas here are usually seen as something for bydlo and housewives. Middle and upper class monkeys who think too high of themselves prefer to watch murkan series in cable TV and with subtitles only because they think that makes them very cultured, smart and less bydlo. CSI for example was pretty big among such people here.

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