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nehemiasec Avatar

Bitcoin mining is a plague. Such a wasteful wasteful wasteful use of resources to create what only amounts to an agreement between people. Its like burning down an entire forest so a few people can say they're richer than the others. Despicable.

kamal_chaneman Avatar

A degenerate society can only produce more degeneracy.

Bernd Avatar

Mein Name ist wehn und ich lebe in Dortmund.

andina Avatar

>have limited energy
>don't take in nigger refugees because cannot afford it
>when the climate change refugee wave of 2035 comes in, niggers will be gunned down into the Mediterranean

I don't see a problem with this

evandrix Avatar

Recently I've been getting unironic notions of becoming a commie. Despite the fact that I support private property, don't believe in class struggle and the "utopia" they're trying to achieve, I'd join them just for the sake of fighting and undermining the capitalist values and "morals" it gives birth to by just existing.

ajaxy_ru Avatar

I had a very similar idea.

alagoon Avatar

Agreed. Ban that useless trash.

cat_audi Avatar

How is shitposting on kc better?

karsh Avatar

They don't burn down forests for that lol

fritzronel Avatar

It doesn't waste that much energy, it's actually useful sometimes

greenbes Avatar

Salty Nocoiner

rawdiggie Avatar

Literally Hitler-Commie

murrayswift Avatar

Commies would just continue on the same path, there is no difference because both exist because of Technology and Civilization.
The only hope is that commies are so stupid that they will basically just fuck everything up and we all end up back in the stone-age, which won't happen.
After Revolution, the difference will basically be that you have now new Jewish Rulers instead of the old ones, and live is going to suck quite a bit more.
Read some Theodore Kaczynski stuff.

iamgarth Avatar

If you count in all the shitposting in the world, including meme production, it's pretty significant. Turn off your laptop now.

areus Avatar

>niggers will be gunned down into the Mediterranean

Even Franco didn't had the guts to stop the Green March. EU will welcome all weather refugees.

BrianPurkiss Avatar

I don't think so, well people spent billions of euro to build art palaces, mining provide money to the poor, it is no worse than million of other crap.

I'm just trade coins, but also suffer, Electronics and electricity become more expensive for other consumers

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