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/int/ 44268225: What was the best year of your life? For me it was 201...

RussellBishop Avatar

What was the best year of your life?
For me it was 2014. I had a life with no worries, i was in a good shape due fitness studio and had sex with 4 different girls in that year. Also fifa cup 2014 was ebin.

Today im fat, lazy, depressed and didn't touch a girl ever since. I really thought my future would look bright back then.

iamgarth Avatar

Probably 2008 or 2010

I was fit and out of the house for the first time.

terryxlife Avatar

probably mid 90s, discovered a huge chunk of the internet unsupervised during its "wild west" phase.

cartoons, movies, video games were all becoming awesome and technology was exploding forwards

now everything seems like a slow strangulated grind in comparison

danro Avatar

2018 tbh

samscouto Avatar


pdugan19 Avatar

i dunno, 2005 was pretty good, 2013 was a golden age

chatyrko Avatar

2004, for many reasons. It was just about the only time ever when many comfu things were happenong at one time and om the other hand nothing signifocantly wrong

jonkspr Avatar

2018. I finally get a girlfriend.

anaami Avatar

The first one, maybe

BrianPurkiss Avatar

Don't know honestly. My entire life has been riddled with anxiety and worries.

albertaugustin Avatar

O, I dunno, fat, lazy & depressed ain't so bad.

You could be an alpha male trapped in a suburban dream family with a 40 year career & University Expenses for your 2 indeterminate-gender kids & a mediocre office affair with a middle aged lump who is now your supervisor & won't let you forget it.

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