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/int/ 44268415: Betsy Devos and the elimination of public schools

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By 2020 American public schools might unironically become a thing of the past because of this lady. Which would be amazing. Imagine paying less in taxes and your children get 10x better education. Not only that but kids with better grades will get discounts for their gradeschool fees and other competitive benefits will be embedded into our new education system. I'm hyped bernd, education getting away from our commie kike feds is amazing.

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public education is ass

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>In a poll done by USA Today in 2016, 83% of Republicans and 60% of Democrats were in favor of a charter school system and private vouchers




fuck im angry not gonna lie bernds. society is getting worse and worse every single day. And fat fucks like OP applaud it.

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> Imagine paying less in taxes and your children get 10x better education
Are you ret- Ah forget it, who cares.

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Can't wait for advertising breaks during class.

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So poor kids wont get proper education? Really Burger tier and I am not even a commie. You are fucked in the hedda

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George W. Bush was a swell guy say current year Democrats.

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That will solve the school shooting program.

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In Brazil, our public schools sucks so every middle-class people use private schools. And they suck too.

Americans really wants to fuck their own country for no reason.

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The U.S. is awesome, perhaps the only place in the world where working class, middle class idiots like the OP cheer their rich overlords while they fuck their rights in the ass just to get richer.

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The feds currently control pretty much nothing over education.
Also this lady doesn’t even have an education or know how the school system works.

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Soon education will become like our healthcare and we'll have a stratified class society again which is actually fucking perfect. Egalitarianism kills the republic.

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Devos has no ideology besides "I do what the money tells me" she's not based you idiot.

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Dumb niggers -- let's call a spade a spade -- already aren't getting a proper education. The only way for that to happen would be to take them from their parents and communities and raise them in military camps with every aspect of the environment controlled. Since that is not going to happen I would rather not waste money trying to educate the uneducable.

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It's true. She failed second grade.

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There's a reason why there's 'Murrifats who can't read or write.

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It's not because of DeVos. This has been in the pipeline for a long time, first with the 2002 NCLB and the 2013 Common Core. DeVos is merely the woman who will pull the trigger.


Don't be angry, there is no way you could have prevented it. I saw this start in the late 90s and we couldn't stop it even back then. First the teachers' unions were broken through standardized testing, then the power of individual principals through standardized cirriculums, now there is no reason for education not to be completely privatized as there exists a functional framework (standardized exams and materials) for it to form in.

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Why are liberals complaining? Now you can choose to send your kids to the local wholesome school that teaches your kid liberal values, and have your child surrounded by other white,
Asian and token black
liberal children, all enjoying liberal school utopia. Under the current system, you're forced to send your child to some school where they may be taught potentially conservative ideas, all while being surrounded by violent non white conservative children!

What's the beef, exactly? I thought the freedom of choice was something liberals liked?

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Wrong, per the 2002 No Child Left Behind Act the Federal goverment determines K12 funding through standardized test scores. Through the 2013 Common Core, the Federal government also determines K12 Curriculum standards which all schools must adhere to if they want Federal money.

There is no local control in education anymore unless parents use a private school.

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Privatizing education here means all education becomes tutoring centers, places where students click through their computer courses for 3-4 hours a day 4-5 days a week. This will mean stupider kids on the whole (particularly with niggers and spics), which means more remedial studies in paid college courses.

This isn't a positive development, unless you're a bureaucrat who wants to cut the state's K12 funding budget by pushing more of the burden onto parents.

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What, because of DeVos' ideas or because of the current system? Americans have increasingly become poorly educated with the growth of federal meddling in school and teacher unions.

Private education, where parents pay for their child's education using the money they wouldn't have to pay in tax to pay for the education for others, is superior. Teachers in such institutes don't fuck around, because it's a private company that rewards results and punishes laziness. Students don't fuck around, because their parents are paying for this shit, and if a parent finds out that their child has been fucking around on their money, they'll be punished severely.

Private education for all - and that still means schools will provide education for children through charity and having a low cost subscription plan - works very well.

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>Privatizing education here means all education becomes tutoring centers
How, exactly? Rationalize this for me. In a free market, if one school offers a teacher teaching students, and another just offers a computer, which do you think gets the customers?

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What % of your taxes are spend on education? And what % of your taxes are actually paid for by the taxpayer?

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The cheaper one.

Bernd Avatar

The one people can afford ?

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>funding budget by pushing more of the burden onto parents.
Also, I don't know if you know this, but a budget is also funded by those parents you know. It doesn't just appear out of thin air. Cutting the budget, and giving the parents back that money so they can choose were to educate their child, is a far better system.

The only argument against it is that you want everyone to have a standard education experience, and why would you do that when "diversity" is supposed to be excellent?

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Without literate people Trump would’ve won the popular vote.

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Private schools don't look like that now, but if all schools were private suddenly they would.

Just like right now communism leads only to starvation and toilet paper shortages, but if all the world were communist quality of life would skyrocket.

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why study when you have a living wage?

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Only IQ89 parents would do that, and that is why they will have IQ89 children.
Your choice. That's the beauty of the system.

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Every fucking time when a public service gets privatized the total cost massively increased. The average American family is bound to pay more in the future, money has to be made after all

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>Private schools don't look like that now, but if all schools were private suddenly they would.
So... baseless conjecture.
Thanks for contributing to the discussion!

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The one who offers the lowest cost wins. A single proctor with no college degree monitoring a room of 100-200 kids is going to be cheaper than a $50/hr Unionized, credentialed teacher with a BA in his field of study. And this assumes parents can't just buy it through a smartphone app, which textbook publishers already provide.

It's all about money. The private elementary school my brother went to cost about $8,000/semester, or $16,000/yr. Today it's about $10,000/semester due to increased demand, private schools draw from the same playbook as colleges by not increasing capacity causing prices to increase.

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Or you know, below median income parents (50% of population)

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that's a regress
public schooling is a sign of a civilized social country

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state and civilization are antagonists

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>Be american
>Go to Walmart high school
>First period: American history, sponsored by McDonalds: I'm loving it

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Good idea actually. Public education is shit.

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You are demented. Private schools aren't a thought experiment, they're a thing that already exist.

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Tfw you graduate 8th grade and you're already $150,000 in debt.

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Most parents will just send their kid to the nearest school, even if this decision is narrowsighted it'll leave their children having to take on more student debts for college. It might also require the parents to take on student debts for their childrens' basic education.

That said, this is very situational. School districts will always remain and what parents will tolerate will be reflected there. However this means only good (read: white and rich) areas will have good public schools paid by local taxes, whereas poorer areas will have shitty schools and smartphone apps instead. This leads to a gradual dumbing down of the lower half of society, especially the nonwhite part, over the long term. It also means there will be a much greater fight to consolidate school districts so nonwhite students can get into functional public schools, this debate already exists.

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>Just like right now communism leads only to starvation and toilet paper shortages, but if all the world were communist quality of life would skyrocket.

what a retarded statement. communism leads to starvation and shortage of toilet paper because the efficiency of state owned businesses and one-party political system and ideology is low, much lower than other options. if the whole world was communist, it would just lead to worldvide starvation and shortage of toilet paper

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And I'm sure, as it was in the past, that there will exists many school which are charity funded, such as by the Churches. You can send your child to that, getting a great education and being trained to be morally upright. A win, right? Oh no, Jeebus though.

State controlled education killed off these institutions. If the state was to stop supplying bog standard education designed only to produce workers in a Fordist industrial model, they would return, and offer a wider range of skills and training today.

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*watches michael moore once*

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The problem isn't public schools, it's public schools with no standards, trying to give the best possible degree to any student.
Just have schools for good students (so they won't be dragged down) and for bad ones (so they won't disturb anyone so they can be helped to reach their full potential), give access to higher education to students of either schools who have good enough grades in the end, and leave those who did badly with just a basic highschool diploma.
You can't read in 6th grade, you don't sit with the overachieving kids in one class

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>And what % of your taxes are actually paid for by the taxpayer?

All of them?

jpotts18 Avatar


True, however we're only about five years into having all K12 curricula standardized into the Federal government. It will only be a matter of time before textbook publishers will demand they be allowed to sell education directly to consumers through an app. The Federal government will oblige.

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That's what you deserve for living in an oppressive shithole. And even if you were to leave, you'd still have to pay your taxes like a good goy or face jailtime.

linux29 Avatar

Bring back school uniforms and reserve some brand sponsoring space on them.

freddetastic Avatar

Explain to me exactly what the problem is with that, if the quality of the teaching and the material learned is better than that currently provided.

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A child's academic progress should depend on their ability and their willingness to work hard not on their parents income bracket.

sindresorhus Avatar

>Bring back school uniforms

Unironically good idea actually

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Completely fucking wrong, catholic schools charge the going rate because they use the students with money to subsidize the poor students (the poor students the church requires them to take in under a quota). There are no charity schools, because education is a service and is not free.

Seriously, where have you ever heard of a private person giving out an education for FREE? It doesn't happen because people cost money.

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I have nothing against public education, what i'm against is the government forcing you to put your kids in a public/private school even when you can homeschool them or pay proper tutors.

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We used to have separate schools like in Germany and separate "tracks" for people with different talents but that was deemed undemocratic. So everyone is now put together, but -- in an act that admits the uselessness of such education -- a small group gets designated as "gifted and talented" and given entirely different classes while allegedly being part of the same school.

trueblood_33 Avatar

>when you can homeschool them
Brilliant idea! What could possibly go wrong...

dutchnadia Avatar


the quality of schools in poor areas where dumb low iq people live does not affect the outcome of people's education, knowledge and skills levels. if you spend 100 billion dollars on one single school?in a nigger ghetto the outcome of the uducational, knowlefge and skills level of the graduates will increase maybe 2-4%. because low iq poor niggers are lazy and dumb and there's no way to change that. if you're born with bad genes in a poor low iq area you dont have any chances, you-re as good as stillborn, unless you get taken away in first days of your life and get put into rich neighbourhood and get surrounded by high iq cultured people. then there's 10-15% chance of good outcome

sementiy Avatar

Noble sentiments, that in the real world, still never happens due to better schools being located in better neighbourhoods. Doesn't matter if your kid is great, your child is stuck forever in a school because of his geographical area.

Meanwhile, let's take the UK, and what happens to gifted students there. There's bursaries, and charities, that allow poor children the chance to attend elite private schools. In areas where those private schools don't exist, a child is forced to attend a comprehensive based on his postcode, and is not allowed to transfer unless his family moves.

arashmanteghi Avatar

wow, so dystopic brah
our pupils would never survive that

aleclarsoniv Avatar


Because it won't be better, the kid will be sat down on shared tablet for 20-30 minutes at a time while their "instructor" is busy cleaning toilets and doing their real job. This already happens inside public schools that can't afford a dedicated computer tech, and it's one textbook publishers encourage becuase it makes the school more dependent upon their own paid software and their own paid technical services.

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>Seriously, where have you ever heard of a private person giving out an education for FREE?
Is this a fucking joke? Do you know who Rhodes and Carnegie are? Are the Dutch so fucking stingy with their cash that the word "philanthropist" has no Dutch equivalent?

areus Avatar

Why not copy our system then? It allows for a lot of mobility while it doesnt hinder the smarter students.
For example 40% of my graduation class began school at a lower level but you can move between levels twice a year

markmushiva Avatar

Our country benefited enormously from the meritocracy that came about as a result of the public school system.

The best chance someone from a working class background got to advance.

tereshenkov Avatar


That doesn't exist here. Here the private schools are primarily run by the catholic church who uses their schools to educate illegal immigrants, because legal immigrants and full citizens can get a job to pay the full price.

snowshade Avatar

I feel there is an ancap meme somewhere in there, but I can't verbalize it.

jffgrdnr Avatar

It will very quickly accentuate differences between families. A surprisingly large number of parents are unwilling to even feed their children -- but why should I do for a child what his parents are unwilling to do? That would make me a cuckoo bird.

tusharvikky Avatar

What the fuck are you talking about? I was replying to a post that said that advertising in the class room is wrong, and you start talking about second jobs and phones.

Holy shit, I'm sorry your school system has made you clinically retarded m8.

peterlandt Avatar

You want the future of your nation to depend on the charity of others?

joshuapekera Avatar


>Do you know who Rhodes and Carnegie are?

Dead, that's what they are. Today "charity" is a low-interest rate student loan, that is how both Bush and Obama justified expansion of Sallie Mae: they were being compassionate and giving poor people access to college by letting them take on more debt, debt that they cannot ever get rid of if they go bankrupt.

joshclark17 Avatar

Everyone who is homeschooled just turns out... wrong.

jqueryalmeida Avatar

American Bernds are extra fat today

nicoleglynn Avatar


No, my point is that privatizing education does not make education better.

anjhero Avatar

>let's make it even harder for poor people to educate themselves
This is gonna end in LA and NYC turning into a modern day victorian London I can smell the winds of change

1markiz Avatar

I meant to link to the British retard

dhooyenga Avatar

>Our country benefited enormously from the meritocracy
There is no such thing. Your already rich people educate and train your children to go to rich schools, while poor people are forced to attend what is effectively a state mandated propaganda center. You wrap yourself up all cozy thinking your system is fair, when it's worse than a free market. Public education advocates - who's own children they would never dare send to some inner city ghetto school - are hypocrites.

Free system - good, low cost education that you, as a parent with your values and beliefs, can send your child too. You might be poor, but you could send your child to a Mormon school to learn with other Mormons, instilling your Mormon values while getting a good education from teachers committed to education as a principle, rather than a means to a lucrative state funded career.

Many of you in this thread would profit from learning how education was organised in Europe before industrialisation, and how it was organised after industrialisation and nationalisation to make children good soliders/good factory workers and nothing more.

urbanjahvier Avatar

Is believing eduaction to be a pillar of our society a 20th century way of thinking?

Bernd Avatar

The purpose (key word) of public education systems is to provide a good level of education for all children. It is to ensure that even children with 89iq parents have will be able to get themselves more smarterer so they won't be 89iq parents later in life.

javorszky Avatar

>Are the Dutch so fucking stingy
When we go to Thailand for sex tourism we bring our own children.

pf_creative Avatar

We have vast numbers of schools failing to accomplish their intended purpose, or any purpose. When there are large sections of the population whose potential goes unrealized due to a lack of of educational opportunity then there will be societal gains from public schooling. But after a certain point, after a certain number of generations of ubiquitous public education, you've gotten everyone. There is no "untapped potential" left, just dregs. Genetic and cultural trash that produce more trash.

lightory Avatar

My highschool is located in the poorest and lowest educated region of the country yet my class was 2nd best at the final exam.
In Germany too the best performing states are in the East and North(minus Bremen and Hamburg).

Money doesnt dictate how well schools perform in our system. Whiteness does though

otozk Avatar

you want your child's education be target of consecutive scorched earth policies by rival democratic parties?

1markiz Avatar

>the posters who support state funded, state controlled education turn out to be veritable retards who can't even respond to each correctly on an easy to use webpage

itsracine Avatar

>My highschool is located in the poorest and lowest educated region of the country yet my class was 2nd best at the final exam
And are you poor/your parents poor? Is the specific area which you live richer than the area surrounding the school, outside the catchment area? There are many top quality state schools in London that are located in shitholes, but the catchment area they draw from is from richer postcodes.

bighanddesign Avatar


It ends with public schools either becoming even bigger underfunded messes or becoming locked down penitentiaries, depending on the specific district. As it is in Mexico. Neither option is palpable.


yep, even at the end of the twentieth century people were starting to wonder why they couldn't just sell education to students/customers directly via the Internet.

anjhero Avatar

I’m a phone poster

joeymurdah Avatar

I believe in a state funded educational sector, freed from political interference, where resources are directed at education.

You may (and probably will) call this Marxism. I call it a sensible and prudent investment in the nation's future.

kosmar Avatar


>being British

dear god the horror

iamglimy Avatar

>I’m a phone poster
Yeah, that's what I said, you're retarded.

silv3rgvn Avatar

>It ends with public schools either becoming even bigger underfunded messes or becoming locked down penitentiaries, depending on the specific district. As it is in Mexico.

xspirits Avatar

You believe in something that is state funded and free from political interference?

trueblood_33 Avatar

>state funded
>freed from political interference
Jesus Christ...

karsh Avatar


Unions and Tenured Professors are far less politically influenced than min wage employees directing customers to use a self-service kiosk which supplies education content directly created by the Federal government.

marrimo Avatar

Politics has no valid place in education, other than as a subject for academic study.

jamesmbickerton Avatar

1. You're a looney if you think that, based on current University professors
2. Who says the teachers would min wage? Good teachers would be paid well, commensurate with the audience they draw. In fact, they may not even be employees, but self-employed, paying the school for office space while holding classes. There are many models to go for, and are more liberating and rewarding for talent than the current system.

cboller1 Avatar

Privatising general education is just handing over control over the future from the people to the corporations and their financial interests. Then it's not about Bildung anymore, about knowing stuff and becoming a responsible, informed adult citizen, but instead about learning to fit into some shitty job that might be in demand when you're put into the market machine.

salleedesign Avatar

>Imagine paying less in taxes and your children get 10x better education.

Yeah, that's totally what will happen. Methinks all that burger grease is clogging the arteries to your brain.

markgamzy Avatar

You really are fucking retarded. We didn't say that it wasn't out of place, we were implying - and here we though you would recognize this - that as soon as a government starts funding something, it immediately attempts to impart it's ideology and own politics on to that institution, using funding as a leverage.

nasirwd Avatar

>miserable right wing morons want to get rid of public schooling system (after having been through it themselves for free)
>left wing doesnt want this
>right wingers act surprised if teachers prefer the left

iamglimy Avatar

Have you ever been to uni?
My teachers tell me how accounting works.

armcivor Avatar

Once again, a moron who thinks that education budget provided by a state somehow magically comes from nowhere. It comes from taxes paid by parents. Give the parents back the money they would have paid in tax to the government to pay for sub-standard public education, loosen restrictions on charities supplying education, and you will see the establishment of private schools offering tuition, all competing with each other to provide the best education in diverse measures of success (academic, sport, moral etc).

sava2500 Avatar

>handing over control over the future from the people to the corporations
if "the people" = slackers who want a cushy state jerb
yeah, i support them getting fucked

only losers and opportunists become teachers in current system

iamfelipesouza Avatar


>You're a looney if you think that, based on current University professors

Modern professors may be obnoxiously liberal, but it's not because the regents board above them told them to be. In the college I went to the school itself tried banning criticism of Israel (labelled as "antisemitic") and all the professors protested it by criticizing Israel anyway. There was nothing the administration could do because they were Tenured. This battle is still waged.

>Who says the teachers would min wage?

Everyone who has to pay for education. Technology allows it if the student is just going to be fed a standardized prebaked lecture video series anyway. This is already a concern in most schools, because teachers' unions are mostly dead due to the NCLB. Good teachers will be paid min wage because even the best teacher can be replaced with a $250 textbook and it's companion app.

trueblood_33 Avatar

>100% of the taxes are provided by the taxpayer
For every $100 per capita you slash from the budget, the taxpayer gets maybe $30 back. Most taxes are provided by companies or indirectly

keremk Avatar

>miserable right wing morons want to get rid of public schooling system (after having been through it themselves for free)
That's where you're wrong kiddo, but continue with the ad hom. I'm not sure how you would cope if you learned that the person you're arguing with came from a working class family who managed to get a bursary to a private school, and graduated their with honours, and achieved more from that experience than he would have if forced to go through the soul stripping, propaganda feeding, lazy-union teaching of a comprehensive.

turkutuuli Avatar

I have yet to meet a British poster that doesnt claim to be from a poor hardworking background and made it all the way to the top because of his own hard work and dedication.

shesgared Avatar

The people as in "the sovereign of the country", us. I want to democratically decide what funding schools get and how the education system works, why would you give up that power? It belongs into the political system.

Ah shit, this is going to be the next thing the globalist elite will push for, isn't it? Keep your greedy Anglo hands away from my public education, health care and pensions. Its dont.

adewaleolaore Avatar

The only point of education besides getting job skills is making you a good goy.

woodydotmx Avatar

He's a retarded lolberterian who's not seen poverty in his life so the scenarios he conjures up in his head are all reasonable because he's comfortably sitting in his room.

Any person who is against free education is an out of touch idiot. Come to Mexico to see what a lack of education does to a populace.

joshuapekera Avatar

>all Finnish kids are grouped together (regardless of their academic abilities) in the same class
>they do almost no homework or testing
>they spend 30% less per student than the US does
>much smaller class sizes overall
>all teachers must have a master's degree
>those teachers are selected from the top 10% of graduates

And the best part is that it's 100% state funded.
Get fucked, Nigel.

ayalacw Avatar

the problem is, teachers today have that masters degree from leftist propaganda university
40+ aged teachers are fine but the young 25 year olds are now utter trash

thomasgeisen Avatar

Does it annoy you to think that many of us are? I guess in the Netherlands, you're just trained to occupy the same social space as your parents, the results of "meritocracy".

syntetyc Avatar

>a culturally and racially homogeneous society of peasants undergo state training and get good results in basic Fordist industrial model (can you fucking read? Can you do basic mathematics?) but still have terribly low levels of innovation or achievement in higher education
Well what a surprise.
Now explain to me how that works in the USA, buddy.

langate Avatar

hillary clinton was right on trump voters tbh. they are irredeemable.

jitachi Avatar

I remember when we all got lectured about how good fin school system is due to PISA results.

>Muh best pupils come from finland
>Muh Germans are average

romanbulah Avatar

Also, I see you don't mention that the same situation (racially homogeneous groups taught by monocultural teachers by a state to achieve a basic educated worker drone and nothing more) is what exists in China. I guess advocating for Finland rather than the PRC conveniently hides your intentions.

VinThomas Avatar

Touchy aren't we?

Our government continues to provide money to an education sector where teachers are free to do what most of them do best - teach.
Certainly an inescapable fact that a teachers political persuasion will inevitably colour their teaching.
There are a multitude of fine teachers in both private and state sectors who do a very valuable job, there are bad apples in both sectors.

kiwiupover Avatar

>Democrats believe academic sorting is wrong as it precludes the suggestion that a student's abilities can change
>Democrats also believe their opponents can never change

velagapati Avatar

>the department of education controls ALL SCHOOLS
imagine being this much of a kcmodded federalist idiot. Learn how this country works or shut the hell up.

husamyousf Avatar

America soon will be full ancap.

herrhaase Avatar

>Our government continues to provide money to an education sector where teachers are free to do what most of them do best - teach
...homosexuality, Holocaust, hashish and other state mandated courses. Because politicians control education through funding, and demand that education teaches what the politician wants the future voter to learn.

m_kalibry Avatar

>What do I need dem expects for to tell me what's good for my country? What we need is FREE MARKET and NO GOVERNMENT, why should I pay for society?? society should pay me!!

emilioiantorno Avatar

>homosexuality, Holocaust, hashish
Your school sounds much more fun than mine

kennyadr Avatar


>what is the NCLB
>what is the Common Core

go away Obama

macxim Avatar

Don't forget climate change has a major anthropogenic component

slaterjohn Avatar

Suddenly, Lefitsts are advocated "common values" and "society" after denigrating the previous society society and shared values. We're not falling for it asshole, leftists destroyed society and co-opted it, we no longer respect it. The individual gets to choose which society and company he wishes to keep, which is why private education >>>> public

bobwassermann Avatar

>after denigrating the previous society society and shared values

And what was so great about your society before that you don't have now? Genuinely curious.

alagoon Avatar

>the tests are meaningless bullshit, so sophisticated nations like England cannot beat the drone nations
Vatnik tier.

>Now explain to me how that works in the USA, buddy.
Our system is horribly fragmented. Teacher salaries, requirements, and materials provided by schools vary wildly from one state to the next. Unlike the Finns, American students also have to go through a number of standardized tests throughout their school career. In my state we had a standardized test every year from 3rd grade all the way to high school before we finally got to the SAT (the final boss). The Finns do the opposite. They have very few tests before high school.

The Finnish model is very different from the Chinese model, but the Chinese model also seems to be very effective.

sunshinedgirl Avatar

Is this a real prospect in the US? I mean, schools getting privatized or something?

adammarsbar Avatar

Now nignogs can dedicate their lives to their gang, mexicans sell drugs and poor whitey fuck their moms/sisters instead of wasting money on schools.

llun Avatar

>everyone who disagrees with me is a leftist
Preach it, brother.

darcystonge Avatar

Considering the wild inaccuracy of predictions by climate models the faith placed in the theories that underlie those models is entirely unjustified.

samscouto Avatar

Still waiting for your awakened answer, mate.

artheft_ua Avatar

Absence of wogs and Prussians and values that support their continued absence and the presence of natives

tereshenkov Avatar

The fact that this thread got more than five replies proves that KC is no better than 4chan. This troll thread is exactly the type of shit that gets replies on /pol/ and would have never succeeded a few years ago here.

fluidbrush Avatar

Enjoy 10x more niggers, whiggers and spics.

itsracine Avatar

OP is badly written and a lot of replies are just name calling and just defending their political side. The subject itself would be interesting. Would a Montessori style system work for everyone or does it just work because the right kind of people are sending their kids there?

jrxmember Avatar

That's it? That's all you're missing so much? Life is infinitely better now, but HOLY SHIT THERE ARE MORE IMMIGRANTS so we must reverse everything. You truly are retarded and I'm glad your mental illnesses have strapped you to your room.

yigitpinarbasi Avatar

Private schools are already legal. Getting rid of public schooling is just stupid inless your goal is becoming 2nd South Africa

cyril_gaillard Avatar

Maybe but it can't happen like OP or foreigners in this thread imagine. There is no person or committee or department that could order closure of all public schools in America. It would have to be done 50 times in 50 different states. My state's constitution requires that the legislature "provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of free public schools for the instruction of all the children in the State between the ages of five and eighteen years". The state supreme court has been aggressive about enforcing "thorough and efficient", compelling the legislature to spend money to improve the quality of schools that the judiciary deemed inadequate, so one can expect that trying to close the schools outright would first require amending the state constitution. This requires approval by the state general assembly and the state senate, after which it must also be approved in a referendum. Notice that at no point of this process does the U.S. Department of Education have any role.

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public schools should be torn, and built up again from the ground up. They are a cesspit for liberal degeneracy

nelshd Avatar

>no public education
>poor people can't get education
>eventually society runs out of brainless jobs, moreso with automation
>the solution poor people will tend to is crime, sticking to their own, etc.

I don't think putting one of the most important things in a society (education) behind a paywall would do any good for society.

sementiy Avatar

Devos brother is Mr. Blackwater Erik Prince right?

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Charter schools have no oversight. If you think American posters are bad now, wait a few years when there's a new wave of charter school educated Bernds. Every thread will be /pol/ garbage.

jqueryalmeida Avatar

I just googled charter schools, did I understand correctly that they have no sort of control? Can they teach any way they want or do they have rules?

woodydotmx Avatar

Criticizing charter school while defending the public ones means that you are a retard, end of discussion.

joshhemsley Avatar

The poor will have the option of going into debt to pay for education, just like many people do today to attend university. If it is a good investment on the personal level then they have the choice. If it isn't a good investment on the personal level then maybe you overestimate the value of a public school compared to a library and an internet connection.

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Instead of abolishing public schools some states just make them as bad as possible like Oklahoma. Anglo college system seems strange to me and appears to be a huge money grab and I have the impression that they want to introduce the same to the level of kids.
They idea is to distribute vouchers, parents have to pay the extra costs if they want to send them to an expensive school. So poor kids would go to McSchool presented by Pepsi that is covered by the voucher. So you still need taxes to pay for the vouchers.

cat_audi Avatar

There is neither escape nor community, no meaning in life, no pleasurable aesthetics, you can just live for a few decades longer a meaningless existence in an overcrowded soulless industrial wog-infested surveillance shithole.

newbrushes Avatar

Only the rich should have a formal education. The rest of the population just needs to learn to press icons on touchscreens and to follow the instructions given by the elite. Jesus wills it!

polarity Avatar

Charter schools are in fact cheaper than the public schools. If the later are disbanded, you get net positive in taxes.

commoncentssss Avatar

American education is already a meme. Please stop.

kinday Avatar

>The U.S. is the only place in the world where working class, middle classcheer their rich overlords while they fuck in the ass just to get richer.

People like you are the perfect proof that public education was a mistake.

necodymiconer Avatar

It's in their name. They have a charter from a state or city government that has various conditions in it. Anyone saying "charter schools" as if they're a single thing has no idea what he's talking about and probably watches CNN.

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Private schools, private medicine, private local governments, private armies.
USA will be a great tv show soon.

joeymurdah Avatar

It certainly is a meme. The meme of America's elite universities attracts the brightest and most ambitious people from around the world to study here instead of in their own countries.

polarity Avatar

Americans are already barely literate, so why not privatize the schools. Worked so fugging well for healthcare.

cmzhang Avatar

Can you just fucking die. you genetic trash?

trueblood_33 Avatar

the one that is cheaper you dumb fucking kike

BillSKenney Avatar

Good. (((Public education))) is turning our children gay.

Bernd Avatar

>attracts the brightest and most ambitious people from around the world to study here instead of in their own countries.

It attracts all the kids of the global elite so they can network, same as Cambridge/Oxford/Sorbonne. The quality of the education doesn't matter to them anyway, their family and connections ensure they'll get a noice job.

marcusgorillius Avatar

This will kill the american economy. Where will the educated and skilled middle class come from in the future?

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dmackerman Avatar

And without refugees who will pay Germans' pensions in their old age?

newbrushes Avatar

>educated and skilled middle class come from public schools

Is this a joke?

nerrsoft Avatar

Not needed anymoe. Only elite and subhuman trash.
Robots will do everything between and also keep the human cattle in line.

christianoliff Avatar

Ok, educate me. Tell me how it works now and will work in the future.

subburam Avatar

You are, certainly.

newbrushes Avatar

Since the funding of individual public schools is already largely decided by local property taxes, public schooling in America is already highly unequal. For instance the public schools in posh parts of NJ or Connecticut are better than many private schools in other parts of the nation. I don't think things can get much more stratified than they are already.

crhysdave Avatar

Our entire school system is a joke and kids would be better off not going at all imo

wiljanslofstra Avatar

We have more people in university than in private schools.

freddetastic Avatar

Now it works like this.

emileboudeling Avatar

>public schools are leftist breeding grounds
Meanwhile it seems half the 16 year olds these days are full blown /pol/tards

hota_v Avatar

yeah , i give up on the republican party , . . . , was staying around because of being pro-life but without even a public education this nation named ' the united states of america ' is going to crumble beyond ' normal electoral repairs ' , wow betsy devos spreads retardation hard .

subburam Avatar

>only half

dwardt Avatar

You are a good demonstration of how bad public education is.

joynalrab Avatar

>less taxes
Yeah I'm just gonna imply that the taxes are gonna be shifted towards charter schools, my nigga.

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