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/int/ 44268421: How to convince japanese women that innocence, childish...

alexcican Avatar

How to convince japanese women that innocence, childishness and cuteness is not the way to go and make them embrace hotness.

joshuapekera Avatar

It's don't

fritzronel Avatar

sage for horny thread

kurafire Avatar

It's already working. Miho Ichiki is easily the biggest JAV star of last decade.

vladyn Avatar

In one of the many "Why aren't Japanese people having sex?" articles, an interviewed Japanese man said that having sex with his wife would feel like fucking his little sister. That was cute but also fucked up.

joeymurdah Avatar

Don't give them attention.

iamkeithmason Avatar

Stupid oil fisherman. What is the point of japanese women then if they're the same with the rest of the whores.

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