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/int/ 44268681: Somebody called me, but I don't know the number and...

scottgallant Avatar

Somebody called me, but I don't know the number and I can't find it on google. What now?

markolschesky Avatar

Check if it has whatsapp and look at picture.
If dont call back with blocked number, ask whos there whole acting like dumb turk who dialed wrong number

judzhin_miles Avatar

It's a landline number.
Fuck it, I am going to call.

donjain Avatar

One phone number calls my many times, and i never answer.
Then, i brace myself and finally swap to the right.
It's was recorded voice message, inviting me to presidental and local governor elections

vovkasolovev Avatar

Normal people just call back

How can you be so beta you autistic fucktard

baluli Avatar

How can you not write properly in your own language?

alta1r Avatar

Don't do shit.

It will be some Turkish spam line.

ryanmclaughlin Avatar


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