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_kkga Avatar

Tell me Bernd. Do you want to carry on your genes?

karalek Avatar

Not in this world
>inb4 change it then

gmourier Avatar

Ideally, yes. Unfortunately it's probably unlikely.

mikaeljorhult Avatar

Idk maybe

mat_stevens Avatar

Do I want to devote my remaining life to creating and maintaining a new one?
Seems not worth it in any way.

bassamology Avatar


andyisonline Avatar


Why not?

andrewofficer Avatar

Apart from the obvious truth that this will never happen, I still would decline.
The world dont give a fuck if I make some little humans or not.
Also, chances are high that they will become degenerate multikulti leftist.
World doesnt need such shit...

danro Avatar

Yes I must secure the existence of white race

sementiy Avatar

in a perfect world yes but as ours is filled with incomprehensible suffering i won't nor will i try.

ayalacw Avatar

No, because my jeans are kind of getting torn up

zackeeler Avatar

not sure if it would be fair to create more bernds

turkutuuli Avatar

I do. But I really love children and want to my child grown up. I'm not irresponsible breeding monkey like those of religion in place of brains.
And this is where a problem is laid: there is no happy future for my children when they grow, there is no place in the world where they could live.
Because of this I shall never have a child. Even if there would be possibility.

clementc Avatar

> there is no happy future for my children

But Ivan, your children can grow up to experience the joy you feel of raising children.

kimcool Avatar

Your boy will be slave of women.
Your child will be imprisoned for thought.
Your girls will be raped by niggers.
Your child will never have interesting culture because of censorship.
Your child will die at a war.
Your child will be all day round only preach to God and work for food and then die.
Your child never will even a single linen of happiness in its adult live. Only stress, oppression, mystery and fear will wait it.

If you good parent and human you must kill your children out of pity and compassion.

tereshenkov Avatar

I'm antinatalist, I don't think anyone should breed.


heikopaiko Avatar


*tips fedora*

turkutuuli Avatar

I really do, but I dont see a future for them in western society.

joshhemsley Avatar

I want 5 children

fffabs Avatar

no? yes? maybe?
i guess it depends on who's supposed to be the mother. as it stands now i do not know a single woman with whom i'd like to have kids

alagoon Avatar

>Peter Zappfe
Cool guy, will hunt down one of his books.

silv3rgvn Avatar

Just read the last messiah essay online.

donjain Avatar

Thanks, but it's in English; would like to read in Norwegian for practice.

raquelwilson Avatar

Nevermind, found the Norsk version on some blog:

stevenfabre Avatar

Impossible. Even now government and sjw - strangers - messed with process of rising children. The further the worse it will be.
While my children will grow, the states will be see parents as sort of domestical slaves with the task of feed and rear a new specimen of the swarm by state's obligatory manual.
What could be fun in the 1984-world?

rangafangs Avatar

Not at all.

It would be sadistic of myself if I had children to live and suffer in this shithole

p_kosov Avatar

If like to have my genes with me till the death of the universe.

chatyrko Avatar

Yes but only if I find a smart woman to impregnate because I don't want my kids to be 89IQ

saarabpreet Avatar

My fellow gentlemen.

kennyadr Avatar

but I can't

grrr_nl Avatar

I am a manlet, have a tiny dick, shoulders and slight amount of fat. Carrying my genes is a crime.

mylesb Avatar

I don't know how it in other cultures, but Russians in reality don't love their children. They value children as a mean for social standing, they brag about children, they declare they love children and hide behind their children sometimes but they almost never love children for true.
When annexation of the Crimea had happened there was an emergency session of Russian parliament where Putin's marionettes entrust him to start a war. This session was aired upon all Russia. And the reactions was... most of Russians, even those with not that good impression of Putin, were thrilled with extreme jubilation.
You need to know there in Russia they could see a movies, series, old newsreels and documentary about 'The War' - the Soviet part of WWI. Since childhood every Russian very well know how terrible and insufferable hideous a war is for most people no matter would their country win or not.
But they rejoiced about news of a possible war.
There were no maternal protest out of fear about live and safety of their children. Not even single one. (There were some protest exclusively of Jews because some noticeable amount of Jews, apparently, love their children.)
More so Russian women (the mothers!) are the most loyal supporters of Putin and after war loomed on horizon they became even more devoted and quantity of the supporters grew explosively.
And after than there was some months were it wasn't clear if there all-out invasion in Ukraine and a big war would began.
In that months incredible number of Russians women (because only woman decide would she keep an embryo or not) became pregnant.
Not only they had no concern about their children but they want to throw in the hell of a war more their own children. Like Russian mothers enjoyed anticipating their children's future suffering, torments, anguish and despair.
How could Russians mothers treat their own kin, their very family in such heartless way?

This is the true Russians. I never loved them but after what had happened I despise and became hatred against them to the last fiber of my soul.

iamgarth Avatar

I sometimes think I would like to. Being able to teach and pass on my knowledge and to spend time and do fun things with them.

But then I worry that I’m too anxious and assburger andnwould only screw them up. To say nothing of the financial burden.

guischmitt Avatar

Why won't you kys then? They may throw you into a war otherwise.

solid_color Avatar

Why should I?

devankoshal Avatar

>hey may throw you into a war otherwise.

trueblood_33 Avatar

Kinda yes, but also why?
It's also kinda selfish - nobody ever asked me if I wanted to be born, yet I have to live because two other people decided so.

georgedyjr Avatar

No world is overpopulated.

Just need 1 billion for space exploration.

mwarkentin Avatar

I would better pretend be loyal and while in battle soot Russians in their backs, especially officers.
See, they would spend money to teach me, for my munition and transportation, give me a unit of weapon and some ammo. And then they concoct a plan for the battle and then I would just mess all this things up and not only me but either some Russians scum would be killed and if I would happen to kill an officer it would be even bigger loss.
Or maybe if they send me guard some military materiel and enginery I would be able to
bring damage in millions dollars cost.

anaami Avatar

No, my genes are objectively bad: shitty teeth, skin covered with moles, weak muscles, average ICQ. I will try to live long healthy life, but I don't want to bother my descendants with such inheritance or spend 20+ years of my life on raising kids.

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