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/int/ 44270304: why go to such lengths to kill one man?

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BERLIN, Dec. 13 (UPI) -- German investigators say the radioactive polonium-210 used to kill a former Russian spy in London last month would have cost $25 million on the black market.

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(this is from a 2006 article about Litvinenko btw)

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Polonium was discovered by french woman Marie Curie, she called it polonium because just like polonium, poles like to kill innocent humans.

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Were the polish death camps made of polonium?

polarity Avatar

They ran on poles and used innocent people as energy source. So yes.

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because we gotta do it with panaché

michigangraham Avatar

that's dumb though because it draws attention. why not just poison him with ricin or beat him to death

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There is a market for things like this? Who pays 25 million to kill one guy?
There are so many other less expensive solutions.

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I think the leading theory is that the polonium used was produced in Rosatom state owned nuclear reactors

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But why? A bullet in the head and a dead killer and nobody knows who is behind it. But using something only you have access to is like leaving your name and adress and a message that says "It was me, come arrest me!".
If russia did it, it was not about killing that guy, it was about leaving a message.

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Roosters are retards who spend public money without a second thought.

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The ensuing post mortem examination was described during the inquiry as one of the most dangerous ever undertaken in the western world. Nathaniel Cary, the consultant forensic pathologist who examined the body, wore two protective suits, his gloves taped at the wrists. Filtered air was pumped into his plastic hood. His team consisted of a second pathologist, a police detective and a photographer, all similarly clothed. A radiation protection specialist stood by to wipe contaminated blood off the men, while paramedics were waiting to evacuate anyone falling ill.

20 Mr Litvinenko had to be buried in a lead-lined coffin due the radiation contamination in his body. He rests in Highgate Cemetery, north London. In his last days, he said that although he would die, it would be as a free man. He related how he once took his son to the Tower of London to show him the Crown Jewels, telling him to defend Britain to his last drop of blood because it had saved his family.

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Yes, that's what makes the killing of Litvinenko such a bizarre episode: by using polonium 210 the Russians made it obvious that only a state actor or someone with a huge amount of resources could be behind the attack, since the isotope only occurs naturally in tiny amounts and is highly unstable with a very short half life.

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Austrian media says the Russians killed another guy today.
When will they stop doing this? When will the world stop the russian terror?

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Maybe they wanted him to suffer for a long time? Or maybe they figured no one would think to look for alpha radiation

karsh Avatar

fug :-DDD

Butin = Thanatos

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why the name of english police is scotland yard? it should be english yard

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I think Russia has competing internal intelligence like in the Soviet days. One intelligence group probably double dog dared another one to kill a defector in a contrived way.

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>$25 million on the black market.
Yeah, but it obviously cost less if you just get it from an agency.

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25 million - according to the black market price list !

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Well managing resources leads to abundance, so in the long run if you manage things well you can spend 25 million in a lethal cup of tea.

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But millions of russians are starving.

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