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/int/ 44270458: Krautchan Down

kimcool Avatar

Did the Jews just try to ban krautchan's servers?

eduardostuart Avatar

Internet is being purged. Where have you been for the last 6 years or something ?

mbilalsiddique1 Avatar

We still have the memories though, I remember Internet before 2003 (I think this was the tipping point). People in the future will look back and think how free we were, or it will be hidden so everyone thinks we have always been at war with Eurasia.

iamkeithmason Avatar

>People in the future will look back and think how free we were
That's funny because yesterday I had that though about people who lived during the XVIth century.

freddetastic Avatar

To me the closure of Megaupload will be the tipping point. Before that there was a lot of bitchin about MUH COPYRIGHT but nothing really important happened. And now we have the censorship.

jodytaggart Avatar

I think KC being shut down would be a sad thing, but it would help many people leave their metaphorical basements.

garethbjenkins Avatar

>USAbernd can't get to kc

it's a miracle!

evandrix Avatar

Why worry? It is not the government that is doing it.

shesgared Avatar

In America the ISPs do whatever the government wants, as in Russia.

vigobronx Avatar

I think in America it is the other way around. The government does whatever corporation owners want.

t1mmen Avatar

The sole difference between the USA and Russia is the weather anyway.

edobene Avatar

Got the same with Orange's mobile ISP on my smartphone

cboller1 Avatar

Isn't KC hosted in the Jewnited States?
If America bans it, it will have to be hosted somewhere else where the laws aren't restrictive.

tube_man Avatar

Not really. Politicians do whatever the corporations want, but politicians have little actual power. We're controlled by cabals of fat old men with power fantasies.

kennyadr Avatar

America had a chance.

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