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During the height of the famine Trevelyan deliberately dragged his feet in disbursing direct government food and monetary aid to the Irish due to his strident belief in laissez-faire economics and the free hand of the market.[3] In a letter to an Irish peer, Lord Monteagle of Brandon, a former Chancellor of the Exchequer, he described the famine as an "effective mechanism for reducing surplus population" as well as "the judgement of God" and wrote that "The real evil with which we have to contend is not the physical evil of the Famine, but the moral evil of the selfish, perverse and turbulent character of the people"

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typical libertarian

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>he described the famine as an "effective mechanism for reducing surplus population"
It's called a Malthusian Trap (no it's called a famine but whatever). And that dude was a self-righteous, selfish sociopath riding on his high horse.

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The famine basically happened because potatoes are so easy to grow and ireland being a rather fertile place with plenty of unused farmland(at the time) the landless peasants just made their own communities centered around potatoes in the middle of nowhere, populations exploded everywhere.

Potatoes being easy to grow, store and prepare to eat compared to wheat and barely which requires a ton of logistics and infrastructure to process and transport.

The blight was so deadly because of just that, those peasants had nothing to eat and had no money to pay for flour. And there was really no reason for the brits or irish aristocrats to feed that surplus population, who in many cases were far away from the cities anyway.

It wasn't a holocaust or holodomor, it wasn't a planned famine. It was simply bad luck that struck incredibly poor people.

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Why didn't the Irish peasants went fishing?

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Social darwinism is the epitome of Angloness and easily the most disgusting value system humanity has ever invented.
Even Islam is an improvement to that.

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> simply bad luck
> government provides zero assistance even though it's the wealthiest society in the world
The potato famine was a logistical problem left unresponded by a disgusting and immoral government.

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Had the Brits helped, the Irish would have multiplied like cockroaches, like it happened in Afreeka during the eighties.

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What's it with Brits wanting the Irish to die all the time?

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Irish are Celts and Brits know British isles should belong to Celts.

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>And that dude was a self-righteous, selfish sociopath riding on his high horse.
He was a british protestant, and anglican typical of his time. The irish were no special victim of this anglo mind, the anglos proudly inflicted this on their own rural poor too with the enclosures, which forced the (first modern) rural exodus to british big cities. They forced people out of the farms and when they migrated to the cities without jobs nor anything to eat, they just concluded that this was the natural way of things, that the poor ought to either starve or beg for low wage jobs in the newly born industries. They did so for centuries, the irish suffered less than a decade under it.

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