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/k/ 21350: Minecraft Intcraft

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>what is /int/craft
/int/craft is a Minecraft server made by /int/, for /int/, but that's long gone. It's about playing in a specific date and RP (roleplaying) of that specific date. To a reason degree

>What's the date
We are currently at 300BC, so most of your towns should look like their from that era, it's ok if you are a few decades ahead or behind. No Skyscraper or anything outside of that era

>what's the RP like
Please be civil and somewhat accurate, no United States at this time or Muslims or crusaders. Wars should be somewhat historic

>What's the map like
We have a custom made World map made by our very own Chien, fully detailed and have a scale of 1:10000. The Americas have been cropped out for reasons like America didn't do anything at the time

>useful information

>server IP

1.8-1.10. 1.8 is highly recommended

>Pirate status
Premium only, due to experiences with pirates, we have barred them from the server. If things like that stops happening, we could allow them

>anything else
We run on towny, we have a custom texture packs, absolutely no mods, we have several plugins such as brewery and some recipe changes

>General rules
1. No spam
2. No hacking
3. No advertising
4. No betraying
5. No alt accounts
6. No advertising /int/craft to unapproved boards/sites

If you have any problems, message our admins.
>Host- Lemon_Shot
>Admin- Lucius_Buddha
>Admin- IronFE
>Admin- LunaAlsoMyWaifu

This thread is for the discussion of the server and any interest and questions you might have about it. Anyone of our players and admins can help you and answer most of your questions.

Please keep discussion civil and /int/ related

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>what is a google
>what is a chat?
>what is an internet?

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