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/kc/ 43238: Gettinr rid of the "c-word"

timgthomas Avatar

Instead of mods getting triggered everytime they see a word related to mot, how about filtering c*ck to kek, like on 4chin?

Other recent wordfilters:
tbh - desu
smh - baka
fam - senpai
The new adman has quite a humour lol

velagapati Avatar

I think all polish IPs should be permabanned form KC.

bergmartin Avatar

All Mexican, Costa Rican, Brazilian and Argentinian IPs should be rangebanned. Also add Caliball

dhooyenga Avatar

>to kek
As if this were any better

davidtoltesy Avatar

I think that all IPs should be permabanned from KC. That would raise its quality significantly.

judzhin_miles Avatar

The absolute least the mods can do is start banning people for it again, it's starting to get extremely rampant. Every thread, in fact.

snowshade Avatar

Leave this board.

alek_djuric Avatar

I propose creating a new board for /new/ and /pol/ so they can shit in it however they like.
the board should be with flags/balls so that they wouldnt feel different than /int/

and maximum banning measures for all /pol/ and /new/ related posts and/or words.

we need our cozy /int/ back.

dmackerman Avatar

>and maximum banning measures for all /pol/ and /new/ related posts and/or words.

on the /int/ board

a_khadeko Avatar

Dat's not a very mature idea tbh femme

ryanjohnson_me Avatar

because kek and top lel are even more cancer. Go away.

jqueryalmeida Avatar

poland is literally the definition of kc tier tbh

liang Avatar

Poland is unlike anything.
But in a really shit-tier way.

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