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/r/ 16: no english religion board

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Great, yet another fucking board in german

why can't you krauts speak in human language like we do on /int/ or /trv/

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The english language is not a very beatiful language. You can not deny that fact. But the german language is a very beatiful language, I think, it is the most beatiful language on the world. You can not believe how nice a german language holy mass is, if you have not listen to one once. It is true, that we have a problem in Germany with protestants and fedora wearers and in many other countries the catholic church is much stronger, but still this is a german language board.

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I don't see how anything could beore beautiful than the latin mass. Brb googling.

t. Not op

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Du gehst dafür zu Hölle, Scheißpolack

karlkanall Avatar

Wider das II.Vatikanische Konzil!!

Bernd Avatar

What? No! The council was valid, it is only the corrupt and morally bankrupt bishops and priests that have destroyed the Church. Sorry für keine sprechen Deutsche(???)

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If I pray in English it feels like I'm praying to the burger king.

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Ora in Latin.

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All of you better do some extra ave marias tonight, you blasphemic fucks.

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>The council was valid

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Von Junzt wrote "unaussprechliche Kulten" in german, so german is the langauge best suitet for discussions of the religiously occult behind the comprehensions of mehums.

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I don't know who made this list... but hell, he is wrong on so many levels. It's obviously fake /x/-ruse.

While Ariel is by some accused of being a devil, there are no sources to back up that claim. He is an angel from Hispanic tradition. Same for Cassiel, angel of death (much like Catholic Simiel, Coptic Suriel, Judaeo-Islamic Azrael and lately Michael on that matter).
Camael is one of the most well known angels from Judaist tradition, obviously not a fallen angel too. He was one of the main 7 in some Christian tradition, I think Coptic but can't recall it right now.

Person who made this had obviously no knowledge or angelology or demonology whatsoever.

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That they're angels doesn't stop you from summoning them, you just need stronger wards.

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