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/t/ 31899: CDROM emulator

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I'm very much beginner in German so I felt the need to make an English thread. It is very technology related and I promise it is genuinely interesting idea.

My idea is that somebody should make a gotek drive that isn't a floppy drive but instead a CDROM drive and it would function in MSDOS computers.

The really fucking old OAKCDROM.SYS MSDOS IDE CDROM driver could be used in MSDOS to load this gotek CD drive and the DOS computer would have no way of knowing it isnt using a real CD rom as there is no physical CD media. Instead the gotek would be filled with .iso images of CD:s and like a good old CD ROM for DOS it is read only so you cant write on these images and you make the images with modern computers.

Imagine, you could play all your old DOS CD ROM games again from images without the scaring chance that your precious CD:s would get broken during use.

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That's a great idea.
I found something similar a few months ago, but I think the project fell asleep. :(

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too bad if the project doesn't continue :(
nice finding regardless

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VMWare Workstation running MSDOS and emulating ISO files as CDROM.

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you can't get all the soundcards you would want to use, working in vmware, you need real hardware and for real hardware it is frustrating to use real cd rom media instead of emulated media

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