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/trv/ 1014: Sup /trv/. Need an advice: Going next week to Dus...

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Sup /trv/. Need an advice:
Going next week to Dusseldorf, GER about 4 days cause of work, after that I have some time left. (Like 15 days).

Any idea what can I do being there? Travel to another country? Places to meet? How's the inside traveling in GER?.

Oh and is a 'hardtime' getting weed or is not?

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Be sure to visit Dusseldorf Altstadt, station "Heinrich-Heine-Allee". There are thousands of drunk people partying every night, its quite hilarious. Check google maps for "Brauerei Kürzer", they create the best fucking beer in the whole fucking world. Just order an "altbier".
There are a lot of huge cities around within 100km, you might wanna visit Essen (for shopping) or Dortmund (for soccer) or Duisburg( for killing some Turks). The netherlands are not far away either. Theres a huge Outlet in Raymond(NL), which is definitely worth a journey. Traveling by train is pretty expensive, get a car maybe?
Also dont do weed, drugs are bad mkay?

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Thanks, that's pretty helpfull.
Got the option of a car but I think I'll spend more in gas than in a ticket, is that true?

I like that part of the best fucking beer, any other tips related to that kind of activity?

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I think driving is the better choice, implying you dont accelerate like a psycho on godly german Autobahn. But Im not sure, I never go by train. Either way, its expensive. You best learn to fly dude..

Well there's approx. a hundred bars all around the Altstadt, with at least 50 different brands of beer. There's a lot of work coming to you, soldier!

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Will try by driving then, gonna ask for the car, thanks.

Sounds like a good time all those bars and beers... German beers and hopefully a lot dude!

Any activity like people playing meeting (concerts/venues/a place where music take place) or something like that?

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Well, there sure are a lot of great clubs with all kinds of music, and the few "party miles" are filled with music coming from the bars and drunken singers. But there's no music played in public for people to dance to, like in your country (I suppose?). German ppl are quite shy and distanced, plus its cold as fuck..

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Ok, I will look forward for those scenarios.
A considerable number of German people are as you said? If I ran into them did they are gonna freak the fuck out or something like that?

By the way, what's that t-shirt logos about?

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Nah, they wont. Just wanted to express germans are not build to dance in public. There's a lack of craziness. You will be treated friendly and with curiousity, no worries.

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I g2g, you might want to ask /int/ for further information. Have fun in Germany!

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Cool! I do appreciate your help with all this stuff, maybe later you'll catch the further story around here. Still kinda interested in those shirt logo thing.

Ok, I'll go to /int/, thank you again.

Song for the road:

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As for the weed part, you're basically in the netherlands around there, it'll be easier if you just spend a day there instead of trying to find a source in germoney. Exception: you have friends that can bootstrap you.

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