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/trv/ 1027: I went to church....

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I went to church.

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It hasnt worked (yet), btw.

I also found this painting of a black pig. No idea what it is about. At least it's not yet another picture of St. Florian or St. Christophorus. Personally I think one of the biggest cultural damages the Christianity has inflicted on us is the terrible limitation in artistic themes and subjects.

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Some c&a teenage graffiti.

(littly, boy!? your the horniest [though it means "best" in this context] friend (friendshiply) one can have. Thank you for the horny [see above] time in Italy! /text on beaver belly

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thread resurrected from /int/, btw

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gastle :DDDD

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can anyone guess what's on that coat of arms?

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considering that there wasn't even ANY real drive towards arts by the common man or even nobility (not until renaissance), therefore church limitation on art theme is a moot point.

In fact church can be said to actually HELP save art because they were the only consistent art commissioners from middle ages towards renaissance.

Good IWO though.

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faulty reasoning is faulty. It's quite true that the church was the most important "sponsor" of art in medieval times, but that's only because it had a monopoly on all things spiritual and religious. Without Christianity we could have glorious statues and murals of a mirrion different deities and mythical creatures in every european town.

Anyway, here's a bigger picture of that coat of arms. I dont really know what that family did to earn it, but one of them must have been a bretty good kebab remover.

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Art is not limited towards church topics - the nobility had the right (which the church rarely challenged except it is especially heretical topic) to promote arts, especially connected to their battlefield / secular achievements yet they never bothered to do so, only producing extremely limited art sponsorship during the middle ages. Even then the humanist and neo classical arts also only flourished AFTER the church started commissioning more works which since then the nobility had started to follow up the fashion.

also, apparently the Kebab remover shield was because Adolf Schwarzenberg managed to remove Turks from Gyor (Hungary) so he fashioned himself Kebab Remover of the region.

>In 1599 Adolf zu Schwarzenberg added a quarter showing the head of a Turk pecked by a raven, to symbolize the conquest of a Turkish fortress in Hungary known in German as Raab ('Raven').

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>Art is not limited towards church topics

well, that's kind of beside the point. My argument wasnt against religious themes in general but against the effect that having only one religion had. Also, many "worldy" nobles funded art - but that too was spiritual art, i.e. they payed for murals in their local church to pay their way into heaven.

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>only one religion

Well - there are Muslims and Orthodox as your neighbor...

and the so-called other religions were likely to be iconoclasts rather than art supporters

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is that Herz-Jesu church in Graz?

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OP made this thread on /int/ as well. i talked to him and he told me its Murau/Stmk.

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Ja, des is so.

Der komische Stadel ist die Sternschanze in Thalheim.

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Oh well, thats why I wondered "I know that church, but which one is it?". OP, you have nice beer.

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Neuste Fäden in diesem Brett: