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I'm young and want to explore the world next year. There are several things I'm interested in. For example Programs of the German Ministry of Development where you go for 6-12 months in a poor country to help at different Projects. Furthermore there's the quite worn out Work & Travel in Australia which actually wouldn't be bad at all. The third one would be some private travelling, like in a reportage I've recently seen on TV, for example from germany to russia or even peking by train. There are many pro's and con's for every side, but i will mention them after i got some honest answers.
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>but i will mention them after i got some honest answers

Then ask some questions.
As of this, your post is merely stating ideas of yours.

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I thought that the question would be clear: Which one would you prefer?

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I've also looked into W&T Australia.
Be prepared for high costs. Upon arrival you may be checked and then they want to see either a ticket back or enough money for that. That and an additional $5000, since you'll need to live off something before finding a job.

I can also recommend this site, when you sign up for the mails, you get a lot of them, but they are helpful.

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I would also be interested in the last case, though I would rather like to travel by foot.
Are here people that have walked more than one country?

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The site is missing :3

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1.5 years ago, I asked myself the same questions you do now.

A) dont do it. I dare you!
B) Go for it!
c) Very cool aswell, but kinda difficult for the beginning. Better start with B to get into it, and do C later on in life.

Besides bullshitting, he's probably refering to , at least this is what I would recommend as it helped me a lot in the past months. Enter your mail to get access to a very informative video, and a decent newsletter.

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Yes, I'm sorry that I forgot it.

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You can ask me anything about Australia and I will help.

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Im in Perth in December, and thinking about flying to Sidney for New Years Eve. Is it worth it? What do? Gonna be pretty tricky to get a stay for the night/s i guess..

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It would be a waste of money to fly to Sydney for 1 night, or just a couple. How long will you be here? Sydney and Melbourne are easily the best cities in the country, Sydney being the more touristy metropolitan summer city with Melbourne being the artsy hipster city. But both are great in their own right. For Australia.

But flying from Perth to Sydney is like flying from London to Moscow, flights aren't exactly cheap. If you can find a decent prices flight around that time, and find some hostel accommodation, then definitely worth the visit, there's lots of tourist locations to see and things to do, plus in Sydney there's a big nightlife. It makes Perth look very pathetic, even though Perth has grown a lot since the mining.

I'd offer you my place to stay but I live in Brisbane.

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Thanks for your reply. Im staying for about nine months in total, doing the work and travel hipster thingy. Enough time to get to know both the east and the west coast imo. So I'll have to travel (fly?) from London to Moscow anyways, sooner or later.

Very much appreciated! So you're saying Brisbane is not the place to be? ;-)

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Brisbane has some redeeming qualities - it's close to the tourist hub of the Gold Coast (about an hour by train South) and also the much more relaxed Sunshine coast (about 2 hours by train North of Brisbane). However, Brisbane is the capital of QLD, which apart from NT and maybe South Australia is really just full of cashed up bogans and regular bogans. It's a very shitty state with a very shitty government and the capital is therefore, very shitty. It does have one of the best pedestrian shopping boulevards in the country however, Queen Street, and it's got a lot of historical buildings which are now casinos because Brisbane just really like casinos. It's build on a river and shit but this isn't a good quality because the water is brown and heavily polluted. Still, if you're gonna come to the east coast, you might as well go Melbourne -> Sydney -> Brisbane - > Great Barrier Reef -> back to Perth. Especially if you have nine months. The gold coast has movieworld, seaworld, dreamworld, draculas, infinity etc. which are major tourist attractions, it's also got lots of beaches, obviously. It's a bit of a tourist trap now but it has its moments. Sunshine coast has underwater world if you're into that and also Australia zoo, probably the most famous zoo of the country (the guy that got killed by a stingray)

Obviously the whitsundays and great barrier reef are worth a visit here, if you're into that. But Brisbane itself has little to offer, I wouldn't recommend you stay here long. But flights between sydney/melbourne/brisbane are relatively cheap compared to it, so maybe set aside 2-4 weeks to come to the eastside and see it all, before going back to Perth, you will save a lot of money in the long run and see more of the country since each of those capital cities, and states, is distinctly different (remember each state along is virtually the size of your entire country).

Maybe fly to Melbourne, 1 week, about 300$ or cheaper if you get a good deal, then about 120 to fly to sydney, spend a week there, 120 to fly to brisbane, spend a week there, (maybe fly to the gold coast, start there, spend a few days, then a day or two in brisbane then a few days in noosa or something in the sunshine coast) and then move on from there. Altogether flights would be about 600 wheras if you did it each time from perth you'd have spend 1000 or so, probably much more. Better do cram all the eastside in as much as you can imo. If you can save up to do this, or try find temporary work while you're on the eastside, all the better. If you come to brisbane i'll certainly show you around.

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Wow, there's so much to see. Every spot you mentioned sounds awesome. Germany is so boring by comparison.

I think its best to get a car when traveling along the east, as there are so many places to visit.
I'd definitely miss a lot just flying from one spot to another, plus I bet it's way more expensive. (btw what do you pay for gas?)
I dont want to be too "touristic", but get to know the country and its people, which is why id love to visit Brisbane if I can. OZ is more than bright beaches and surfing.

You are right , booking several flights across Australia for a short period defenetly is a waste of money. I think its best to stay in Perth in the beginning, looking for a job (as theres not much around anyways(?)), earn some money, travel along the west coast, and finally fly to the east to see as much as I can along the coast, most likely by car.

If I have some time ( and money) left, I plan to fly to NZ and Bali as well, at least thats what i was told to do ("A Must-Have-Seen!!") by friends of mine.
Have you been there before?

Damn, nine months is not even close enough time to get an even simple impression of Australia. Im so jelly you live there

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Grass is always greener I suppose, it's not better or worse than Germany really, it's just different.

hmm, car hire will set you back a lot, and you definitely couldn't travel between cities by car, Melbourne to Sydney alone is about 9 hours and Sydney to Brisbane is more than 14 hours I think. Fuel usually sits at about $1.70-1.90 a liter. During any economic turmoil or holiday seasons it will often peak. You could consider hiring a car in Sydney or Brisbane, Melbourne however has a pretty good public transport system. Still, if you really wanted to drive around you could hire a car in each city and probably use that to drive around each state. A flight is cheaper than hiring a car and driving it because the distance is so huge and hiring a car is expensive. Like I said, remember each state is about twice the size of Germany (except tasmania and victoria). In the end driving you'd lose money on renting the car, on fuel, on time, and on paying for food and such between those times, and then you risk speeding tickets, parking tickets, crashes etc. - it might help inner city travel a bit since public transport in this country is pretty sub-par, but outside of that it may not be as beneficial. Still, hire one when you come to Brisbane and it'll be easy for you to get to the Gold coast, to the Sunshine coast etc - each is only really about 2hrs from Brisbane.

Depending on your qualifications a job in Perth shouldn't be too hard. Look before you come here on places like etc. - the cost of living in perth is pretty high though because of the mining industry. There's a national park area in WA, I think it might be called the kimberley region or something. it's apparently very beautiful. Worth a visit.

Bali is cheap and flights are usually affordable, I wouldn't call it a 'must see' destination, there's nothing to do there except beaches and bars. If you're into that, then sure, but otherwise it's more of a 'resort' destination than a place worth visiting because it has things you can't get elsewhere. Unless you have something you want to see there or do there, I wouldn't bother personally, but it's up to you. New Zealand has beautiful scenery, but the towns and cities are pretty shit, not much really worth seeing. It's a bit cheaper than Australia, sometimes you can get good flight deals - find on facebook 'student flights australia' and maybe jetstar or something like that, they do cheap flight deals. this will also help with your between-city flights. New Zealand is a good ski destination, and a good outdoors destination, it's kind of like the Norway of the Southern Hemisphere, the scenery is sometimes pretty similar. It's not as historically interesting or architecturally beautiful as Norway, but scenery wise it comes pretty close, it's certainly much prettier than Australia. very green.

There's a lot to see but I think 9 months is more than enough. The main things you have to cover in QLD:
Great Barrier Reef
Sunshine Coast & Underwaterworld & Australia Zoo
Moreton Island & Tangalooma resort area (not as nice as GBR but still pretty good, affordable ferries leave from Brisbane)
Gold Coast - all the theme parks, the beaches, the nightclubs and bar life, casinos and draculas and infinity.
Brisbane - the historical buildings in the city centre, queen street, south bank parklands, gardens point, consider going to west end for a hipster dinner or lunch, gallery of modern art.

You could also consider doing a rural tour eg. south to the granite belt and do a wine tour or something, since that area is the prime qine producing area in the state if you're into that. Or you could go north inland to.... fucking nothing. That area is awful and I dont recomend it.

Anyway, it's pushing it and you'll have a tight schedule but i think that's achievable in 3 weeks and that's seeing basically EVERYTHING. You can pick and choose what you want to see and do/can afford etc. and go from there, probably cut the state visit down easily to two weeks. Apply the same to the other 2 east states and really you only need to set aside 6-8 weeks out of your 9 months, and if you can afford to put aside more, all the better.

>Im so jelly you live there
ha, don't be, i'd trade with you for Germany any day.

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I'll just through this out here in case you're interested. Germany and Canada have a reciprocal agreement where you can work in each others country for one year, meaning the visa is basically given to you if you qualiy.
I plan to do so in Germany next year (in September) so i figured i'd share. Judging from your english skills in writing alone I'd say you 'd have no problem finding a job.

Might be different for me in Germany though :3

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