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Sup Bavaria, Czech, HUngary and Austria bernds (and everyone else)

In January I'll be traveling to the following locations:

Munich, Salzburg, Linz, Vienna, Ceske Budejovice, Prague, Gyor and Budapest, for about 5 weeks give or take (haven't really determined the getting back part yet)

I've already got some bernds who are willing to meet up with me in Vienna, Gyor and Budapest to have some drinks, see some sites and so on, but i'm looking for more bernds in the other locations (or even more in those same locations, I don't really mind) to hang out and show me around their city so I don't get lonely.

I'll also take recommendations for things to see, do avoid, things to eat and experience and the best ways to travel in winter without dying.

For the record, I'm 20, male, obviously Australian, and have mostly bernd interests; language, culture, food, architecture, music, museums, that kinda shit. But I'm open for just about anything. I fucking love eating desert, and drinking, so if anyone wants to join me to eat like a pig and have some drinks, that could be nice too.

I'm staying in hostels around most of these places to cut down on prices and so I always have some company but some bernds who are locals and can show me around would be noice m8

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>I fucking love eating desert
Shall I make you some sand cakes then?

Joke aside I live near Munich, wouldn't mind meeting up but I can't exactly show you around. Also Munich is expensive.

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herp. Dessert* I furiously retyped the whole OP a second time when my browser crashed for no reason

I've heard Munich is expensive, but I live in Brisbane so it's not exactly a new concept to me. When I went to Oslo the only thing I noticed that was more expensive was fast food and bottled water, so Munich can't be too much worse.

I would very much like to meet up, yes. Gibe some details Bavaria bernd. We can wander around the city together then, even if you can't show me around your knowledge of proper German will mean it'll be easier to find things. And maybe you can recommend me some foods and such to try and teach me some Bavarian German :3.

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h-hello? please respond.... someone.... anyone... Bavaria where did you go, are you still going to rape show me around?

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another bavarian Bernd here.

I also live near Munich. Austrian border is 45 min. away from my home.

Munich is expensive but the costs for eat and drink is in comparison with other european countrys very low. I work in Munich for 1 year now, but i haven't really an idea what is going on in Munich off the typical tourist things.

If you are in Munich and want to go in a Museum i recommend you the "German Museum" it is like 10 years now i was there the last time but i always enjoyed it. If you are interested in Cars you going to love the "BMW World".

Also here a few information about Munich:

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We can chug a few drinks when you're in Linz.
t. Klaus

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oi! what happened to your fb nigga, email me plz so we can hang out yes? xolaroid at gmail dot com
w-will you show me around munich bernd?

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um, what the fuck?

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They are trying some stuff, don't mind them. When you are in Vienna, visit the Kapuzinergruft and maybe the Catacombs of St. Stephen's Church.

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Back, sorry. Well I know only few places, my situation is pretty much that of >>1155.

January you say... Hmm if I want to meet up I'll just mail you.

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will do, you should come into prague with me (from Linz). I habe no friends there. I have someone in Vienna, Budapest and Gyor lined up but no one anywhere else ;____; but now Linz since you're here ;) glad you finally moved there. I'm only there 1 night really, I just want to check out the museum there and I hear its a pretty good 'young' town for drinking - also, linzer torte. and other austrian foods :3
Trust the austrian above me when i say i'm not a rapist. Please come visit me ;3

but yep, feel free to shoot me an email anytime beforehand, it's my first destination on the 9th of January i'll be there for a couple of days (i think 3 or 4? i can't remember)

can you also recomend me how I get to Füssen and nesuchwanstein etc. from Munich and how long it will take and such things? maybe you can come with me :3

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What museum do you want to visit exactly?
Prague sounds good btw.

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ars electronica i think it is called.
I'll be going from linz to ceske budejovice, and then to prague. You can join me if you've got that time off, I wouldn't mind at all

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hi australia. if you want to meet up with your fellow countrymen in munich i recommend the hostel: "the wombats" which is right by the central station.

unfortunately people there usually just stay at that place and get drunk with the other guests. however, its probably a nice spot to start out.

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Hey Germany. I am actually staying at wombats, incidentally. Both in munich and in vienna. I chose it because it was high rated and cheap however, the last thing I want to do is meet some trashy Australians while i'm away from Australia. lol

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if youre into historic paintings, dont miss out the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. I spent two days just in there, its amazing.

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Well, as an australian, i obviously love kunts.
where are you brah. I have train now booked to linz from salzburg.

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Dude, if you're still not in Vienna yet, please respond. I rarely visit this board and just now found this thread.

I'd love to have a beer with you.

By the way, why are you not couchsurfing?

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>I'd love to have a beer with you.
Yeah, this. Also, why no couchsurfing amongst bernds?

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I am staying at a bernds place in Amsterdam, Gyor and Oslo I think, but I don't know many bernds in these places for one, and most of you are so socially awkward that you wouldn't let me stay at your places. Couchsurfing in general, I did initially try but most people are busy working since it's not holiday time for most euros when I'm there. Still, 2 people have contacted me from Linz on couchsurfing, and I will meet up with them I think, hang out for some food and drinks. I'm in Linz pretty much less than 24 hours though so I need to cram as much as possible into a short time.

As for you, Vienna bernd, give me some contact details and we can meet and have a beer. I think there is a bernd I am already meeting (if you are not him) so you are welcome to join us both in Vienna, there is no set plan. Tbh if you felt like travelling you could come meet me in any of the cities, I still have no one in Munich or Salzburg, so i'm probably going to be lonely. Give me some contact details vienna bro

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WHEN are you going to be in Vienna? You still didn't answer that.
Well, I'm busy too and my flat isn't exactly in the centre of the city, but I'd gladly let you sleep here, if you might need it.

You can contact me at
Trying to stalk is useless. It's a throwaway made by a script I wrote.

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i have sent through an emails

kreativosweb Avatar

pls repsond.

I leave soon

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Hoo boy time passes quickly. When are you in Munich? I'll be there at workdays.

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9-12th, have you got ans skype/email? or shall I give mine nelltuo I am meeting with one guy already there, hopefully we will be able to drive down to Füssen on one day too, you might be able to join us :333

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Oh shit I'm already out of Munich again, I totally forgot you. Sorry.

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Missed your chance :p I will go to Salzburg today.
Munich was rather nice, trains are well connected

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When in Prague, check out the strip club "Hot pepper"! It´s right in that main street that goes uphill to a huge museum (?). Cozy atmosphere, no rip off and nice girls who make a real good show.
The sex machines museum is ok but not worth it imho of you pay full price, we had a student discount :3

First pic: When you see it... :3

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Bernd at Hot Peppers :3

vladarbatov Avatar

At Prague now

ayalacw Avatar

Solarium.Do not want!

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Bernd nakkt :3

hammedk Avatar

I did not go to this club you had mentioned. Perhaps next time. I am in Vienna now

saulihirvi Avatar

Oh yes, Hot Peppers :)

I remember, we were a group of 8. We were all 18 years old, except me, I was 17. I was the last in the group as we got in, only the first had to show his ID card. As the Türsteher checked my body, my heart went to 280.

Finally I was in. I was 17, and we were a class from a Catholic school. I felt cool :D

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I have sadly returned home now. Truly the most depressing. I will make a thread at some point about the interesting things that happened

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well, at least you're 1337

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