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Hello. I'm thinking about traveling to the Nordkap. Since i dont have enough money to take the Hurtig-Routen Ships, i plan on going to Finland by train and ferry and then take train/bus or maybe even hitchhike there.

The idea of standing at the most northern point of european clay is very hot. (I know that the real most northern point is some km away, i plan on going there as well)

Has anyone ever been there? Is it worth it? How much money will i need? Will the Fins stab me with their Puukkos?

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please respond

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I've been there with my bicycle and a tent.
Be careful with the deers, they shit on your tent if you sleep.
By the way.. the north cape is not the most northern point. Google for Nordkinnhalvøya.
Hitchhiking should be possible in norway, there is only one main road and all tourists go to the north cape. Finland could be more difficult because maybe you see one car in 2 hours. But there I took smaller roads. If you arrived the north cape and have no place to sleep: At one of the houses is a little door and you can sleep in the basement. It was so foggy that I could see only 10 meters. I don't know if the landscape is nice there.

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Driving through Finland is probably the dullest thing any human being can do, and taking the bus doesn't help the situation either. The samething goes for innland Norway

If you buy air tickets ahead of time it's much cheaper to fly than to take the bus and or train in my experience.

The Northcape is a tourist trap built for German and Japanese tourists. Everything is expensive and all there is a gift shop and a cafè. You should instead try to visit the small coastal cities and towns around the erea.

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From anecdotal evidence I think there's a fair chance of fog (as mentioned by >>1173) or snow greatly reducing visibility. Decide whether you would still want to go. If not, find out if there are any safe months.

>Driving through Finland is probably the dullest thing any human being can do
I can see how dull featureless landscapes may have an exotic appeal to people from a beautiful, densely populated mountain country.

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Hitchhiking in the Southern parts of Finland is definitely possible. It's pretty uncommon, but probably not too difficult. No idea about Lapland though.

And Norway is correct, driving through Finland is boring. Pic related, that's what 99.9% of Finland looks like.

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Thanks for your answers.
I know its a tourist trap, i want it to do as a kind of self searching journey, so plane is not in question. the route through finland is just the shortest one, as far as i figured it out on the map. i dont mind dull landscape, as >>1179 said, its new to me.
when is the best time to go? i want to stay some days and sleep in a tent like >>1173.
i fear mosquitos.

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are you going during winter time?

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Either mid winter or mid summer. Autum is terrible and there is no such time as ''spring'' here, only winter with our without snow and then it's summer.

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This Bernd did your trip to Northkap in the late 80s with Europetrainticket "Interrail".
He entered the Lapland train in Malmö and ariving Narvik 26 hours later.
In Narvik he brought a 3 days bus-ticket Narvik=>Honningsvåg.
From Honningsvåg he hitch-hiked with german students the last 75 kilometers to the Nordkap.
At the Nordkap was bad weather, Bernd stood in a rainy cloud, seeing nothing.
Nowadays, there is an event-cinema with midnightsun at any weather.
Bernd invested 450DM for the Interrail-ticket, 500DM for the Bus, 150DM for several Nights in Vandrenhejms.
Whole trip was 1 week, second week was in Drontheim, Narvik, Kiruna, Bodö, Bergen and Oslo.

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OP Bernd, best time to travel is late June to August.You can have snow end of may and the winters are dark night because of polarcircle.

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