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So anyway I'm back in New Mexico and I hiked up a mountain a week ago. It was nice because it was still relatively warm (below freezing and very windy up top) but no snow. It snowed two days later so it was good timing.

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It's about a 2km hike up a steep path where you'll run into this fence line. From there, you can go a couple of directions but I wanted to do the short hike up to a near peak so I went North East-ish. (to the right)

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After another mile or so you reach this nice view.

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I guess I should give some direction. In the first three pics you're looking north-east (still) the 4th one, here, is more north west.

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Same lookout. 1st pic is of Santa Fe Baldy (northern direction) and the area to its west.

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Now the trial gets steeper as you work your way along the ridge. Goes up and down quite a bit but you come to another cool lookout that looks west

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I tried to do a few panorama shots to give you guys an idea of the terrain. This is looking west again from the same lookout from the above post. Those mountains way off in the background are the Jemez Mts. At the foot of those mountains is Los Alamos. Somewhere in the middle of that valley is the Rio Grande and a ton of cool canyons and desert.

The trail gets steeper, now. And eventually after going up and down on a few wooded peaks you can finally see the end of the tree line.

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Pic four = a radio tower to the south.

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Anyway more hiking up and the trees become less dense. Here you can see over a cliff towards a little lake.

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At this point I'm a few hundred meters from the top and you can see some more cool-looking mountains way up north.

And more shots of that little lake.

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The final push up. 12,500 ft above sea level (give or take). 3800m. I get a bit winded at this point. Anyway, some shots at the top.

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1. looking east
2. looking south
3/4 looking south-west and west

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You can see the little trail up here as I continue my little clockwise rotation.

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Kind of a scary ledge, here in the first two pics. I didn't want to get closer because it was way too windy.

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Time to sit down for a little snack. Looking east. 4th pic looks north. Those fiber bars weren't so great. The canned soup was ok.

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The rocks in pic 2 are huge.

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Had to turn back. Went along the eastern side of the ridge.

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I'll try to stitch my fail panoramas later.

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Alright let's work on a few

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I tried a 360 view. With this old camera it's a bit tough to do.

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This looks west towards Los Alamos.

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This thread will probably stay alive for a few months since this board is slow. I'm going to try and go out to Los Alamos and to a little canyon sometime in December and January so I'll post more pictures then.

Oh, I'll probably be driving down to Albuquerque next week so is there anything you want to see?

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It feels like Christmas already. :3 It's going to be -13C tonight and it will snow all day and night.

One thing nice about the high desert is the smell of the air. Before it rains (or snows) the air has a very thick and earthy smell to it. This is magnified when it does precipitate. Oh, I just love it. First two pics are for reference.

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It finally snowed here too.

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I can't do night shots very well with this camera.

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