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/trv/ 1290: Has anybody here been to Vietnam? Is it still that...

mugukamil Avatar

Has anybody here been to Vietnam? Is it still that cheap?

joemdesign Avatar

Yes I was there last year at this time. It's pretty cheap, outside Saigon especially

alexradsby Avatar

I lived there for five years (mother is a diplomat). I haven't been there since I left in 2007, but from what I can recall, yes, it is still very cheap.

I highly recommend Phu Quoc if you decide to visit the southern part of this magnificent country. It is a forgotten pearl, much better than ANYTHING you'll find in Thailand, Greece or Spain.

urbanjahvier Avatar

Is everyone in Norway a diplomat? I met a dude who's dad was a diplomat in Indonesia as well.

solid_color Avatar


What about surfing in Vietnam? Any experiences?

joe_black Avatar

me and a friend planing also an trip to vietnam in the first 3 September weeks.

Our plan was to start in Hanoi and try to reach Ho chi Minh.

a_harris88 Avatar

dont even bother with HCM. it's a shithole full of shitty people. The rest of Vietnam is so lovely, it's a shame Saigon is a giant turd.

malgordon Avatar

too late we already booked it. We fly from Munich to Hanoi, after 3 weeks our flight back starts in Saigon.

I am so excited :3

ayalacw Avatar

Of course, there are literally no other jobs in Norway.

No, sorry, never tried surfing. But I believe the waves are very good for that.

It's not that bad, though other parts are better. I recommend a trip to the countryside while you're there.

doooon Avatar

I'd like to live in South East Asia when I finish my studies. I'm studying about to be a History teacher, where is the best place to live in SEA and is it easy to find decently paid jobs with my studies? (let's say earning between 1.5k or 2k).
I was thinking about working in a French school in Bangkok

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