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I'm traveling to Germany as an exchange student in about 4 months. I'll be staying for a year and wanted to know if anyone could give me some advice as to how to live/what to do/what not to do while living there. I'll be in Stuttgart, and from what I've heard, it's a relatively quiet city. I just need general tips and practices when it comes to just... well, surviving. Thanks in advice.

---auf Deutsch, weil warum nicht--

Ich komme aus Amerika, und nächste semester werde ich nach Stuttgart reisen, weil ich ein Austauschschüler sein werde. Was könnt ihr mir sagen, dass mich helfen werde?

Was muss ich wissen, damit ich leicht integrieren kann, und was für Vokabular soll ich lernen? Oder vielleicht welche Wörter sind wichtig zu lernen? Ich entschuldige mich, wenn mein Deutsch nicht so gut ist. Ich habe Deutsch seit nur für einem Jahr gelernt .

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Advice? Well I was an exchange student in the US and was just being myself. That worked out pretty well. Since you are open minded and adventurous enough to become an exchange student there shouldn't be any problems.

You will have a nice time in swabia, but you probably won't understand much at first, since swabians are really proud of their dialekt and (rightly) refuse to speak Hochdeutsch.
If you want to learn some words you can start of at this rather lenghty, but funny Wikipedia entry:

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Stuttgart is very nice and cosy. I live about 100 km away and I´ve been there a lot. Though you shouldn`t underestimate how big the city is, because it has about the same population as i.e. Washington (without the metropolitan area). If you have any specific questions about Stuttgart, feel free to ask.

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Stuttgartbernd here. You don't have to learn much, since everyone speaks english - being American will make you interestig, so i suppose it won't be difficult to get in touch with ppl.

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Everything will be fine. It's a nice city with opportunities for every taste. Dein Deutsch ist auch ok und wird sicher schnell besser. :3

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>Was muss ich wissen, damit ich leicht integrieren kann, und was für Vokabular soll ich lernen?

Fang vielleicht mal mit der Grammatik an.

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I think you mean e.g., not i.e.

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my bad, but thank you for pushing this ghost thread to pointing out a typo.

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