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/trv/ 1376: Mexico

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Hey Bernd,

I want to travel to Mexico (Sinaloa) to visit a person. Can I survive by just booking a flight and stay in a cheap hotel for the night?

Is spanish needed or can I speak english? How high is the chance to get killed?

karalek Avatar

-You will survive (just dont be too stupid...)
-You better stay in a cheap hostel (lot of Europeans), but take care of your stuff! Sleep with it in your bed.
-Spanish is needed. Just because of being respectful. If you are totally not able to speak it, you have time while flying to USA/Mexico. Its doable
-Chances are low if you are male and respectful...and German!

Where you wanna go?

mefahad Avatar

Any inoculation that I need? said I should have all that are needed but it doesn't tell which they are.

I can say Gracias, Adios and Aloha.

oanacr Avatar

you gonna get sliced esse

chaabane_wail Avatar

forgot this one

atariboy Avatar


Go to your trusted doctor, he will tell you what you need.

learn at least a few other polite phrases. Asking for the way, the time (for buses for example) and stuff like that...self explaining imo.

garethbjenkins Avatar

I would not recomend you to go to Mexico but if you absolutely need to go then I think English is enough. Their spanish is shit anyway.

uxdiogenes Avatar

Spanish needed
Friend got kidnapped this year at gunpoint with 4 others, incl a local

Travelling to Mexico is as smart as travelling to Yemen. Maybe you get lucky. Do you feel lucky?

roybarberuk Avatar

Wouldnt recommend Mexico. I was there once, with my newborn Baby. Was robbed by Drug Cartel. Then they raped and ate my Baby and shot me to death.

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