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/trv/ 1430: Ukraine - Crimea

ryandownie Avatar

I will go in Odessa and Crimea (Sevastopol and around) next end of the month for 2 weeks. I will be with Russian GF, she knows about the stuff to visit, she went there before. But she doesn't know a lot about nice bars and restaurents there. Do you know good places to go out Ukrainian and Russian bernd?
I also want to try Crimean wines. Gimme advices please.

giuliusa Avatar

>Russian GF

She will steal all your money and sell your kidney. Have fun waking up in an iced bathtub

danro Avatar

Salut, mec.

French with a Russian gf, in my imagination that could be a nice couple. I've never been to the Crimea before, but I'd love to go there. As for the wine, we only know Ukrainian sparkling wine in Germany. I bought a nice bottle for last New Year's Eve, and everything went better than expected.

danro Avatar

Krimsekt is best Sekt (sparkling whine), try it OP. It cost only about 1-2 Euros per bottle.

In summer I would give you the advice to stop by at Kazantip festival, but it starts in july.
Restaurants are all nice there, if not you will recognize it from outside. I did not see any bars there, in summer everybody is outside and enjoys the good weather.

Be aware of the people there, most of them want to cheat on you and get your money. Most Tourists are russians, so your girlfriend wont help you in this case.
If you take a taxi, ask for the price before you get in!

oskamaya Avatar

The only thing she stole were my potatoes. )))))))))))))

Many people told me Kazantip doesn't have soul anymore. Too bydlo now.

>I did not see any bars there
When I was in Kiev and Lviv I noticed the same thing. I don't understand it, I went in lot of European countries and you find bars everywhere in the center of the city. Do Ukrainians prefer drink at home?

>Be aware of the people there
Already went there like I said, not a single problem. The thing is you must not appear rich pig westerner, act like a fucking tourist or being arrogant.

yehudab Avatar

T'as appris le russe du coup Jean-Claude?

clubb3rry Avatar

Да, я учу русский. Я оставлю тебя с твоими ниггерами, Франция.

joshjoshmatson Avatar

What's the point of visiting Crimea in spring? It will be like +15 and very windy.

zackeeler Avatar

I probably won't get vacation in summer, that's why.

markmushiva Avatar

Sevastopol-bernd here
give me your (fake)email

Bernd Avatar

Sevastopol is awesome, a lot of museums, places to visit. I will be glad to show you errything here

abotap Avatar

[email protected]

trickyolddog Avatar

it was +26C yesterday, still water in the sea is to cold to swim

emmakardaras Avatar

Don't drink local "home-made" alcohol, it's mostly shit (terrible hangover is guaranteed). Beaches are mostly stony and crowded (not so crowded as in Russia, though). Also, it's pretty expensive and not very tourist-friendly (especially if you don't speak Russian or Ukrainian). What else? Well, apart from this Crimea is really cool place, which I like very much.

armcivor Avatar

There is Bolshaya Morskaya street in Sevastopol, which has plenty of bars. Try cocktail-bar Superhero and italian cuisine place called Injir.
Some other places: Veranda (mostly seafood & cocktails) - Kornilova embankment; Shinok (ukrainian cuisine with salo & gorilka) - Artillery Bay; QBAR (preparty with nice people) - 8, Lenina st.
Also try to visit Bezumnoe tschaepitie - cafe with tasty pies and 40 or more sorts of tea - Bolshaya Morskaya st.

Good luck, Bernd!

terryxlife Avatar


Man, I also would love to make vactions in Crimea. But apprently it's a real pain in the ass today for EU citizens to get there. ;__;

snowshade Avatar

My thread survived after 2 years! Wow!
I am okay to post my IWO pictures if some people want.

adammarsbar Avatar


Oui, s'il te plaît!

mattsapii Avatar

That was one impressive act of necromancy.

Do post. I went there in 2012 and I will probably never be able to go again.

andrewgurylev Avatar

went there in May 2013, it was great
sadly I probably won't be able to go there again until the crimean crisis is solved, so probably 1-2 years

murrayswift Avatar

Will you meet up with SVD and offend the Putin in performing lewd rituals? >:3

albertaugustin Avatar


All you need is a Russian visa. Nothing else has changed for EU-citizens.

mactopus Avatar

ayy lmao kek, are you Berndtard? Do you know what happened to Livechins?

polarity Avatar

Here you go.
I start with some pics of Odessa from the city center.

sava2500 Avatar

1. Ukrainians do weird things.

joemdesign Avatar

The Potemkin Stairs and the port.

VinThomas Avatar

A better view from the Potemkin Stairs on the last pic.

krdesigndotit Avatar

3-4. In Simferopol, on the road to Sevastopol. We used a taxi with another guy, it was cheaper to get the bus but we would wait 1 or 2 hours with lot of people. FUCK social situation.

doooon Avatar

Finally in Sevastopol.

shalt0ni Avatar

Oh, I forgot. Look this thread while listening this song :

timgthomas Avatar

1. Carpets, carpets everywhere.
2-3-4. Time to get some fun in swimming pool and Banya/

antonyryndya Avatar

It's habbiding!
Preparation for the Victory Day.

saarabpreet Avatar

Now we are at the ruins of Chersonesus and St. Vladimir's Cathedral.

seanwashington Avatar

3-4. We went to a museum on Сапун-Гора.

dmackerman Avatar

Сапун-Гора again.

vj_demien Avatar

Merci beaucoup!

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